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Chapter 14.3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Wonder what Yifan is up to now by wanting to meet the Doctor the 2nd time and dragging Xiao Bei together. Is he upset with the way the doctor treated her during the last meet and wanted to revenge? Hmm……. 


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Beautiful doctor arrived.

Yifan politely stand up and being a gentleman pulled a chair for her and summon the waiter for a cup of coffee.

Then Yifan said: ‘Ms Wang, please explain about your work.’

The beautiful doctor take a sipped of coffee, gently smile at me and said:

‘Ah, where should I begin? When I was in college, do you know begin a surgeon is very hard. And there is discrimination against women…. ‘

‘In order for them to suppress me, they asked me to do the dirtiest and tired work. What rectal examination ah, take care of incontinent patients ah. There was once, I went to a division, where the doctor just had a divorce with his wife and he then discriminate against all women. Others attendant are allow to help out in the operating room where else for me I only allow to prepare skin for surgery patients. Even though I go chanting, I still fear. Finally, I shaved the patient’s clean, even cleaner than our house trotters that we eat…….’

‘Ah, still not excited yet, the best part yet to come. There is this doctor who a bit twisted. He think that beautiful women when have contact with a man it will be more fun. Well, I let him have fun. So, after every surgery he finished, I will dutifully visit his ward to care for the patients. And the results of all patients will be cracking and wound up for a second malignancy.’

Beautiful doctor lively said. But I was speechless with my eyes peeking at Yifan and found his face calmly listen with relish. Well, in that case, I will sacrifice and accompany boss.

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‘….. Now the most popular is obstetrics. Work is easy and earn a lot of money. Ms Guan still hasn’t given birth yet right. Aiya, in fact giving birth is very simple. Just don’t understand why those lady make a big fuss about it. When the maternal push in, she just need to wait until for the birth canal open as wide as 10 cm, like this coffee mug. Then you can push out the baby. If can’t, then just use a scissor to cut to made the opening bigger and everything will be resolved. Cesarean will be much easier, skin, fat layer, muscle than that it ah. Eh! Nowadays pregnant women are very excessive too, that thick layer of fat ah just like pork belly.’

I subconsciously touched my belly.

‘People always ask me do I afraid when I do autopsy ah. Humph, actually my favourite is autopsy. When some corpses sank into the pond, pulled back with a hook, put onto the autopsy table and use the scalper to cut across the skin …… the feeling feel so wonderful ah’

‘Eh, this is an illusion. Organ soak too long will become degenerated. First it will appear small bubbles, then the solution will gradually become cloudy. Naturally the tissue will be decomposed. Eventually it become a pot of brown porridge alike substance, which the organ has completely liquidize and mixed together. Right, right, exactly like the color of coffee….’

I looked at the cold coffee at the table and secretly shifted it away.


Two hours later, we finally bid farewell to the beautiful doctor.

Yifan looked at my face and faintly said: ‘Don’t hold, the toilets is over there.’
I covered my mouth and hurried run out. During the process I turn back and saw Yifan picking up his coffee and took a sip. I then quickly run toward the bathroom with a frown.

Later, Yifan told me that beautiful doctor actually hates to go blind date. Because of her parents she reluctantly agreed to meet up with him.

‘She is using this method to show her opinions? In fact, she is a good person. How come you don’t give her a chance?’

I think for a while and said: ‘Then why did you ask for second meeting and drag me along?’

‘Because your review not rigorous, this is your punishment!’

I was so indignant.

‘Humph! I met up with her twice.’ Yifan’s face turn green, ‘twice ah.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

With this experience, I have listed all information in advance and seek advice from Yifan.

Yifan point and said: ‘This is not good. Too fierce and in future will not be beneficial to family and unite. Ai, ya, ya, the chest is too small…..’

I glared at him.

He did not mind, continue to find fault: ‘no culture, education not enough, no temperament…… Ai, Guan Xiao Bei, why your eyesight so bad!’

I suddenly have an epiphany and asked: ‘Are you looking for a women half head shorten than you, slim stature and elegant temperament, the best….. the best is she like to do her hair up?’

Yifan is a bit surprised: ‘Yes ah, yes ha, that the kind of women I like. Guan Xiao Bei ah, you do your homework in advance and now you figure out what your boss mindset.’

I suddenly remembered Su remark pertaining to the “cake” theory thriller.

She said: ‘In fact, even he found other, he will eventually find all kind of reasons to give up. Because that is not what he wants.’

I asked: ‘So, before he found the original, he will keep looking and keep abandon?’

Su said: ‘Yes, because in his heart the original is the best, other can’t replace.’

I said: ‘For goodness sake! What type of world is this. Still allow or not allow people to live ah.’

I finally understand. Regards to Yifan, the thing that cannot mention is not the first day we meet that roar moment. Rather….. that one firmly dominated his life, let him deliberately forget but can’t forgot that lady.

The one who lean against the side of the car and let him embrace into his arm made him fought and crazy, that lady.

That unforgettable lady.

Yifan, who is that lady?




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