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J-Manga Review: Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ)

I found a new interest! J-Manga reading…. During my frequent travel to Japan over the recent years, visiting Book Off has become one of the must visit place when I am there. Book Off has become my favourite place because I realized that it is a great place to check out for cheap CDs although they are usually second hand. These CDs are very cheap, ranging from ¥100 to ¥500 each. A real bargain not forgetting to mentioned about being able to find old CDs that may no longer be in the market.

It is during these visits to Book Off where I envied those whom could read good Japanese. Unfortunately, I never completed my Japanese classes, hence my Japanese are limited to super basic (although it is enough for me to be able to get by while in Japan). I noticed that the mangas are very cheap as well, going for as low as ¥100 each. Sigh…

So when I finally discover the existence of J-Manga in English online, it has quickly become my daily routine now whenever I manage to grab a ‘me time’.

Finishing Hapi Mari (はぴまり), I quickly found another great read, Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ).

Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ) is a Japanese shōjo manga series illustrated and written by Kaede Kochi. Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ) is the story of the everyday life of a high school cum part-time babysitter, Shiharu Nakamura.

Shiharu Nakamura, age 16 at the start of the manga is the part-time babysitter of cute fraternal twins, the niece and nephew of a local TV announcer Seiji Matsunaga.


Orphaned at a young age, Shiharu Nakamura come to enjoyed working with children and was inspired to have her own day care center one day. To gain the experience and to save the money that she would required, when Seiji Matsunaga noticed how attached the twins were to her, offered Shiharu double the pay to look after them while he is at work.


Seiji Matsunaga, age 25 at the beginning of the story, became Akane and Aoi Matsunaga (2 years old cute but a handful twins) guidance when their mother passed away and father abandoned them due to the shocked of losing his beloved wife. Working and looking after the twins was taking a toll to him, hence when he discover how attached the twins were to Shiharu, decided to engage her as their babysitter.

This is the start of their makeshift life and how Shiharu became ‘part’ of the Matsunaga family.




Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ) is a lovely day by day story about the cute twins and their growing up stage with a slow start to the romance between Seiji and Shiharu.


A light read, I had enjoyed the many cute, frustrating and entertaining moments of reading the growing up of Akane and Aoi. They were so attached to Shiharu, filling the gap in her heart of wanting a warm home and family.




I had also enjoyed how both Seiji and Shiharu is aware of their feelings for each other. And when Seiji finally confessed to Shiharu, he ask her to take her time to come to him.




Kouichi Matsunaga, the older brother of Seiji and the father of the twins finally came back. He took back the twins and resume his responsibility as their father.

And the series ended with with Seiji and Shiharu getting together in the park.


So if you are looking for a light and enjoyable read, I would definitely highly recommend Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ). 





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8 thoughts on “J-Manga Review: Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ)

      1. U mean the current one I am reading… I am still not sure if I like it… Only managed 1 page last night. Mentally drained…. Will keep you posted if it is good. Can u email me the link to the spin off of Love So Life – When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom… thanks dear


  1. I love this manga! The drawings are so cute! As you said, its a very light and fluffy manga, but Shiharu’s role is a very mature and responsible one for a 16 year old. And the kids are adorable, specially the outfits!

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