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C-Drama : Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我)

I finally managed to get some time off for myself. So a quick update online only to discover that the long awaited drama, Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is finally aired on Hunan TV.

Penned by popular Tong Hua, Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is a story of fashion designed, Li Wei Wei (starring Chen Qiao En) whom due to a car accident that landed her almost drowned, loses her memory. She woke up to the age of 23. The boyfriend in her memory, Chen Yi Du (starring Wang Kai) is her rival at work. And her fiance, Huo Xiao (starring Kimi Qiao) is a man whom she cannot recognize nor remember.

Based on her vague memories, she doesn’t trust the story that she had broken up with Chen Yi Du and started her own investigation on finding out the truth.

Hua Xiao is worried about losing her and tried to protect her by hindering her plan. While investigating, she realized that the busy lives kept her and her loved ones from the dream they once had pursued so passionately. The main reason behind the break-up was due to their workaholic life which inadvertently pushed away the love and understanding.

The now 30 years old Li Wei Wei decided to change her lifestyle. She is determined to change the way things are going, erasing misunderstandings from the past, erasing conflicts between them, never stopping until she finds love and the dream and heart she one possessed.

Would she be able to succeed in her plan? Who would she choose in the end, Chen Yi Du or Hua Xiao?

Excited that Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is now aired, I can’t wait to watch this drama. A quick check on Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) online, I am so excited to see that it is finally now available although only for 2 episode. So, guess Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is now on my to watch list… after all with Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai and the late Kimi Qiao starring, the drama has a good list of all my favorite Chinese actors and actress.

Back in September, when I heard the news on the passing of Kimi Qiao due to depression, I was devastated. I first saw him in Cruel Romance and had truly admired his acting skills. Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) I heard is his 2nd last drama before he ended his time on earth.

The official Trailer of Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) can be found here

Below are some of the stills found online:

And so…. who is watching Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) as well?

Stay tune… as I might come back soon with my review of Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) ….



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6 thoughts on “C-Drama : Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我)

  1. This is also in my watching list. Perhaps I going to start this drama as soon as I managed my time. After memory lost, When A Snail Falls In Love and Princess Wei Young, I thought sleepless night going to end. Uh…

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    1. Hahaha…. I have not started any of those as I have a new rule for myself…. no more watching drama that is on-going…. the wait it just way too long….. Enjoy and so share your thoughts on the drama if you are watching it….

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  2. I am planning on watching it… but the title “Stay With Me” makes me sing Goblin’s title track by Punch and Park Chanyeol which is called the same. It has been going on and on in my mind since I first heard it… and its on a constant loop in my music player… 😻🎵🎶🎵🎧💜💜💜

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