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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Epilogue 3, Part 17

A happy Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week last week….. It is a long weekend for me this week thanks to Public Holiday that falls on Monday! Hooray! Am so going to catch up on my dramas and some translation for all of you whom have been waiting patiently.

Zhong Lian Chen and Cheng Shao Rong is back again today after taking almost a week break. Cliff-hanging ending to last chapter? Who did they saw? Hmmm…… Is this the interruption to their slow relationship towards marriage now? What is going to happen? Jealousy sparkles?

With this chapter, we actually reached the half-way mark through the long Epilogue 3….. Hope that everyone is enjoying this short story so far. 

Enjoy the read today and have a fantastic weekend ahead!

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Epilogue 3.17: Special Accidental Episode

Her classmates for years, in relationship, have been a very good friend.

Cheng Shao Rong’s ex-girlfriend.

Jiang Wei.

In the evening, when Zhong Lian Chen recall the incident in the day, facing Jiang Wei face to face, there is only one feeling to explain her mood…. ‘guilty’

If one wants to use four words to literate the point, then it is ‘put into the spot’. Of course, the one being caught is her and Cheng Mou Mou.

When she saw Jiang Wei, she was dragged away by Cheng Shao Rong. She pulled away her hand and said to him: “I will go over and say hello.” And then she walked straight to Jiang Wei.

As the two of them were chatting politely, Jiang Wei looked behind Zhong Lian Chen and said softly: “Shao Rong, long time no see.”

Zhong Lian Chen is so stiff, she dare not turn her back to look behind. Not long after, she heard Cheng Shao Rong said: “How have you been lately?”

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“Not too good but also not too bad.” Jiang Wei said with a gentle smile.

The other two teachers said: “Teacher Jiang, you chat with your friends first. Wait for us at the exit.”

Jiang Wei reply: “Wait for me. I will be right over.”

Zhong Lian Chen abruptly said: “The weather is hot. I will go and buy cold drinks. The two of you, who wants?” Seeing that there is no responds, she said: “I will go now. I will be back.”

As she was stepping away not far, Cheng Shao Rong said: “Which stall are you going? Don’t get lost.”

Zhong Lian Chen casually glanced at the amusement park map and said: “I am heading to ‘Hummingbird’.”

“Okay. I will come over to find you.”

Zhong Lian Chen search for the snack bar according to the map. As she walked past the door, there was a burst of cold wind blowing. The cold air caused her to shiver.

Yes, the weather forecast said that today is going to be a cold day. Just now how come she was feeling hot? Oh right, being a high-power light bulb to illuminate others, you will first warm yourself.

She ordered the biggest box of ice-cream and ate until her body temperature drop several degrees. And then she ordered a big string of kebab, ate till her mouth are filled with oil. What she is most proud of is her strong stomach. It will never hurt and no matter what she eats, she will never get fat.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Twenty minutes later, Cheng Shao Rong is no-where in sight. She returned to the fairy cave entrance but did not even see his shadow.

Zhong Lian Chen felt that she had slightly overeaten. She thinks that continue playing may end up with her vomiting. So look for a place to sit down, and to call Cheng Shao Rong. When she touched her pockets only she remembered, she did not bring her bag today. Only the phone and some notes stuffed in jeans pocket. Just before, she was feeling uncomfortable while playing roller coaster with the phone in the pocket, hence stuffed the phone into the pocket of Cheng Shao Rong.

Really! She ran to the door to see if Cheng Shao Rong is waiting for her outside. The car is still parked in the same place. Sure enough, he did not leave without her. But she had exited the amusement park, so could not get in except to buy a new ticket.

Poor Zhong Lian Cheng. She did not bring much money today as Cheng Shao Rong was paying for everything. Just now at the snack bar, she squandered too much away. Now the money in her pocket is only enough to take a taxi home.

She wanted to find a public phone to call Cheng Shao Rong but then suddenly remembered that she is a digital idiot. She cannot even remember her own phone number, not to mention Cheng Shao Rong’s number. Every time she just have to take out the phone number from the phonebook and dial from her phone. Now, not only she does not have any coins to make the call, the telephone are all inside the amusement part and none outside.

Point back ah point back! Cannot blame the society.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In fact, there are still other method. Use the amusement park management office to help with a broadcast. But also cannot afford to lose that face ah. Not to mention that Jiang Wei is still inside, she could hear it.

Forget it. Let the old couple catch up more. She can be sensible.

Zhong Lian Chen borrowed from the management office pen and paper. She wrote a few words and slid it under the car windshield. And then she topped a taxi and went home.

After returning home, Zhong Lian Cheng only said that Chong Shao Rong met with an old classmates to reminisce. Then quickly slipped back into her room before grandmother ask more. Her skill is much worse than her grandmother, so she will certainly be able to sense that she is hiding a secret.




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