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Chapter 14.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Anyone missing Yifan and Guan Xiao Bei? I wonder what do they have in for us today….. Enjoy the read as we read more about how black bellied Yifan is…. Still no sign of Yifan affection to Xiao Bei apart from the ‘bullying’…. 


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For several days, I was under Yifan beat around the bush force. Surfing online to find him the so-called gossip blog. His secret gossip mood through me, has been perfectly vented.

My movement eventually got notice. Personnel Manager, Lao Wu privately came over and whispered to me: ‘…. Guan Xiao Bei, you do know our company policy. So…. no matter what, when you are in the company please pay attention toward oneself.’

I rushed toward Lao Wu and explain. I carelessly forgot the company policy is my wrong. Thanks leader for reminding me, I will surely pay attention and will not violate this kind of mistake again. I will work hard to achieve AC goal, I will strive to my utmost until my last breath.

Lao Wu nodded and left. I was so scared until my whole body cover with cold sweat.

Lao Wu this statement is simply in contrast: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, I know there is some problem between you and President. But please do not be too outrageous.’

I waited at 23rd floor in front of the elevator for three hours. And finally manage to blocked Yifan. I pulled him to a corner and said: ‘Me going online has attracted others attention and today I have been warned.’

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Yifan laughed and said: ‘Today I received a submission to the President of the employee’s performance evaluation report. Also indirectly referred to employee access to the internet during working hours without permission violating the company regulations. You say, if Lao Wu found out that I was the one who instigate, how would he think?’

Yifan ah, do you know your boredom cause me nightmare.

I can only said: ‘I’m still under probation period. Personnel Manager play a crucial role when evaluating my fate. So today, I face to face, plead to you, please do not let any unexpected move to happen. After all you are President, I’m only a small potato.’

Yifan listened thoughtfully and finally nodded: ‘Ah, I know. You go. This thing I will have my own sense of action.’

I was worried for few days and now finally in peace. Because of oneself well versed in their workplace and rejoice.

In the afternoon, President and the junior staff held an impromptu meeting. The main issue was none other than the daily external management aspect.

Lastly, he stood on the stage and casually said: ‘According to the reports, individual employee who during working hours go online of course this is not allow according to the “Code of Conduct”. This is a disciplinary offence. But – ‘  Here he pauses a little, I do not know whether it is my imagination – a sharp glance flash to my side.

‘In some cases, in order to work, this behaviour is understandable.’

I felt depressed. President at staff meetings said this remark. As for everyone here, I would like to clearly opposite this status. This is not because he force other?

Sure enough, sometime in the afternoon when I went to the toilet and I heard some discussion:

‘Ai, do you know, just now Director of Finance, Tim went online and being caught by Lao Wu. He then ruthlessly being scolded and deduct this month bonus.’

‘Huh, he deserve it! That guy normally not smart. Those word said by President was not for us mah! Is to give Guan Xiao Bei green light.’

‘Man ah, when they see beauty their IQ will go defeated. You don’t laugh, this was proven by German scientists.’

‘Beauty?! This sister want chest got chest. Want hip got hip. Don’t tell me she is much prettier?’

‘Drop it ok. Nowadays man like those type of upright, pure and virtuous. Are you capable mah? You have to admit, Guan Xiao Bei appearance quite young and tender. And in certain angle indeed quite charming.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘I have 36D!’

‘Yeh lah, yeh lah! You’re so big, like Big Mac ok… Any bigger will scare off people ……’

After the two voice disappear, then only I came out from the toilet compartment. So at that moment, in this magical square feet toilet, I achieved enlightenment le!

In the end, I’m the biggest foolish bird. Yifan as a President, he clearly understand office politics. He literally use this type of tactful and abnormal method to tell me, he Yifan firmly grasp the office public opinion. I dare to be disobedient toward his order, he can remote in thousand miles distant. Borrow other people dispute caused by gossip to kill me secretly.

This was his revenge toward me for not accompany him to his blind date ah.





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