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C-Drama Review: Diamond Lover (克拉恋人)

It is back to Drama-land for me recently. Guess, watching drama is not as tiring as translation.

After finishing Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀), I started re-watching another of my old favorite drama. Well, it is not entirely old as the drama finished airing on JZTV back in August 2015.

Diamond Lover (克拉恋人), is a popular C-Drama in 2015 staring Rain (also known as Bi) as Xiao Liang, the CEO of Tesiro, a large Diamond Company as the male lead together with Tiffany Tang as Mi Duo, whom once was a fat woman who became thin and beautiful following an accident where she had to undergo plastic surgery to restructure her face.

Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) started with Mi Duo, a talented designed whom were overlooked because of her weight. She met with Xiao Liang and had a secret crush on him. Fate is where she was treated like some crazy person by Xiao Liang, Mi Duo’s day got worst when her team leader fires her.

In her devastated state, while crossing the street to meet her BFF,  Lei Yi Ming (starring Luo Jin), Mi Duo was hit by an oncoming car. Her face landed on shattered glass. Shaken with emotions, Yi Ming promised to stay by Mu Duo’s side no matter how hard her recovery would be.

After the surgery, Mu Duo turned into a beautiful woman. She then landed herself a job as an assistant in Tesiro.

In one drunken state, Mi Duo kissed Yi Ming. Shocked, Yi Ming realized that he could not stop thinking about Mi Duo.


Xiao Liang is a reserved, strict and unfriendly guy. He started off badly with Mi Duo with suspicion about her real motive in working in Tesiro.

One day, while on assignment at a photo-shoot, Mi Duo was hurt when she throw herself on Xiao Liang when a ladder topples over. Stunned with what Mi Duo did and what her reply was when he questioned her real motive, Xiao Liang began to wonders if he is too cynical of the world.

Recovering from her wound, she return to the venue of shooting only to find Gao Wen left in a fit of anger. And Mi Duo was asked to step in as Gao Wen’s replacement. Initially very shy and nervous, with encouragement from Xiao Liang, Mi Duo brave her heart and kiss Xiao Liang ending the photo-shoot beautifully.


Things started getting better between Mi Duo and Xiao Liang as he slowly warm up to her. And as the typical story goes, both Mi Duo and Xiao Liang pulled and push between them before Xiao Liang finally realized his heart. In the meantime, every time when Mi Duo was hurt by Xiao Liang, Yi Ming, being her BFF whom has also fallen in love with her, stood by her side, protecting and comforting her.

Some of the sweet loving moments between Xiao Liang and Mi Duo

When Xiao Liang pushed and blame Mi Duo for the death of his family from the shocked during their engagement, Mi Duo with her heart broken went back home. Yi Ming though patience and loving Mi Duo in his own way, managed to bring Mi Duo out of her sorrow. He also supported her and encourage her to live with her dream of becoming a designer once again.

I like this story although it is a very long drama for the friendship between Yi Ming and Mi Duo. Yi Ming, knowing his heart and how much he love Mi Duo, he chooses to remain at her side as her BFF. He is always there to protect and comfort her. He knew that Mi Duo only had Xiao Liang in her heart, and chooses to hide his heart from her.

There were many touching moments in the drama that I truly enjoyed. Especially the interaction between Yi Ming and Mi Duo. A true friend, he stood by her side, protecting her. The time when she was caught in the fire, how Yi Ming protected and rescue her. And when she went missing, he (having installed a tracker on her phone), log on and tracked her. He confessed his heart to her (2nd time) but was rejected by Mi Duo. And when she ran away back home after the failed engagement with Xiao Liang, he went to search for her and waited patiencely for her back in the hometown for her to be ready to show herself in front of him.


Risking his life in saving his beloved Mi Duo

Am so totally in love with Luo Jin with his beautiful smile and loving gaze at Tiffany Tang….. 

I also like Gao Wen (starring Di Li Re Ba), a beautiful model whom is very down-to-earth and friendly. When she met Mi Duo, they fast became very good friends. Very protective of Mi Duo, she was very badly hurt when she found out that Yi Ming has always been in love with Mi Duo. Although she love Yi Ming deeply, she stood away and push him towards Mi Duo when Mi Duo was badly hurt by Xiao Liang when he found out about Mi Duo’s past on the day of their engagement that ended with Xiao Liang’s dad passing away in shock.

Gao Wen luckily had a great ending in Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) being paired up with Sheng Dong Jun (starring Wang Dong) whom fell in love with Gao Wen. Many funny moments between them as they pulled and push each other before they ended up together.

Xiao Liang, after pushing Mi Duo away, was deeply affected. He realized that he could not live without Mi Duo but to his shock, she has already moved on and started dating her BFF, Yi Ming. Shocked with the news of Mi Duo getting married to Yi Ming, he tried to win her back. That ended up with Yi Ming punching him and telling him to stay away from Mi Duo.

On their wedding day, Yi Ming looked at his beautiful bride with sorrow in his heart when he realized that Mi Duo was affected emotionally with the news of Xiao Liang heading off to Korea for good. He left Mi Duo at the altar while Xiao Liang realized that he could not let Mi Duo go from him life and ran to the church to ask Mi Duo to not marry Yi Ming.


Mi Duo surprised and shocked from the missing Yi Ming, finally broke down in tears when she read his letter. She told Xiao Liang about how Yi Ming was always by her side when he hurt her over and over again. Mi Duo, unable to find Yi Ming, left the country.

The drama ended with a surprise twist that I enjoyed although many was unhappy with the ending. Mi Duo came back after 3 years with her heart set on Yi Ming. A good ending with Yi Ming proposing to Mi Duo on the bridge back at their hometown.

Recap of the drama can be found HERE






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  1. Do you know how I can get hold of the version that you watched? The one that I saw today ends with Xiao Liang and Mi Duo getting back together again after her three year absence. It seemed like a rushed and confusing ending.

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      1. They all have Chinese subtitles… 😦 But I saw now that the Chinese series has 60+ episodes. The one with the English subtitles only has 24. No wonder the ending was rushed. They squeezed 35+ episodes into 1…

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