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Chapter 9.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

As promised, Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu is back! Finally! Sorry for the delay.

So, Lan Ning ended up cooking dinner for Yan Ru Yu. Enjoy the funny read on their comical interaction, which leads me to thinking Yan Ru Yu may be deliberately teasing her just to capture her attention…. What do you think?

The weekend is finally here! Have a fantastic weekend ahead everyone! 

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Chapter 9.1: The Past

All the way home, the two of them did not have any communication.

Arriving at home, Lan Ning took up the heavy responsibility of preparing dinner. Yan Ru Yu on the other hand, was pester by her to continue writing.

In order for him to write more, Lan Ning deliberately prepare the meal slowly. In the end, because of her hunger, she finally finished cooking and served the prepared dinner.

Yan Ru Yu tilted his head and looked at her with a faint smile: “I thought you were only going to finish cooking tomorrow.”

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Lan Ning wrinkled her nose, pulled a chair to sit down. She is no look of remorse. “I cook in accordance to my taste. If you don’t like it, I am not responsible to re-cook.”

Yan Ru Yu picked up the chopsticks and slowly authentically said: “Taurus are not picky eaters.”

Oh, finally there is an advantage of Taurus. How rare! Lan Ning picked up her chopsticks and began to eat. After a few bites, she discovered that although Yan Ru Yu is holding a chopsticks, but he is not eating.

“Why are you not eating?”

“I am afraid that you will kill me ah!”

Lan Ning: “………………..”

Ah…. She forgot about poisoning him…. Ha ha ha

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Then you do not eat.” Lan Ning just want to quickly finished the meal and get out of there. If it is not because she was too hungry, she would not even want to sit down at the same table as him.

After her two mouthful of rice, she saw the man sitting opposite of her, Yan Ru Yu beginning to eat. Lan Ning laughed: “Aren’t you afraid of me poisoning you?”

Yan Ru Yu whispered: “You have eaten these dishes.”

“I may have taken some antidote.”

Yan Ru Yu lifted his eyes and looked at her: “Watch less TV. It will affect the development of the brain.”

Lan Ning: “……………..”

“The poison may have been placed on your chopsticks!”

“Actually, while you were serving the dishes earlier, I swap our chopsticks.”

“Are you serious?”

Yan Ru Yu kept quiet and laughed.

Lan Ning pouted and finished her meal in less than 10 minutes. She placed the plates in the sink and did not hesitate to pick up her bag and coat. She walked towards the door: “Teacher, you can wash the dishes. Next time, if you are busy and do not have time to cook, cook instant noodles instead. Much faster than getting me to come.”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

As she finished her sentence, the heavy metal door is shut tight.

After arriving home, she saw the trashes of instant noodles in the rubbish bin left by Qu Tong. She peep into Qu Tong’s room.

Feeling exhausted, she went off to take a bath. Lan Ning then follow a set of stretching exercises from the video and then decided to call it a day. Fortunately, by her bedside are the detective series book by Enron. She took out the 《扮演者》Actor, and flip it through. True enough, there is really the referred《献给亲爱的你》Dedicated to my Dear You script.

She thought for a while and then turn on the computer. She went on the internet to search for: Zhao Yue, Dedicated to My Dear You.

She did not expect the results to be so long. She looked and then referred to the mystery forum posts. The post was published many years ago. The main frame of the discussion is the heart of Teacher Xing Xin ‘crush’ fragments. And these fragments also mentioned the《献给亲爱的你》Dedicated to my Dear You movie.

“I do not know if you noticed, Wu Yang Zhao Yue at last read the script, 《暗恋》The Crush which have reference to 《献给亲爱的你》Dedicated to my Dear You. 《暗恋》The Crush clearly is a story about crime. Zhao Yue when got her hand on the script, had turned it down indicating that she does not have the intention to kill then. But when ‘Zhu Feng’ went looking for her, she changed her mind. This time, it is an indication that she had the intention to kill.



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