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Happy Birthday Tinkerbellsan

15 years ago, I called back one of the organization where I was offered a job to turn down the offer. And I spoke to the girl whom picked up the phone. The sweet voice over the other end of the phone sounded very disappointed about me turning down the offer stating how eager and excited she was looking forward to me joining to be part of their team.

After the call, I flew out of the country for a short holiday. Upon arriving into the country, I received a call where the organization counter offered with a different position.

Upon returning to the country, I called them back to check on the new offer and subsequently took up the offer. And several days later, I joined the organization.

I could still clearly remember the first day walking into the organization. I met with this small petite girl whom was so excited when she saw me, coming up to me excitedly and extended a very warm greetings. The happiness on her face was stunning. And to those around us whom did not know, would have thought that we have been friends for years.

That is the start of my friendship with Tinkerbellsan. We were colleagues for several years as we move up the ladder from an associate to managers through 2 different organization.


She then decided to expand her experience by choosing to work in another country while I stayed back as I have a family. Across the seas, our friendship remains strong as we speak to each other almost daily. The strong bond in our relationship strengthen as we missed each other, fight and make up over the phone / web. And we also travel for holiday together as often as our time permits.

It is exactly 15 years since we started our friendship. Today, our relationship are stronger than just being BFF. She is my pillar of support, my family and my sister. Someone whom I would turn to without hesitation as I know that she will always be my support and shoulder to cry on.

Thank you Tinkerbellsan for the years of support and friendship.

Happy Birthday


May you have a blessed year ahead filled with happiness, health and wealth




I love travelling and exploring the world, see things from the lense of my camera.... this is my space in sharing the many exciting places that I have visited as well as some of the wonderful gastronomy experience. I also loved baking while exploring new recipes. From time to time, I will also be sharing unique dishes that I cook for my family as well as sharing some of my baking experience / recipes.

23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tinkerbellsan

  1. Happy birthday tinkerbellsan!!! What a beautiful friendship!😘 Together for so many years, nothing can stand in the way of the beautiful link that binds you together! So inspiring! Wishing you both well!

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