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C-Drama Review: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)

I discover Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) by accident when I was browsing for dramas to catch up recently when I finally got my break over the Lunar New Year vacation.

Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) is another drama adaption from a Chinese Novel, Glass Slipper by Zheng Yuan. Honestly, I have not read the novel yet so I don’t know how the drama is faring against the novel. Maybe after I have completed all my other novel translations, if no one picks up this novel, I might pick it up.

Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) is the story of heroine Liu Xin Tong (starring Zhou Dong Yu) whom despite being a good student in her school, gave up her college education because her single mother could not afford to send her. Without any qualification, the happy and bubbly Xin Tong does her best in various part-time jobs.

She met the hero, Li Yao Nan (starring Chen Xiao) through one of her delivery job where she also met a spoiled rich girl, Ji Zhi Zhen (starring Ye Qing) who falsely accuse her for something that she did not do.

As fate brought them together, Xin Tong save Ji Bai Jun, the father of Ji Zhi Zhen from robbers. Liu Ye, Mama Liu soon realized that Ji Bai Jun is the man she has been secretly searching for the last 21 years.

As it turns out, Xin Tong and Zhi Zhen were accidentally switched at birth. Mama Liu is aware of the mistakes, however the Ji family never discover the switch. Mama Liu raised Xin Tong with love although she had always been searching for her missing birth daughter, after all, the daughter is the only thing that her husband left for her.

Yao Nan, a rich young man who never believe in love, had this feeling revolutionized with Xin Tong appearing in his life. He feel deeply in love with Xin Tong.

Ji Zhen Yu (starring Jia Jing Hui), is the brother of Ji Zhi Zhen whom is also the best friend of Yao Nan also fell in love with Xin Tong. He took good care of Xin Tong. Unfortunately greed got to him and he lied to try to win Xin Tong’s care and sympathy. Xin Tong found out about the lie accidentally. In her attempt to get away from him, in order to protect Xin Tong, Zhen Yu got into an accident that cost his mobility.

Xin Tong whom felt guilty from the accident, decided to give up her love. She decided to stay by Zhen Yu’s side and takes good care of him. Zhen Yu whom finally realized that Xin Tong despite smiling, was never truly happy so decided to let Yao Nan take her away.

The truth eventually comes into light where both Parents Ji found out the truth about the switch at birth.

I have yet managed to watch the last episode of this drama (still waiting), however up to Episode 6 that is available on Dramacool: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生), I know the ending is near and I would definitely catch it soon.

What I had enjoyed about this Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) drama….

  1. The gut-wrenching story of the poor girl whom got entangled into the complicated lives of the wealthy
  2. The series of deception, betrayals and loyalty
  3. The love of Yao Nan and Zhen Yu towards Xin Tong
  4. Zhen Yu whom were greedy initially in wanting to win Xin Tong’s heart and soul, eventually decided that it is best to let go and let her be happy
  5. Xin Tong whom despite all the heart-breaks that she had to go through, when she decided devote her life to Zhen Yu, she really genuinely wanted to stay by his side
  6. Yao Nan whom never stop loving Xin Tong
  7. The loving cousin sister whom stood by Xin Tong’s side and took good care of her

So, if you have not started this drama, I would definitely recommend Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) as one of the to watch C-Drama of January 2017.


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11 thoughts on “C-Drama Review: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)

      1. I watched the first 5 episodes and then dropped it. I just didn’t care about any of the characters and got a bit bored. I see Viki has this drama though so I will add it to list. LOL I looooove really cheesy dramas as well which is why am I watching V-Focus. It has a million episodes and is so ridiculous at times, but I am really invested in the second leads romance hahaha!


      2. I love the pairing of Chen Xiao En and Wang Kai. And it is after all Kimi Qiao’s last drama before he decided to take his own life. Unfortunately, although the drama had a good ending, after a while it became too draggy… So unfortunate though…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This drama is extremely frustrating. The only drama that has ever pissed me off this much was The Greatest Marriage. I like the 2 main character but the mother and daughter are absolutely horrible, As a mother the character I find myself really detesting was Xin Tong mother, I almost dropped this drama because of her. Im only still watching so I can see how it ends. The eps are subbed all the way up to ep 30 on drama caool


  2. The problem with this drama is that it was overly contorted to it lost all credibility and viewer interest. The FL was an unbelievably gullible and stupid girl who ended up bending over backward to help a manipulating disgusting troll and every favor she did for the troll cut the man she truely loved heart out with a rusty spoon.
    By the end I could see still wanting to save her but the reason being everyone in the drama except her real father and the male lead deserved to die long and slow deaths.
    After all she did could you imaging being married to her? Her abject stupidity would result in daily knives to your heart as she decides every decision with everyone and anyone’s issues coming before you.


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