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Chapter 19.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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Due to mhryu’s busy schedule for the next 3 months due to training and travelling, Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记) may be taking a short break for a while. What will happen is…. depending on Arra’s and Tinkerbellsan’s schedule and speed of translation, both Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) and Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记) will make more appearance. Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记) will try to make some appearance in-between. So to the avid followers of Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记), please bear with me in the meantime.

Today’s chapter of Lan Ning and Xing Xin is brought to you all by Arra with the help of her friend, Winda whom had helped her in making some of the difficult part of the words more understandable. So big thank you to both Arra and Winda for making the time and effort for us. So….. Enjoy the read!

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Chapter 19.1

Lan Ning did not reply. Unexpectedly Yan Ru Yu sent another message.

Yan Ru Yu: Seeing how much you love me, once <<Death Message>> hits the market, I will leave a signed book for you. [smile]

Lan Ning: [goodbye] [goodbye] [goodbye]

She got up and hurriedly washed her face. Although it wasn’t as extreme as Yan Ru Yu put it, but writing those 600 plus words did take up some time.

She rushed as fast as lightning all the way to her office. Luckily she punched her card before 9am.

In the afternoon, just before getting off work, she sent Xing Xin a message: “teacher, I’m getting off work an hour early to look for you. Remember to wait for me in the house. o (n_n) o ~ ”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Xing Xin: … …

Xing Xin: I remember you used to use 🙂 as your emoticon. why did you change your style?

Cauliflower: 🙂 this emoticon is to express ridicule, o (n_n) o ß this emoticon is to express me restraining my heart’s anger, and my forced smile while enduring not to hit you.

Xing Xin: … …

Xing Xin: I think you can’t win in a fight against me o (n_n) o ~

Lan Ning: “… …”

So he is intending to hit back right. : )

She shut off the computer, bought some food along the way, and brought it to Yan Ru Yu’s house. Yan Ru Yu looked at the meal boxes arranged on his dining table with an expression full of dislike: “I clearly handed over half the manuscript, why is your treatment (of me) getting worse?”

Lan Ning said with a smile: “It is precisely because you only handed in half a manuscript.”

Yan Ru Yu: “… …”

He gloomily went to the kitchen to get 2 bowls and 2 pairs of chopsticks and sat down to eat. Lan Ning sat across from him, and took a piece of meat for herself: “you haven’t said whether my analysis is right or wrong.”

“Let’s say you are half right.” Yan Ru Yu answered absent-mindedly.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning clicked her tongue once: “if it’s right then it’s right. if it’s wrong then it’s wrong. what do you mean by half right?”

Yan Ru Yu raised his eyes to look at her, and asked: “then why do you think the murderer wants to leave that mark next to the corpse?”

Lan Ning said: “of course it’s to accuse someone else!”

“If they want to accuse someone else, a clearer clue should be given. It’s hard to direct the accusation by just writing one stroke.”

“… … what’s the meaning of the mark then, if it’s not to accuse someone else?” It definitely can’t be for the murderer to commemorate the event, just like a travel souvenir.

Yan Ru Yu said: “the meaning of the mark is not important, because the murderer wrote it randomly.”

Lan Ning: “… …”

So that person has nothing better to do?

Lan Ning ate 2 mouthful of rice, and suddenly lifted her and looked at Yan Ru Yu: “I know! Does he want to fake that place to be the first crime scene? The victim was actually murdered in another place!” Lan Ning felt like seeing the light, “This novel is misleading right from the title. There is no death message!”

“Of course there is.” Yan Ru Yu said while looking at her, “whatever the victim wants to say, remains on his corpse.”

Lan Ning held her bowl and was quiet for some time, and suddenly said: “Let’s not talk about corpses while we are eating.”

Yan Ru Yu laughed: “You are eating a corpse, I don’t see you having a problem.”

Lan Ning: “… …”

Is a human corpse the same as the corpse of chicken, ducks and fishes? It seems like she can’t eat anymore.

After sighing twice slowly, she asked to relieve boredom: “so who is the murderer?”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


“… … I guess it’s Liao Si Si.”

Yan Ru Yu lifted his eyes to look at her: “Why?”

“Because murderers in your novels are mostly women!” Lan Ning said earnestly, “I have always felt that you have prejudice against women.”

Yan Ru Yu was silent for a while, seeming to reflect on something. A short time later, he put down the bowl in his hand, and used a rare earnest expression to look at Lan Ning: “It’s not that I have prejudice against women, but I feel that most women will be calmer and more clear-headed when met with sudden situations. This quality makes them more suited to commit a crime.”

Lan Ning chuckled: “And you still say you don’t have prejudice against women. Does being calm and clear-headed means you have to commit a crime?”

“I am just talking about character. I believe the odds of women committing a crime perfectly is higher than men.”

“Do you have a scientific basis for that?”

Yan Ru Yu paused, and then opened his mouth to say: “When I was young, my mother has great affections with my father. She was also very gentle to me. I always felt that she was the world’s best mom and wife. But when I was in grade four, she suddenly disappeared. The clothes hanged in the cupboard were gone, there was not one bottle or jar left on the make-up table. The only thing left was the divorce papers on top of the table. Just the day before she left, she behaved like she always had, making dinner, waiting for me to come home, helped me checked my homework, and talked and laughed with my father. Before she disappeared, there was no warning sign at all. I still don’t know what state of mind she used to spend that one last day with us.”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After Lan Ning listened to him, she was stupefied without warning. She did not expect Yan Ru Yu will share something so ** with her.

Even during interviews, Yan Ru Yu would rarely talk about his family situation. There is even less people who know about his parents’ divorce when he was young.

Lan Ning heard people saying that boys are easily affected by their mother when they are young. So are his strong feelings about women committing crimes because he is clouded against women?




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