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K-Drama Review: Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀)

One of my favorite past time is to re-watch dramas that I had enjoyed in the past over and over again. Recently, that seems to be happening again. He he he….

This week, I decided to re-watch Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀) also known as Sly and Single AgainCunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀) is a romantic comedy series starred by my favorite Lee Min-Jung and Joo Sang-Wook. This light and enjoyable drama was aired back early of 2014.

Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀) is a story of a divorced couple who met again and rekindled their romance. The drama talks about how the couple, after three years of divorcing, met again and then slowly realized how much they love each other. The story is about how they discover their feelings for each other and how they managed to overcome the obstacles that they faced along the way.

Na Ae Ra (starring Lee Min-Jung) is a pretty but not so smart lady. She fell in love with an engineering geek, Cha Jung-Woo (starring Joo Sang-Wook). Jung Woo study to become a civil servant and when he promised that Ae Ra would fulfill her wish to be a housewife, they got married.

At the 100th day of their wedding anniversary, Jung Woo then announces his wishes to quit his job to fulfill his idea on a business. However, the business keep failing resulting in Ae Ra struggling to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs.

Shouldering herself as the sole breadwinner of the family, Ae Ra secretly suffered a miscarriage. Drove to frustration and exhaustion, Ae Ra finally divorce Jung Woo after 4 years of marriage.

Jung Woo, moved on to eventually create DonTalk, an application that becomes Korea No.1 social networking application. This helps to transform him from a geeky loser to a successful CEO of an organization, D&T Software Ventures.

Three years after the divorce, Ae Ra discovers that Jung Woo has become fabulously successful and wealthy while she is still struggling to pay the debts that was accrued during their marriage. She then schemes for revenge and thus got hired into D&T Software Ventures as intern.

In D&T Software Ventures, Ae Ra met with Gook Seung Hyun (starring Seo Kang Joon), whom was also hired despite his resistance to working a desk job at his father’s company. Good looking, rich and caring guy, he hides his real identity to avoid any preferential treatment. He got attracted to Ae Ra and took great care of her being her colleague.


In the meantime, initially Jung Woo thought that Ae Ra was there to torture him and wanted to get rid of her. As time goes by, he started realizing that his love for Ae Ra is still there. When he heard about Ae Ra heading for an interview with another organization, he went to search for her and admitting to her about how he felt.


Jung Woo also realized that he now have a love rival, Seung Hyun. He tried hard to win Ae Ra back. There were many obstacles while he tried to win her back. And when he found out about Ae Ra’s miscarriage, he was stricken with grief having learned about what Ae Ra went through in the past.

Jung Woo and Ae Ra finally rekindles. But then comes the butting President Kook Ki Bong (starring Lee Jung-Kil) who plea Jung Woo to marry Kook Yeo Jin (starring Kim Gyu Ri), the woman whom initially started helping out Jung Woo as his business partner then later falling in love with him for his warm personality. Jung Woo stood firm with his decision not accepting President Kook to give him everything he owns if he marry Yeo Jin. In his rage, President Kook gave Jung Woo a slap across the face that was witness by Ae Ra outside the office.

Ae Ra ended up in Jung Woo’s apartment preparing food for him. Weary from the confrontation with President Kook, Jung Woo return to his apartment and telling his Secretary that he does not feel like eating. To his surprised, it was Ae Ra whom was telling him to wash up and come to eat the dinner. He immediate follows her commands in a pretty cute way.


Ae Ra tried to leave Jung Woo again although Jung Woo is fully aware of how she felt about him and the reason why she is doing it. It is sweet of Jung Woo to proposed to her to marry him again on the boat while Ae Ra tried to avoid him.

Things got work in the company and Ae Ra left. This was followed by Jung Woo who was indirectly forced to resign as the CEO of the company by Yeo Jin whom was fuming mad at him.

After Jung Woo left, he started up another organization. He was then called back to help with some issues that D&T faced following the released of a new game. He went back to assist and subsequently joint venture with D&T and his newly formed company.

The ending seems a little rushed to me although I must say that it was a sweet ending. Jung Woo being the geek tried to be romantic when he proposed to Ae Ra to remarry him. And Ae Ra ended up proposing to him instead in her own sweet way.

A truly lovely and light romantic yet comical drama, I had truly enjoyed re-watching Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀). 

So, if you have not watched Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀), I would highly recommend it! After all, this is my 3rd time watching Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀).

The recap of Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀) is available on : Dramabeans: Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀)


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4 thoughts on “K-Drama Review: Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀)

  1. Thank you for the fantastic review
    I swore off k series after badly wounded by the bad ending in Reply 1994

    Will watch it this weekend

    Come and join me for satay when you drop by in Singapore

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  2. wow..great review…thank you so much..
    i really like this drama too…especially when male lead knew about his unborn child, so heartbreaking, so touching, so sad..i cried too when see this scene..& one of my fav member band “infinite” also play in this drama..^=^

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