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Chapter 10.3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Ops! The last post ended cliff-hanging right? Sorry…. 

Poor Xiao Bei is being bullied by Yifan again. I am beginning to wonder if Yifan is purposely doing all these to attract her attention. He is such a black bellied President, right?

So what happen during the trip? Read on and find out…. Enjoy!


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November 18 Sunday Weather: Cool Autumn (continue)

I flatten him out: ‘Look, this activity is to replaced November 11 off day…….. 11…….. Single……You are single, so go for a blind date ……. For that day…… today activities……..’ Said, said, I have messed up, ‘If nothing, I will go behind and wait for Lou Lou.’

‘Wait, what is inside your bag?’ Before waiting for my replied, Yifan open my bag and ransacked all my delicious tidbits.

‘What did you buy ah? Potato chips, jelly, cotton candy…..’ After we depart, Lou Lou gnawing at my ham and complain. I’m so depressed, seeing Yifan circle by a group of colleagues, happily eating titbits distributed by President.

Lou Lou said she has motion sickness. Once getting off the bus, she went directly to hotel with some colleagues. And I went down to the lake with my backpack. I took a deep breath of fresh cool air, sit on the rock by the side of the lake and feed some ducks.

A shadow cast in front of me.

‘Do you remember that you told me once that you loved the lake.’ Yifan said.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Su phrase: ‘This trip specially dedicated to you.’ In my heart it cast an aura.

I look forward and ask: ‘So you specially organised this outing to come here?’

He said: ‘I’m sorry for your unrequited love. Here is because its cheap and I can claim back from the company. Look, I have earned back the coffee money for my next year blind date.’

I said: ‘You abuse the power.’

In fact, I want to say: ‘I’m the representative of Legal Department, the police. You should not use company money for unnecessary expenses.’

After a while, Yifan poked at me and said: ‘Look, there is a temple, you can go and seek for marriage.’

‘I have no interest, I’m only 23. I’m not worry.’

Yifan replied: ‘Your unrequited love again.’ His expression: ‘I mean…… I want to go.’

‘Cough cough!’ I got choked to death because I stuffed the bread that I used to feed the ducks into my mouth.

Thunder brother, are you married crazy ah? Those older lady around me also not as crazy as you.

‘Then you go pray, nobody is stopping you.’

‘I’m such a dignified AC President. If people see me seek for marriage where got face ah. You help me to cover up.’

Let people see can lost face ah? Do you think you did less embarrassing than this ah?

‘I can’t cover you.’ I tiptoed, ‘you are one head taller than me, can’t hide.’

Yifan just said few words: ‘to misdirect: to fake one thing while doing another’.**

声东击西、明修栈道、暗渡陈仓 – ** Lit. ~ Repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河 WèiHé at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 刘邦 LiúBāng in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 项羽 XiàngYǔ of Chu)

I was ignorant. I could not understand what he meant. See him running away, I suddenly fell to the ground. Holding my feet and yelled: ‘Ah, I twisted my ankle, it hurts!

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Several people ran around to check my injuries.

Few colleagues who are in the temple probe and looked. Just someone sprained an ankle, they continue their activities. Also, sprained ankle was not a big deal. Does not require so much attention. I shrug at Yifan: ‘I have tried my best, I guess the only way to attract them is to shout: I’m going to give birth.’

Yifan in the crowd shook his head and pointed to the lake behind me.

Oh my god, November is so hard!

Yifan show gestures and still adhere to the plan.

Ai, who asked me to owe him favors. I hard-hearted stood up from the ground, swishing away some rocks into the lake: ‘Ah, my head feel dizzy, I can’t take it!’ and then with my dignity ‘slip’ fall into the lake.

This time not only my colleagues but people around also gather at the lake. People looked at each other and said: ‘She twisted her ankle or twisted her brain?’

When I was pulled out from the lake, Yifan just came out from the temple.

How ah? Why so careless? Can you move? Yifan stepped forward and act like a caring leader.

‘I feel dizzy, a bit cold…..’ I whispered softly.

Yifan being a loyal friend, bend down, planning to carry me. However several macho men rushed out and immediately argue with him.

Seeing this situation, I waved like a heroic and shouted: ‘Let leader help first!’

‘I got a good Chinese Fortune Sticks, the master said I’m going to have a good marriage.’ Lying on his back, Yifan happily told me.

Don’t count those housewife, I despise his extremely feudal superstitious activates.

‘Yo, just now someone with strong voice shouted non-stop. How come now stop talking.’

‘Yifan, just now when I’m in the water, I was so afraid. I was so worried that people are unable to rescue me on time. I’m so afraid I will drown. Afraid in future …… I won’t see you again.’

Yifan went silence: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, during your junior high school, didn’t you won the juvenile swimming championship?’

Damn it! Too much nonsense written in my resume. I got busted!



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