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Anniversary Special Day 2: One Sweet Life (一世蜜糖)

Day 2 of tinkerbellsan Anniversary Special!

Wow…. the responds to our special Anniversary post exceeded our expectation. Thank you everyone for taking the time out to comment and share with us how much we all misses Trung. And we just can’t thank her enough for allowing us here in tinkerbellsan to continue what she left off. A perfect way to celebrate our Anniversary isn’t it?

We hope that everyone is enjoying this read……. Not long now to the ending of this sweet with a little mature content novel. 

Have a wonderful day ahead, everyone!

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Chapter 26

An Yin Zhu withstand, speak deeply: “I’m stupid! I’m stupid! I make you cry again! I’m so stupid. I have no idea what made you cry.”

Gu Tian Tian was fine just now. Why she feels like crying? Perhaps she don’t even know the reason. Perhaps the steam caused her teary eyes. Perhaps she was worry and afraid of something, or perhaps she just want to cry and torture him. “Get out, I want to take bath.”

An Yin Zhu: “…..” He gloomily gets up. Is her eyes made of water tap? Can cry anytime, but he still take it.

“Close the door!”

An Yin Zhu ‘Booom’ close the door. He turns back and glares at the white door. All he could think of is her soft body. He felt ashamed as a man who could withstand at this stage. Just let her cry if she want to. It won’t made her die. He made up his mind, however he is soft-heart when she compromise. Although he does not plan to do anything to her here, perhaps to the extend of using his hand towards her only… He wonders if he could still continue now.

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He felt more gloomy, the more he think about it. The phone rings suddenly. Chen Qi San ask him out for BBQ. An Yin Zhu glanced towards bathroom, seems like she would prefer him to go away. An Yin Zhu picked up the wallet and handphone, turn around and step out.

Gu Tian Tian still thinking what to do tonight after taking bath. It’s impossible to take another room, but it will be awkward if sleeping with him. She wrap herself with towel and got out. She realized that An Yin Zhu is not in the room. “Where is he?” She mumbled, thinking of making the phone call. She decided against it and throw the phone on the bed in the end. It is already ten o’clock. Where did he go? She changed into her nightgown and lay on the bed watching tv. Getting bored, but refuse to sleep, she texted An Yin Zhu finally: “I’m going to sleep.”

She waited few minutes but still no reply. Gu Tian Tian got bored and played on QQ in her phone. She noticed that Yuan Jing is online. She message her immediately. “How? Have you DONE it?”

Gu Tian Tian felt annoyed. What does it mean? She reply angrily: “ You read too much novel!”

“That’s impossible, unless Senior An’s not working?”

“Go to hell!” When Gu Tian Tian wanted to bash further, she heard the noise from the doorway. She throw her phone aside immediately, covered herself with blanket and pretend to sleep. There is a deem light on at the doorway. The bedroom is dark.

An Yin Zhu glance towards the bed: “Little Gu?” No reply. He arch his eyes brow, the phone screen still bright. It is obvious that she is pretending to sleep. He does not intend to expose her. He step into bathroom to clean up, then walk towards the bed.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Gu Tian Tian crimpled inside the blanket without any movement. Not because she afraid he will notice that she is pretending to sleep, she couldn’t see what’s going on out there. She only could hear him coming near her.

An Yin Zhu just glance at her who is crimple, bend down and take her phone. The screen is currently black out, the screen turn on suddenly and a few sentence appear in his eyes. He drank just now. The little bit of alcohol is like plain water to him. He wonder if the effect of the alcohol working suddenly, or due to the sentence “Senior An’s not working?” that stimulate him. He thought that she had compromised and he can spend lifetime with her. That he can take it slowly. He is just anxious to make her belongs to him now. He drank at the right time. It is normal for sex after getting drunk as an excuse. Not only can he vent his anger, he also can prove that he is alright.

He glared towards her and grin. Well you pretend to sleep. See if you could pretend the whole night. He switch on the bedside lamp. Under the deem light, it create the vague atmosphere naturally. His hand touch at the blanket and slip inside.

Gu Tian Tian struggle with her thought. Keep pretending to sleep, or pretend to be awaken by him. Pretend to sleep, might lead someone even more reckless. If she is awake, can she still stop him? Seems like it might get worst if stay awake. Let’s keep pretend to sleep then! He might feel meaningless and stop after few touch.

Gu Tian Tian thought it’s a prefect plan. Gu Tian Tian slept side way. Although An Yin Zhu might found out she pretend to sleep, she thought she is lucky. He will just sleep beside her, not even touching her, just raise the blanket and get in.

His hand is burning and smell a little of alcohol. Gu Tian Tian consider herself lucky that she pretended to sleep. While she felt relieved, his hand lifted her sleep gown to her waist. Gu Tian Tian think regretfully. Shouldn’t buy sleep gown in future. It’s too convenient for someone.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Wear bra while sleeping, won’t you afraid of breast cancer?” He mumbling, seems drunk.

Gu Tian Tian reply him within her: “Mind your own business!” She felt insecure if not wearing it if sleep with him. Suddenly it was untied. He unzipped her sleep gown. Gu Tian Tian struggling in her thought. Looks like he would undress her. Will he stop if she awake? She wonders. Let’s observe further.

She was lifted. Her sleep gown and bra were being removed within second. She was placed back to her spot. While she is worrying, his hand touches her underwear. She painfully think, what to do now? Still the same thought, will he stop if she awake? She pretend to move naturally a little, want to ‘warn’ someone. But it seems someone doesn’t notice, lifted her hip and pulled down her underwear halfway.

Gu Tian Tian think bluntly. Not a big deal it just being naked. It happened before….. She hear some noise. Seems like he is taking off his clothes. Gu Tian Tian think it’s better to keep pretend sleeping. Compared being rapped, the chance of being daze rape is lower… His chest stick towards her naked back.

Hot, his body is burning. His breath at her neck, surrounded by the smell of alcohol. That’s sex after drunk! She thought she is lucky that she pretend to sleep. She admits she is attractive. Although An Yin Zhu is healthy and energetic, he will not do anything to someone who is asleep. Gu Tian Tian keep comforting herself. He kiss her from her neck towards her back continuously. She retrain herself from making any movement. However An Yin Zhu notice her back is getting stiff, trembling pathetically.

He smiled. Then he kissed her on her waist.

Gu Tian Tian think: Oh My God! She was being flipped by him. Laying on stomach on bed. Gu Tian Tian open her eyes. He kiss her passionately even though she act stiff… He kiss on her hip. Gu Tian Tian almost jump up. She control hard, however her legs very stiff, which is very obvious. She think he didn’t ‘realize’, as he keep on. His hot deep breath stirring her legs. Gu Tian Tian grab the bed-sheets beneath her. She kept warning herself, control! He would not dare….. And, how can she suddenly ‘awake’ in this situation? If she does, it’s telling him that she is pretend to sleep all the while when he was taking off her clothes, when kissing her from head to waist, she is pretending. How is she going to explain this….. Oh My God! He raise her waist suddenly, place a pillow beneath, and spread her legs widely.

She felt the breeze… Oh My God! She wished she could wrote on her face: This person is dead! She lie on her stomach lifelessly. An Yin Zhu does’t react next. She was wondering, she heard him mumbling suddenly. He switch on the bedside lamp, the light make her eyes dazzling. His mumbling is unclear but based on his action, she finally understood what he mumbled. He had said: “Can’t see clearly..…”



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