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Chapter 11.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Another week have gone by. Today, mhryu is finally flying back from her holiday. From her travel post, I could see how much she was enjoying herself although she dislike the hot weather. 

So, Xiao Bei had been hospitalized and Yifan visited her. He even left her some money knowing that she would be financially burdened with the hospitalization. And he continue to bully her… What happen next? Read on and enjoy the laugh!


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Wednesday, November 21 Weather: Rain (continue)


For a long time, we did not talk. Yifan is just like a kid being curious, staring intently and watching the liquid drips down. And I kept looking at him just like how I have been locked up in his office. Doing nothing but look at him. Is getting late, the ward flow with an uncertain pressure.

Dark shadows fall upon Yifan, made him look like a classical and elegant aristocratic during the ancient time.

Huh, such a man should have attracted countless girl ah, should conquest ah. But he was unlucky, needs to go for numerous blind dates.  He even wait alone at the ruined temple for the mercy of the cupid god.

I remembered Su’s words.

She said: If a man falls very deeply in love and when it had ended, it will be cramping pain like a broken bones. His heart will be empty without a soul and he will find way to find the missing part.

I laughed and said: ‘Su, when you become so literature ah? Yifan emptiness? Every day he try to torture me, where got space for emptiness.’

Sue said: ‘Too busy doesn’t mean no! You are a layman. Talk to you really waste my literary cells. I make it easy for your understanding. Is like a child eating a delicious cake, suddenly it has been taken away, how do you think the child will feel?’

I said: Beat the person up?

Su stare at me: He will try every possible way to find another piece of cake to replace the previous one.

I said: So I’m a pastime? I’m the cake?

Su said: No you’re a stone. You can’t be saved.

Yifan, you want those girls to replace which part of your missing soul ah? In the darkness, his figure show a bit of loneliness. Made people moved. I suddenly wanted to know what had happen to his past that made him changed.

So I asked: ‘Who is that lady….. ….. is she gone?

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Who? Yifan asked.

‘My first time seeing you….. In the morning of my first day to work, the lady in yellow skirt…… Is she your girlfriend? Wife?

Yifan seriously look at me and said: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, I remember telling you. Do not cross my bottom line.’ His voice was light, calm and ruthless.

The atmosphere a little astringent, but I stubbornly asked: ‘She left? Why she left you? You are so good, cannot be ah.’

Yifan did not speak under the sliver moon, I almost thought he will roared again. But he just gently squeeze the middle of the drip he said: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, you see.’

I’m curious to know his past.

He quickly squeeze and let go the drip. A large portion of the liquid flow into my veins, I feel freezing cold and some of my blood being drawn back into the infusion tube. I looked at the bottom end of the infusion tube and saw a bright red blood, I was stunned.

I remember reading a new about a small nurse inject some air into her boyfriend’s veins and he die due to heart failure. I’m so worried about him accidentally squeeze some air into my veins and I will say goodbye to my life.

I cried and shouted: ‘Brother, this is my blood vessels. Not your home water pipes. People will die!’

I’m not Su, I don’t make money from being a psychiatrist. If he twisted is his business, nothing to do with me. For this I can’t play with my own little life. I’m not rich, my parents gave me a life………

I rolled over, hide under the blanket and cried.

Yifan, does not expect I will react like this. He was stunned for a moment. He then quickly turn me over and said: ‘What happen, what happen? Why cry? Cry for what ah? I just joke with you ah.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Got play this type of joke one ah? You joke with drawing human blood ah!’

‘I was wrong, I was wrong! Will this do? You see, your blood flow back, there is no wastage at all.’

At this moment, my heart suddenly burst out grievances together with my tears. I said: ‘Yifan, you better leave. I do not want to see you again. Before I was doing fine. After meeting with you, I become so unlucky. I fell into lake and caught sick.  I got pay cut because of punishment. Which one of this do not relate to you ah? I just wanted to care about you, but you scare me like this……’

Yifan came over and embraced me: ‘Hush, I know. I’m wrong. Do not cry ah. You are sick. Don’t cry, usually no matter what happen you wouldn’t cry…… I though you don’t cry….’

I still cry: ‘Yifan, because of you, because of you….’

Yifan gently patted my back and whispered: ‘Be good, don’t cry…..’


When I woke up, it’s already next morning. Su has bags under eyes, sitting next to my bed and report: ‘Your colleagues came and your boss helps to paid your medical expenses.’

Ah? How do you know?

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘When I went to pay your bill, they said it has been paid. They didn’t mention who, but I’m sure it was him.’

‘Cannot be, didn’t you said my colleagues came. Maybe they paid ah?’

‘No way, the one called Lou Lou. Four bank cards with 20K Yuan overdraft. Peter’s girlfriend spend all his money, only left him 800 Yuan per month. Elle forgot her wallet. This morning she even needs to borrow from a security to pay for her taxi. As for Alice….. she absolutely no intention to not help you to pay.’

‘They told you?’

‘We have no time to talk.’

I was surprise and stunned: ‘You …. analysis it out?’

‘No, when we were in the elevator, I was behind them. During that time we haven’t knew one another yet.’

I despise Su this little habit of eavesdropping behaviour, then I came up with a question: ‘Then what time they came? Why didn’t you woke me up?’

You’re in your boss embrace, weep until you pass out.




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  1. haha if Su saw that scene, the colleagues probably did as well. perhaps, they are thinking what special employee…boss is just bullying his lover!


  2. Yeah!!! Since when Yifan showed he cared for XB so much. Embraced her? I find that sweet.. ..hahaha…I think XB should uses crying to defeat her black bellied boss…:P

    Thanking you Tinkerbellsan very much.:-D

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