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Chapter 13.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

OMG! The chapter ahead today is an exciting one…. to me it is so I hope everyone will enjoy the funny read today. 

What on earth Yifan have up his sleeves this time?


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Safely endure until noon, I was so excited all the way toward the cafeteria. Skipping and flew into Lou Lou’s arms: ‘Little Lou Lou, sister in good mood, let sister buy you lunch.’

Lou Lou looked around, looked at me with a mysterious smile. She pull out her phone and dial a number. Then shouted with a loud voice: ‘Xiao Bei ah, just now I don’t know which manager from our company called me and asked me to tell you once you finished eating your lunch, please add this MSN address He said something important need to tell you. Aiya, I supposed to tell this went we are upstairs but then I forgot. Remember, to add oh.’

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At the restaurant with hundreds of thoughtful eyes looking toward our direction, Lou Lou said these words without mentioning the name making it more conspicuous. Just like when you attempted to cover-ups, that just made things worse. At this moment, silent is golden, silence frees us from people’s words.

I broke down and asked: ‘Lou Lou, what are you doing? Even it is true, you do not need to speak out so loud ba.’

Lou Lou pointed at the telephone and whispered to me: ‘President said, if I said those words loudly at the restaurant, he will give me 200 Yuan.’

‘You! I don’t bother to disdain you from seeing profit and forget morality. I give you 300 Yuan and you give me a shout saying you are joking!’

Phone comes the voice of Yifan: ‘Lee Lou, I give you 500 Yuan.’

I shouted: ‘700 Yuan!’

‘800 Yuan. Guan Xiao Bei, this poor wretch where got money.’ Yifan said.

I grind my teeth and said: ‘1000 Yuan, I will write you IOU!’

‘Lee Lou, once the mission completed I will give you one of my coat.’

‘Bingo! President victory!’ Lou Lou cheered.

Lou Lou shouted: ‘Xiao Bei, I have just mention and you forgot. Is y-i-f-a-n, y-i-f-a-n remember ah!!’

Lou Lou said through the telephone: ‘President, is a gift right’

‘Well done!’

I ordered a mountain of rice, hide behind and prepare to eat until I choke to death.

After lunch, I immediately rushed back to the office to install MSN. I thought, even if I got caught perhaps the sentence will be lenient since it was during lunch break.

Once Yifan added me, he immediately gave me a link.

Yifan said excitedly: ‘Go and look at this good things!’

I was curious, therefore click on the link. It was a site posting gossip. The owner make a post with a photo and a paragraph of explanation.

Yifan said: ‘During our outing someone without my knowledge snap a picture. I just discovered how handsome I am.

I look closely, as it turn out it was a picture at the lake whereby Yifan carried me.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yifan indeed look very handsome in the picture. The problem is, how this photographer could has this kind of skill ah! How can he managed to capture Yifan’s handsome face at the same time my thin figure look 3x huge?!

Yifan said: ‘It really look so nice, so nice! I have put it as my desktop’s wallpaper. You too, should put as your wallpaper.’

I will have to refused him for the third time today.

I said: I love AC, my desktop’s wallpaper is AC’s logo.

Yifan said: ‘AC has new logo, “Me”!’

In my thought: ‘Why not you say you are company mascot!’

When I was staring at my own ass in the picture I feel depressed. Suddenly someone telnet my computer and change my desktop wallpaper.

Peter happened to pass by after lunch, at one glanced he saw my screen, suddenly exclaimed:

‘Yiya! Why President carry a bear?

I decided to ignore Yifan.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Surprisingly, he continuously hitting on me: ‘I keep looking at the post. It was really good. A lot of girls express their endless admiration. Come, help me to see whether there is any potential blind date. In additional, I found there are many online posts gossiping about their boss. You go and check, see whether is there anything about me?’

Hmmm, I sneer. Got! My first day of work in AC. At that moment, I have opened a gossip blog. All along it continuously updating my full experience of favorable criticism plus it was the best and it often appeared in the front page.



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