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Chapter 25.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

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I’m so surprised: ‘Huh? Are you going to lent me your man? Luo Luo, you are such a true friend.

Luo Luo dumbfounded stare at me: ‘What ah, I have already break up with my ex-boyfriend for two months le. Guan Xiao Bei, you really not a true friend ba?!

I sheepishly said: ‘He, he, you have so many boyfriends, how can I remember which one you say ah.’

Luo Luo said: ‘My meaning is, you bring President ah. Rich, handsome and have friendship with you, this will guarantee mission accomplish.’

‘Him?! Ha, ha, ha, ha……’ I pounded the table and began to laugh.

Luo Luo looked at me for a long time and decided to abandon me le. She carried her tray and sit at the next table.

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In the afternoon, I was invited to the President’s office.

During the time when I went to President’s office, Rong Mo Yang deliver a pile of materials to Yifan and exhorted him immediately to see and sign. Who knows once she left, right away Yifan seize a piece of paper from the desk, fold a few folds and then use the scissors start cutting.

‘Cough! President, you are looking for me for what matter?’

Yifan pry something out from the paper, a stretch with a string of hand in hand villain: ‘Fun right?’

I decided to ignore his boredom and solemnly said ‘…….. President, if you are busy I will come again.’

Yifan carried the small paper dolls with shook: ‘I heard you are looking everywhere for a blind date?

‘Is not blind date, but my dad is coming…..’

‘I heard when someone proposal to you to find me and you laugh out loud?’

In my heart I cursed Luo Luo, this gossip little monster.

Yifan said: ‘Yes ah, I have nothing to do therefore have a chat with Li Luo, hence even your physiology cycle I also know. Furthermore ah, don’t be too emotional, if you blow up now people will believe you have syndrome ne.’

I blushed: ‘Is this one of the topic a male boss and female subordinates should discuss me?’

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‘Then when you hear bring the boss seeing your parents this proposal, should you laugh out loud ma?’

I thought for a while and then said: ‘Not seeing the rivers and lakes, you will not know how dangerous is the rivers and lakes ah!

‘Oh? Then I would like to hear the details.’ Yifan supported his chin and put out a set of I’m listening with respect and full of attention appearance manner.

‘Like you are…. the first lady for a famous brothel, the most devastating beauty with talent that will down fall a city or a state and the entire world will admire your ability and appearance…..’

Yifan was stunned for a moment: ‘Well, fine ba……. for the time being I will hold this words as a compliment due to my understanding, then ne?’

‘My dad is just like those old patron of a brothel…….’

Yifan was completely shock le, and he unintentionally tear off the hands of the string of the little paper doll.

‘One day he accidentally acquire you, naturally he feel deeply grateful to the heaven for his kindness, and daily he will hold you like a treasure. But for a long time, his old-fashioned thinking will start to stir le, he will begin to dislike your born to be brothel background, thinking you are filthy and degraded. Hence, daily he will give you this silent treatment that is a form of emotional abuse and finally the punch and kick punishment.

‘Guan Xiao Bei, what nonsense are you talking about?’ Yifan headache feels like a tight band around his forehead, ‘Aren’t you are looking for someone to deal with the situation ma, yet so picky.’

No, I’m afraid my dad will take a liking in you and force me to give my heart, then what to do.’

‘To give one’s heart, you feel so wronged?’ Yifan asked

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘No, I’m afraid you will feel grievance. My dad is a……. very scary old man.’ I explain.

In fact that uncle is obsessed with wealthy son-in-law, even more scarier than *Qin Shihuang

* 秦始皇/Qín Shǐ huáng: the first emperor of China in 259-210 BC.

‘Originally, I wanted to volunteer to help you. This President with brilliant and high reputation still have self-confidence de.’

“Help me?” Yifan’s kindness make me wonder.

‘Since you refuse, then forget it.’ Yifan leisurely said, ‘I wish you have a pleasant meeting with your parent.’

Then he ruthlessly dismissed me and immersed himself into the pile of documents.

An unsuccessful searching for few days, I can only take an extraordinary measures – because of the relationship between Yifan, I’m very familiar with the matchmaking industry people so I decided to lease a handsome little elder brother. But who knows, the matchmaking company’s aunty was such a business minded genius, said: can lease however we charged 100 Yuan for a call, 500 Yuan for appearances and 1000 Yuan for meet the parents! I feel my pocket and think: Aunty ah, you are like those ancient times where you force an honest girl into prostitution mama san, indeed very pitiful ah. There is nothing can be done, I can only go through my personal connection, seven and eight turn to find le one person named Ma Xiao Bao, a delicate and pretty young elder brother and persuade him to agree for payment in instalments.

Who knows, Xiao Bao student curl his lip: ‘that little money enough for what doing? Still want to payment in instalments?’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I’m so depressed: ‘Just want you to help me to deal with my dad, not wanting you, not wanting your soul, how much do you want ah? I don’t make money myself ne.’

He said: ‘I don’t mean that. Isn’t there will be one day we will spend all our money? I’m not an ambition person, just want to find a rich older sister to become rich.

I patted and guarantee: ‘Guarantee of financial support for the rest of the life ah, that is easy. Once my matter has accomplished, I will introduce you to a pretty *MM. You know I work at AC, the girls over there are very pretty and wealthy de, moreover this kind of girls are very petit bourgeois, love is more important than money. You have a promising future.’

* MM is short for 妹妹 (Mèimei – younger sister). In the Internet world, MM can simply mean “girl” as well as “sister.” It also can stand for “美美 (měi měi – pretty). When MM is used, it usually has the connotation of a young or pretty girl.





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