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K-Drama Review : My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스)

Having anticipated My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) since the announcement of the drama back in April 2017, when the drama was finally aired, the excitement is simply trilling.

It had indeed been a long while since a drama could capture my attention and I could sit quietly watching each episode while anticipating the next episode. My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) starring my favorite Actor, Sung Hoon (성훈) had indeed not disappoint me in any way. 

I must admit that I am watching My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) solely because of Sung Hoon (성훈). This is the 2nd drama where Sung Hoon (성훈) is the male lead (my first was Noble My Love, a web drama).

My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) is a love-comedy starring both Sung Hoon (성훈) as the male lead, Cha Jin Wook and Song Ji-Eun (송지은) as Lee Yoo Mi.

Chan Jin Wook (Sung Hoon, 성훈) is the heir to Daebok, a large company. A playful young man, he only pursues short term love. He met with Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji-Eun, 송지은), a nutritionist at a Gangwon-do Resort.

Lee Yoo Mi, whose mother was a popular erotic actress, much to her embarrassment as she was growing up. Having spend her adolescence years as an outcast, Yoo Mi grew up to be a very conservative girl whom dressed up to the brim of her neck most of the time. She was lucky to have a popular novelist whom also owns a book cafe / pub as her best friend, Jung Hyun-Tae (starring Kim Jae-Young, 김재영).

Both Yoo Mi and Jin Wook met at the resort where Yoo Mi attended her mother’s 2nd marriage. Both of them got caught up in a series of misunderstanding and accidents. Yoo Mi was charmed by Jin Wook’s caring yet playful personality.


Jin Wook met Yoo Mi on the road after sending his mother a bouquet of birthday flowers in secret. Yoo Mi spend the day with Jin Wook accompanying him and had a wonderful day with him which ended up with them spending unexpectedly the night together. However, Yoo Mi disappear in the morning, leaving Jin Wook feeling angry.

My secret romance couple


Three years later, Yoo Mi becomes a nutritionist in the Daebook where Jin Wook is now the Director. Jin Wook, after the incident, had turn over a new life where he started taking work seriously while missing Yoo Mi from time to time.

After they met, Yoo Mi pretended not to recognize Jin Wook while he tried his level best to get her to admit it. Disappointed when Yoo Mi finally admitted the incident from three years ago and it is just a one-night stand for her.

Jin Wook later realized that Yoo Mi mean a lot to him. He initially wanted to tease her but ended up trying his level best to win her heart and wanting to spend more time with her. He was very true to his heart and love for Yoo Mi. He was determined to push away his father selected choice, Joo Hye-Ri (starring Jeong Da-Sol, 정다솔) a pretty announcer.


Yoo Mi, although is aware where her heart stands, was trying her level best in staying away from Jin Wook. She finally realized how much he mean to her. Realizing how far the difference between both of their background, she tried to run away, breaking her own heart and Jin Wook’s together with it.

My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) is indeed an entertaining drama to me as it ended with both Jin Wook and Yoo Mi getting back together and finally start an official relationship as a couple.


What I enjoyed most about the drama:

  1. Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon, 성훈) – he was very true to his heart and love towards Yoo Mi. He tried to narrow the distance between both of them. When Yoo Mi was unsure and left him, he decided to give her a little space while watching her from the distance. C9q1A93V0AEAqd6fullsizephoto814897
  2. Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji-Eun, 송지은) – because of her mother, she spent most of life growing up hiding away from people. She grew up feeling lonely and is very much lacking in confident. The one night stand with Jin Wook was her first and she constantly have him in her mind although she tried to deny it. When she realized her true feelings toward Jin Wook, out of consideration for him and his family, she decided not pursue and follow her heart. Although she hated her mother for the hurt that she had to go through, she still provide home for her mother and her little step-brother when they came. A truly warm person, she slowly managed to win her ways with even her colleagues. I love how her eyes are huge when she is shocked1f3b0a9f-a477-4850-ba29-67d9afc54904 a71e4bb8bb01763d1bfcd58f25fcfb5007e06933_hq
  3. Jung Hyun-Tae (Kim Jae-Young, 김재영) – as usual, I always feel for the 2nd male lead whom in the typical romance drama, would quietly protect and love the female lead from afar. In My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스), Hyun-Tae was not only quietly loving Yoo Mi from afar, he protected her from her younger days. A talented writer who also owns a book cafe / pub, he is a carefree individual. Unfortunately, he realized his heart a little too late. He accepted the fact however and also tried to convince Hye-Ri to let Jin Wook go. img_616304_zpsjyvmskd8


  4. Joo Hye-Ri (Jeong Da-Sol, 정다솔) – irritating ‘fiance’ of Jin Wook. She had loved Jin Wook for over 12 years (as she claimed). Although she is irritating with her childish behavior, she is quite entertaining to watch as she was never malicious. I am so glad that she had found a friendship in Hyun-Tae as well in the end. And they even started dating.
  5. Jang Woo-Jin (Park Shin-Woon, 박신운) – I am surprised to see Park Shin-Woon acting as the secretary to Jin Wook again in this drama (he was previously the secretary to Sung Hoon in Noble My Love). A fashionista, he is very entertaining (just like how he was in Noble My Love). A true friend to Jin Wook, he encourage Jin Wook to follow his heart and go to Yoo Mi.  msr-23-1
  6. The sweet moments that both Yoo Mi and Jin Wook spent in the pool during their business tripMy-Secret-Romance-stills
  7. The beautiful manga that comes with the drama…. Just like how it was in Noble My Love
  8. The sweet moments that both Yoo Mi and Jin Wook spent with Dong Goo, the little step-brother of Yoo Mi. They look indeed like a young familyC_8iPsQVYAAq2aLnuun5588
  9. Jin Wook looking like a great dad when he was playing with the kids in the park…. imageproxy

Before starting this drama, I have indeed read some feedback on My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) which were mediocre. However, after completing the drama, I must say that I truly had enjoyed all 13 episodes of My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스).  Sung Hoon (성훈) indeed have not disappoint me in any way. I hope that he will be back soon in another drama as the male lead.

So, if you are looking for a good laugh and entertaining K-Drama, I would recommend My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스).

If you are looking for an entertaining read by Secretary Jang (recap of each episode), it is found on Dramafever – My Secret Romance Recap


Note: Imagines on this post are taken from various source online. 


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  1. I also really enjoyed this show. I was happy they didn’t try to make it longer by adding tons of filler, but instead had it be the appropriate length for the plot. The only complaint i have is that the epilogues were under utilized. Maybe a third of them had new info; the rest just added a new camera perspective.

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