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Announcement : Status update on Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) translation

Hi everyone, hope that everyone had a great week. Time sure flies as we are now already in the 3rd week of November. Soon, it is December and then 2016 ends. Anyone in Christmas mood yet? I am excited about Christmas although I had not been able to put up my Christmas tree at home although I had wanted to put it up for 2 weeks already.

I know how much some of you are anticipating the translation of Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) which have not be happening as often as I wanted it to be as well.

As most of you whom have been following this translation blog from the start, I went back into the working world sometime back in May 2016 as a contract employee. I subsequently decided to take up the offer to turn into permanent staff with the organization early October 2016.

Now…. allow me to briefly share what I do for a living now…..

I actually am a hotelier and when I decided to take a career break late 2015, I was considering a career change. Unfortunately, before I could conclude the field that I wanted to move into, I return into the industry again (although as contract employee) to help open a new local 4-star hotel with the intention of helping out a friend whom is the General Manager of the property. A great guy whom I worked with briefly several years ago, I had truly enjoyed working with him in the past therefore, decided to help him out as when I decided to join the organization, it was 2 weeks to soft-opening the hotel. There were a lot of systems that was pending set-up at the same time.

After being attached to the organization in the short several months, after returning from my Summer Vacation in September 2016, I decided to consider full time permanent employment with them. After all, in this age and time, it is very hard to find an organization where the colleagues could get along and support each other well. It is the people whom makes the different as I truly am a believer that in any organization, there are always challenges at the task on hand, however the positive vibes from the colleagues are most important. So after some weeks of negotiation, they had agreed to my terms and as of October 4, 2016, I turn into permanent employee with the organization.

I specialized in the area of Revenue Management. For those whom are well aware of this role, could understand the challenges and the daily routine that we had to go through to analyzing the data, understanding the market / trend and then recommending strategies to the team to ensure that we meet goal that we are targeting.

It has been 6 months since the hotel open in the tough and competitive market. This is my 9th hotel / resort opening and despite being a local organization with a new unknown brand, the hotel is doing extremely well. This is not possible without the wonderful team that we had. There are a lot of potential that we could explore further to make this place better. The results that we are seeing today with the property are simply amazing not even to mention that I was given the upper hand to explore and play with the online segment and websites to bring the hotel brand website up to the level that I had never seen in any of my past employments. Am truly proud to be part of the amazing team!

And now back to my ‘part-time’ task, as much as I love translating and reading, these favorite past time of mine had to take a back step at the moment. So for those whom are anticipating a regular updates, I apologies as it is no longer possible (as one could see over the past weeks). Come Friday evening and Saturday, I would have been so drained from exhaustion leaving me no energy left to even turn on my laptop after getting home from work on Friday night.

The translation of  Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) will definitely continue, rest be assured. However, it would be at a slower pace than how it was previously. So, my dearest reader, please be patience.

Once again, thank you so much for reading and the continuous support and encouragement.

Have a blessed weekend and the following week ahead.




I love travelling and exploring the world, see things from the lense of my camera.... this is my space in sharing the many exciting places that I have visited as well as some of the wonderful gastronomy experience. I also loved baking while exploring new recipes. From time to time, I will also be sharing unique dishes that I cook for my family as well as sharing some of my baking experience / recipes.

7 thoughts on “Announcement : Status update on Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) translation

  1. Oh thanks Mhry for all this time…I absolutely will wait your translation patiently.
    I reckon this book shared universe with “I am sorry for being blind…”, so I really hope that you will continue this project till finish. Thanks again

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  2. Mhryu, best of luck with your “new” adventure. Thank you so much for your wonderful translation that you’ve been sharing all along, please proceed at your most conveniences time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck with everything.
    Don’t worry about translating, let your focus be on your career and personal life first – that is most important
    Thank you for all the work in translating, appreciate the effort you make for this

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