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Mhryu needs your vote.

Dear readers,

Thank you for all your support all these months since I started translating cnovels. I started with working and focusing on 1 novel only. Somehow, now I ended up with 1 un-completed epilogue (Caught in my own trap) and the current translating, Finding Beauty. Most of you readers have been following this blog from the start and some of you are still waiting for the completion of the epilogue while some of you are enjoying Finding Beauty.

Unfortunately there is only 24 hours in a day and with work and life, there is only so much one can do in a day. So now, I would like to take a poll and listen to all the followers and readers out there. Do you want me to focus on 1 at a time and complete them before doing the other one…. Or you want me to continue to alternate between both.

Those that wants me to alternate between both, please just leave a comment below. If you prefer me to focus on one at a time, please click on the link below and vote.

I’m leaving the decision to all of you based on the votes. This is set for only 24 hours so voice your preference and opinion now. Your opinions are important to me 😉 The final result will determine my translation post starting next week 😉

Have a great weekend ahead and thank you so much for your time. 😍



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8 thoughts on “Mhryu needs your vote.

  1. Mhryu, i totally understand your concerned. Since the epilogue is only left one chapter, imho, i think yo just need to put a wrap for it and put a ribbon bow as a proper closure, then after that you can just focus on one translation. Being juggling in real life, i really applaud both of you, mhryu & tinkerbellsan for still providing us a platform like this. God bless you!😉


  2. Personally I prefer one at a time because that way you have times for your real life too. The last thing I need is for you to have burn out then no translation at all. Everything is about balance, without balances burn out occur a lot sooner than anyone can prevent it.

    In saying all these I sincerely thanking you for spoiling us a chapter or a part of chapter a day. *bowing down to her waist to you*

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