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Chapter 14.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Mhryu went on another holiday and this time with her colleagues. Short weekend getaway. I truly envy her…. So here is Yifan and Xiao Bei back for today filling up the slot.

Yifan is out for another blind date. How is he going to ‘torture’ Xiao Bei this time? The chapter today is quite an entertaining one. So enjoy the read and have a great week ahead!


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I take the initiative to send him an email to beg for forgiveness.

I said: Thunder brother, I have work diligently and also being invisible person for nearly two months. This month everyone started to accept me, please do not torture me le. If not I will unable to perform well in my whole life. Should you have anything please command, I will surely obey your request.

He only answered two words: Thunder brother?

I quickly reply: Typo, typo.

He asked: Typo? You have other master?

‘Master’…… this word make me gnaw for a while. Finally, I am extremely kiss up and reply: Don’t dare, don’t dare! This little one will always be your most loyal attendant.

Dad and mom, you parents don’t blame oneself. Is not your many years moral character education failure, neither is me behaving servility nor to sell one’s soul for gain. Rather I ……. truly under people eaves, have no choice but to bow the head ah!

Yifan reply: Good, weekend wait for my call.

On Saturday, half-awake and half-asleep, I have been drag by Yifan to one of a coffee house called ‘Red Makeup Fall Café.’

‘How? Nice place, right? I finally found it. In future this will be my special venue for my blind date!’ Yifan cheerfully said.

I looked around. A beautiful little coffee house, with nice deco and elegant style. Suitable venue for a blind date, however no different from other coffee house. Just don’t understand why Yifan is so excited.

‘En, very good’ I said.

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‘Guan Xiao Bei, when you do something halfheartedly you will always said these 3 words. Right away I know you don’t understand. This special place is not because of the place but the name! Name ah!’

Red Makeup Fall …… I said this to myself, I look at Yifan with puzzled look: You want to see lady without makeup?

Yifan expose ‘You really a farmer, you don’t have culture,’ that expression: ‘Think about it, the three countries where did Pang Tong die? Luo Feng Po ah…..’

‘You want those ladies to die?’ I know Yifan is a bit twisted, but I don’t expect him to be so distorted to this point.

Yifan helplessly, almost roar his voice and said: ‘Red Makeup Fall ah, red makeup refer to lady. Fall meaning they were impressed by my charm. The place where I can gain ah!’

‘Those lady? How many do you want to kill?’

Yifan finally decided to ignore me. He fanatically tour around the small café, found a location and next to the small table he said: ‘You stay here.’

‘Ah! I need to accompany? Su asked me to go shopping.’

‘Anytime you can go shopping. Once we have finished, I will drive you there.’

I’m puzzled: ‘Why every time you go for blind date you need me to stay and want me to closely observe?’

Yifan think for a moment and unhurried said: ‘I actually wanted you to see where I have done wrong. And give me a summaries experience.’

I look from top to the bottom and inside out. Carefully look at his pitiless look until he can’t stand and said: ‘If you have something just said it? Don’t look at me like this.’

I said: ‘President, you are so modest. Everything you do is right. Only marry madness is abnormal.’

Today our candidate is a doctor. I have carefully hand pick out for Yifan from many candidates in F city’s best hospitals. A beautiful young and talented female doctor.

The beautiful doctor arrive at nine o’clock.

Yiifan graciously got up. With gentlemanly manner, pulled a chair for the beautiful doctor and summoned the waiter for two cups of coffee.

While waiting for the coffee, the beautiful doctor gracefully said: ‘Mr Yifan mah? I’m Wang Ke, we spoke over the phone.’

‘Yes ah.’ Yifan said, ‘Ms Wang you are more beautiful than the picture.’

Wang Ke ignored Yifan compliment. Just gently nodded, then suddenly she turned toward me and said: ‘Then may I ask Mr Yi, who is this lady?’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I was shock. Don’t tell me, I this invisible light bulb so shinny mah?

I quickly reply: ‘I was Yifan’s secretary. There is an urgent file need President to sign. I’m so sorry to bother you.’

Wang Ke noncommittal smile at Yifan and said: ‘Oh, I have seen a blind date with their parents, relatives and friends, who even pretend to hide at the roadside. But bring a secretary is my first time seeing it’

The meaning of xenophobia is so obvious. Words also said to this point and I was an electric pole had to move as far away as possible.

So I quickly said: ‘President, you go busy. I will wait for you to handle the file. Ms Wang, I will excuse myself, I will go first.’

Wang Ke ridiculous said: ‘Isn’t it urgent file?’

I didn’t answer, I left the two and went shopping with Su.

In the evening, with a responsible attitude, I called the after-sales customer feedback telephone, I asked Yifan: ‘How was it?’ after finished saying I shake a bit, at my age I’m already have this professional matchmaker skill.

‘Ah, okay’ over the phone Yifan said.

‘Yifan ah, when you perfunctory answer me is always these 3 words!’

I was just about to start ideology education, I heard him say: ‘However, I have invited her for another meet up tomorrow and you need to accompany me again.’

I already work free for AC, I aren’t selling myself to Yifan. Even weekend you don’t even let me off for one day!

Who knows Yifan will said this to me: ‘Even you don’t want, you must go. I’m doing this for you that is why I have invited her.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I wry smile, boss, you solve your bachelorhood problem because of me? Because I’m waiting for grandchild?!

The next day, I reluctantly came over to the coffee house.

Yifan straight away brought me to the table where he had sat yesterday and order a cup of cappuccino for me.

‘This is not good, right?’ I said, yesterday, I was sitting across the table and I have been chase away, today if I sit directly on this table….. ‘Also, I don’t drink coffee. If I drink coffee I will have insomnia.’

‘No matter what, you just sit here.’






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  1. thanks for this chapter, Tinkerbellsan! uh-oh, yifan really gives xiao bei headaches, post.. poor her,! But yes, I’m wondering the same what exactly that he wants to do with dragging her along!

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