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Chapter 2.5: The love affair beside the window (窗口边的情事)

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Happy Monday! Today, Xing Yu and Qing Hai is back again. Anyone missed them? I certainly do. Just wished that I have more time on hand to translate. As some of you might have known already, I am addicted to a long novel that I am currently reading…. hehehe…. Good Morning, Mr President! (早安,总统大人!). I have just completed 550 chapters of this novel and looks like I am going to continue. Let’s see when how far I will go before I quit reading this….

Time flies. We are already at the end of February. Completing the 2nd month of Year 2017. Anyone realized what is coming up next? Both tinkerbellsan and mhryu have something exciting coming up soon in March. So stay tune!

Enjoy the read today and have a blessed week ahead. 


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Chapter 2.5

“Qing Hai, you are awake?” Mother tired but gentle face appeared on his side

“Where am I?”

“Hospital. You are injured. But it does not matter. Rest for a while and you can recover.” Looking at her son pale face, Song mother heart is distressed and sad.

Yes, he remembered that he met a bad man on his way home.

Xing Yu!

Qing Hai panic and thinking of getting up, but because of the wound hurt and pain, had to give up.

“What’s wrong? Your body is full of injuries, do not move too much.” Song mother quickly hold her son to lie down.

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“Mother, Xing Yu?” Qing Hai asked.

Song mother smiled. She quietly turned to the other side of the bed.

Qing Hai turned around and saw Xing Yu dressed in a coat sitting on a chair. Her left hand is holding a little dirty teddy bear while lying on the bed asleep.

“Not so loud. No matter how we persuaded her, Xing Yu refused to go home. She kept you company for 1 night. She just closed her eyes. Sleeping so soundly, I think she is probably very tired.”

Looking at the tears mark on Xing Yu’s cheek, Qing Hai did not speak.

“Luckily, Xing Yu came running fast. She came back to tell us about the incident. Hey, want to know how your father deal with the bastard? First time I saw my husband so brave.” Song mother happily and proudly said.

Qing Hai is not interested in this topic. He looked back onto the ceiling.

“I have made a decision.”

“Good son. What have you decided? I have not praised you! So brave in protecting a girl, indeed your father and my son!” Song mother kiss the cheek of her son to show her appreciation.

“Do not bother me. I want to sleep.” Qing Hai suddenly felt a burst of fatigue.

“I will tell your father’s heroic performance tomorrow.”

He does not want to know these…….

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Once determined that Xing Yu is safe and sound, Qing Hai went back to sleep.

The next week, in order to prepare the school graduation test, Xing Yu did not go to the hospital to visit Qing Hai.

The range of graduation examinations in the past three years, 50% of the scores in the straight-up qualification are of great importance to students who are interested in straightening high. Although Xing Yu has always been able to maintain the results, but the school admission standards are not low. Whether or not Xing Yu is able to gain entry is still unknown. So these days had to stay at home to study hard.

As for Qing Hai, the genius students, despite the injury that resulted in him being hospitalized, he failed to take the exam. The school has got ready to replace the examination – letting Qing Hai only to participate in the qualification examination. There is not necessary to think also know that Qing Hai does not need result of the examination will also be able to get onto the next level. The school has requested for the school’s top students to now immediately go to the high school for registration.

Therefore, by the time Xing Yu is able to go to the hospital to see Qing Hai, it is already the end of the examination on a warm afternoon.

She left the school to catch the bus. After a while, she arrived at the hospital. She arrived at the door of Qing Hai’s ward.

Staring at the ward number, Xing Yu momentary hesitated.

When she left the hospital, he was still sleeping. In other words, today is the first time they met after the incident. Because previously bringing Qing Hai so much trouble, Xing Yu is particularly nervous for fear of Qing Hai hating her.

No matter how, she will have to face it. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Qing Hai.”

She went inside the ward and saw that there is no one.

“Where did he go?” She muttered. She put her bag on the chair, and went to the open the curtains of the window. The warm sunshine shines into the whole ward.

It is a pity to keep such a warm day out. Xing Yu guess that Qing Hai may only have a nap for a while.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The door was opened again. Thinking that it is Qing Hai, Xing Yu quickly turned around but saw Liu Xian Yun holding a bunch of flowers standing at the door. Xing Yu is surprised.

“Qing Hai is not in?” Liu Xian Yun gave a small smile.

“I just got here. Sit. I think he should be coming back soon.”

“No, in fact, the person I am looking for is you. After finishing what I want to say, I will leave.”



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