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Chapter 15.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Mhryu is super busy at work so Xiao Bei and Yifan is back today to fill up today’s post. Her super busy days started yesterday, so do hang on there while she try to balance work and her passion aka translation. I guess, you guys will read more of Xiao Bei and Yifan for the next several weeks instead of the normal 2 post per week. Mhryu is adamant about ensuring that there is always something for you all to read daily. So she has been pestering to me to speed up on my translations…. 😦 demanding person indeed! 

So what does Xiao Bei and Yifan has for us today? An entertaining chapter indeed, so do enjoy the read.


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Saturday, December 8 Weather: Light Rain (continue)

In the afternoon, I “encounter’ HR, Wang sister in the pantry. Wang sister is about forty plus years old, one of our company seniority. Although she is ‘big sister’, but she look upright, tall and sturdy, character also carefree and very outspoken, absolute manful manner. The main point is, she often responsible for employee benefits and logistics of the work, able employee and family member to be in touch with.

I asked: ‘Wang sister, why our company like this, so many singles ah?’

Wang sister smiled and quipped: ‘How little girl, do you have any other thought?’

‘Everyday day I watched them and I still don’t know what is morality and conduct? Mainly my friend, when they knew I work in AC, they wanted me to help them to introduce boyfriend. How do I know how to introduce ma?’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Busy with work till don’t have amusement time. If can help to solve that would be helpful. Killing two birds with one stone.’

‘True.’ I agreed, ‘Long time ago I saw this gossip magazine it appraise top 10 bachelor. I thought, if our President don’t have a girlfriend, I’m sure he will be listed.’

‘Yes ah, but haven’t said that Xiao Yi such a young age has achieved an outstanding career. Blissful romance not so easy ah!’

‘There is once Xiao Yi has an emergency trip and our company does not have enough manpower. It just so happen that I know where he stay and they asked me to pick up his luggage. I knocked on the door and a girl opened the door. Young, look around twenties plus, petite and delicate features, soft spoken and don’t have the arrogance manner. Completely different from the other girls who relied on wealthy boyfriend and proud. When I went there she was in the midst of cleaning the house, very politely and asked whether I have any urgent matter.’

‘Are you very sure she is the mistress not….. housekeeper?’

‘Will your home housekeeper said: “Our house’s Xiao Yi trouble you to take care le’, ‘Our Xiao Yi lucky to have friends support. Before leaving, insist to drive me and asked me to bring a box of cookies.” You, so ingenuity ah, I have been living for forties years, can’t be as skillful as you.’

‘Wang sister, you don’t need to be self-abased. I’m not as skillful as you said.’

Wang sister stare at me and said: ‘If I would have to compare with you, I don’t have any future le. Better stop chatting, go back to work.’

I smiled and bid her farewell. And then wrote in the small notepad:

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Tip 2: Twenties, gentle, likes to do housework, considerate and sensible.

I thought for a while and then added:

Source update speed is too slow. Even Yifan has no girlfriend also not clear. Hence the accuracy and reliable still under timeless investigation.

After work, I went down to the basement parking lot trying to intercept a car and the results I met with Jin Kang.

‘Manager, are you going home ah?’ I asked.

‘Ah, I’m going to pick up my wife’

‘Ah, I’m going too!’ Woman to woman, much easier when it comes to women! I have decided to borrow Mrs Jin’s mouth to talk about Yifan’s girlfriend things.’

‘Guan Xiao Bei, I’m going to pick up my wife. Why do you need to follow?’ Jin Kang puzzled.

‘What I mean…… we are going the same way. I trouble manager to give me a lift.’ Without waiting for Jin Kang consent, I climbed into his back sit and wait for him to drive off.

‘Do you know where I’m going?’ Jin Kang depressed, but he feel embarrassed to chase me off. ‘Then I will pick up my wife first. She gets off from work soon.’

Jin Kang’s wife indeed a gentle beautiful lady with slender figure and has an elongated face while is very soft spoken.

‘This is Guan Xiao Bei from Admin department. This is my wife.’

Mrs Jin gently smile at me.

‘Mrs Manager is really pretty and polite. No wonder our Manager told us nothing to flaunt ne.’

Mrs Jin feel embarrassed and said: ‘Don’t listen to his nonsense.’ Mrs Jin rebuke and glance at Jin Kang.

‘Where do I talk nonsense! You see, President in all respects is better than me right? Young and high status, but his woman can’t compare to mine!’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Oh really?! What do you mean?’ I quickly asked. Jin Kang you so kind without me saying so much, you have taken into the bait le.

‘Yifan’s girlfriend is really a shrew ah! Last time when I was in the mall I saw her buying something and then dispute. That women shouted at Yifan publicly. Such a dignified AC President, being scold like a dog. I feel embarrassed to say I know him.’

‘Cannot be? Maybe is a misunderstanding? That woman might be a salesperson. Some salesperson do have poor attitude.’ I defended. The very sinister and rascal Yifan being scolded……. is one thing that I can’t understand.




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