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Chapter 26.3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

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Very interesting read today! I could smell the ‘sourness’ ………

Enjoy the read on how Yifan is reacting to Xiao Bei and Xiao Bai….. 

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When I reach the company only discover that President’s office is the only office that has light on.

At that time Yifan was looking at a project plan. When he saw me coming in, he pointed toward the box on the floor: ‘Recheck all the documents in the box.’

I carried the box back to my workplace and started checking. Inside the box were all the tender project documents that Legal Department has recently taking over. From tenders, LOI (Letter of Intent) until business contracts. From bidding intentions to participant codes. I do what others do, innumerable. All these should not be only me who takes the responsibility. But since Yifan used such an official business tone, I can only be a diligence employee.

Data, legal provisions……. typos, so-called check. The final analysis is one word — look. But is just to look, also look until both of my eyes become blurred. My waist also sour and my back also hurts badly. I have crossed check several times over the documents that I have taken responsibility for. By the time I have determine there is no mistake it’s already 11pm le.

I went to the pantry to get some water. Holding the glass I begin to lost in thought……. the quiet, dark corridor, it seem like you have unconsciously walk into a different space-time. Like a transformations of the world, where humanity no longer exist and I was ignorant in this very small corner, doing meaningless work……

‘Hey, off duty le.’ a voice said.

I was shocked. I turn around and saw Yifan standing at the doorway. Like a bright and dark light intertwine, his expression was not very clear.

‘What are you thinking ne? You look distracted for quite a while.’

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‘Ah, I was thinking, maybe because of working overtime it become end of the world and I’m the only remainder on the earth.’

‘Now I appear le, you no longer alone le.’ He laughed.

‘Ha, ha, ha, ha,’ I start laughing, ‘having you might as well not having you!’

‘You laugh like this again!’ Yifan angry le, ‘the earth only remain 2 of us le, you still pick and choose. Are you waiting for Martian?! Tell me, which part of me that you dislike? Last time when Li Luo told you to let me accompany you to deal with your dad, you just laugh like this ba. I can also imagine with my eyes open!’

As the last male on earth still being despise by the last female on earth…… ha ha, Yifan’s confused expression really amusing.

I can’t help it but say: ‘Yifan, please don’t haunt me le. You are high above President. I’m just an ordinary girl…… impossible for us to be together de.’

Yifan’s face instantly become black le: ‘When do I….. ‘

‘Haha, I’m just kidding. I always hope to have an opportunity to dump a big shot and then declare the above mentioned lofty words. Aiya, just imagine it, really interesting le.’ I looked at Yifan suffering face and cheerfully say, ‘my meaning is just like thin fruit pancake and five-star hotel. Both have different perspective point of view. All are quite fine. But if the five-star hotel treat the thin fruit pancake as breakfast, red wine at the left side and coffee at the right side then it will not be match le.’

‘Very good, you also know you are a piece of thin fruit pancake.’ Yifan re-think and asked again, ‘then you have never think of me as your boyfriend and so on? According to the statistic among the people who had join AC, those girl will also come across this thinking, still a lot them had put in action ne.’

Yifan narcissism was extraordinary but it seem closed to how serious a professor face expression look like when discuss problem with the student, truly…… too annoying le!

I thought for a while and said: ‘Yes ah.’

‘Then you still…… I’m the last person on earth, last person ah!’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

You are Martian!

I gave him a stern look: ‘Big Boss, you don’t be confused. Your being abandon honor don’t worth a cent. In fact every girl before grow up do have excessive Cinderella’s dream. But as time goes by, the girls will realize, rather than being a foolish girl, being a stepmother even more practical. Even in the fairy tales world, out of the one thousand princes, only one of them will married Cinderella. The rest will still married princess. Equal status is an appropriate match, is more realistic and word of wisdom.’

‘You this common people, what decade are you living in. You still have this old and pedantic thinking’

‘You are original then let me have a look! The original you at this moment go and get married. Being dragged down by having a family to feed and having a young nanny, let me have a look ah!’

Yifan thought for a while: ‘Forget about it, indeed talking to you is like shouting toward a crowd. Let’s go, I am sending you home.’

Xiao Bai got an early flight in the next day and I need to get up very early to accompany him to the airport.

He look at me and said: ‘I really wanted to have a meal with you, but not succeed.’

‘Hei hei, blame it on me. Because I was not attentive to work and it cause me to work overtime.’ I find it too embarrassed to say.

‘That boss of yours called Yifan…..’

‘Aiya, he is a psychopath. Don’t know why he can become a President de. Don’t mention about him, once I thought of him I will have headache.’

‘Well, I also don’t want to mention about him. The question I asked yesterday, do you think clearly? I’m leaving soon le. Still refused to give me an answer ma?’ Xiao Bai pull my hand, apparently that action…… seem like wanted to kiss me.’

‘Aiya, they are calling for boarding le. You better go now otherwise you will not make it on time.’ I used this as an excuse to push him away.

Xiao Bai lightly shook his head and laughed: ‘Then I go first. Promised you will call. If you don’t agree, you also must call. If you have time to come over please look for me. I will bring you out to play. At any time I will always welcome you.’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I nodded and waved goodbye to him.

I have been waiting at the departure hall, watching Xiao Bai’s plane disappeared from view, then turned and leave.

‘Guan Xiao Bei.’ Just out of the departure hall, I heard someone calling me.

‘Yifan, why are you here?’

‘Send off a friend.’ Yifan open his car door, ‘Get in the car, I will take you back to the company.’

‘Oh, who is the big shot that request President to send personally ah.’ I get into the car and asked.

For a long time Yifan didn’t said anything and then he asked: ‘You and Mr Bai…..’

‘Yes ah. Although is my parents’ idea, but……. I also think of getting along with him. He seems to be a very nice person.’

Again waited for a long time, Yifan finally said: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, help me to find a blind date ba. Don’t want those big town kind. Matchmaking company that kind of ordinary lady, like you said, find those equal status young lady ba.’

The voice sound cold and cheerless.




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  1. Yifan ah! YIfan. If u like GXB y not be a bigger person to come out straight instead of, turning so many corners. For someone like GXB to get confuse over so many twist n turn from you. I as a reader also got confused, le..

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