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C-Drama Review: Decoded (解密)

Once again, I got attracted to the lovely ending OST and I sat down to watch the drama that my husband is currently hooked on. This leads to me starting to watch the gripping story of top-secret Chinese Intelligence agency named Unit 701.

Decoded (解密) is a novel of the same name written by the Chinese Author, Mai Jai. This debut novel of Mai Jai reveals the mysterious world of a top-secret Chinese Intelligence agency in the world of code breaking.

Rong Jin Zhen (staring Chen Xue Dong, 陈学冬) is an autistic math genius whom was recruited into Unit 701 to form an investigation team for the purpose of breaking the Purple Code. Because of his autistic nature, he had to face numerous obstacles before he successfully joins Unit 701. Along with six others team mates, this mind-blowing suspense thriller had indeed got me hooked and stuck to the sofa watching each of the 41 episodes.

I must say that Chen Xue Dong did a fantastic job in his role as Rong Jin Zhen. His little actions in the early part of the drama was hilarious especially during his training days. When he was going through those memory lost days, he was so convincing. And when he finally become the national Hero and the main trainer, he was cool and hard most of the time. I am so glad that they ended the drama well with him finally falling in love with Zhai Li.

Zhai Li (staring Ying Er) is the main female lead of Decoded (解密). A genius with her memory, she started off bullying Rong Jin Zhen not knowing that he is autistic. And later, when they become spy together as a married couple, she soften up and protected him a lot. She scarifies a lot for Rong Jin Zhen throughout the whole drama, leading to a perfect ending when she finally won his heart.

Zhao QiRong (staring Jing Chao) was Rong Jin Zhen’s only friend whom got recruited into Unit 701. Unfortunately, he was sacrifice in one of the mission.

Han Bing (staring Zheng Zhe Han) was recruited into Unit 701 for his shooting skills. However, he joined for the purpose of avenging his father’s (whom was also an agent in Unit 701 that died on a mission) death. Han Bing was one of the remaining 5 surviving agents recruited with Rong Jin Zhen.


Meng Xiao Yun (staring Yu Heng) was a thief before being recruited into Unit 701. He has a highly sensitive ears, so his hearing was the talent that the unit needed him for. Unfortunately, he almost lost part of his hearing. He also feel in love with Zhai Li. He accepted that she will marry Rong Jin Zhen but not without a warning to him to take good care of her and never disappoint her. Love the brotherhood between them indeed!


Yan Shi (staring Yang Yi) is the other female recruit into Unit 701. She is a mathematical genius, the female version of Rong Jin Zhen. She is also Zhai Li’s good friend. She feel in love with the spy within the unit and had her heart broken when she had to personally shot and kill him. I wished that she ended up with Meng Xiao Yun but unfortunately, the drama never show them together as a couple but more as a comrades and good friends.


Pan Shen (staring Wang Yan Yang), recruited into Unit 701 for his smartness. Unfortunately, he was one of the 2 members whom were scarifies in the drama.


Chen Yu (staring Ady An) appeared for a short few episodes acting as the savior of Rong Jin Zhen. She subsequently disappear leaving Rong Jin Zhen missing her. Her time spend with him also leads him to break the 2nd code, Black Code towards the last few episodes of the drama.

Lei Ting (starting Bai Qing Lin) is the female official in Unit 701 who originally against Rong Jin Zhen. Subsequently, she accepted him and protected him whenever any issues arises.


I have never been a fan of any Republican Era series especially those revolving spies etc as I find it hard to understand the drama. However, I must admit that I had truly enjoyed Decoded (解密).  Chen Xue Dong did a fantastic job in the role of Rong Jin Zhen. It is definitely not easy to be doing that role after all.

So, if you have not watch the drama and would like to watch, the episodes with English Subtitle are available : Decoded (解密)

As for me, I guess the theme song 曹洋《微芒》 has now been added into my playlist.


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  1. Yup, his eyes were a bit scary at the end, it was surprising the way they showed a person change, i mean people always stay the same at heart, but they do change over time. Cheney chen acted unexpectedly well and made me fall for him!! 😍😍

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