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C-Drama Review : Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) – Part 2 (Final)

I have finally completed watching the long awaited C-Drama, Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) that I so passionately shared recently: C-Drama Review : Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川)

In conclusion, I loved the drama. After all, with Godfrey Gao as the male lead and fantastic acting, this fan-girl had truly enjoyed the drama. For those who are interested to watch the drama and is waiting for a review before deciding to watch or not (I know one that is awaiting for my review before she would want to watch – tinkerbellsan), the following are some points that I felt important to know:

  1.  In the novel, it was a Happy Ending (HE) while in the drama, it is actually a Sad Ending (SE). Wang Li Chuan actually died in the drama while in the novel, it was a happy ending with them getting married and subsequently having a set of twins
  2. Ji Chuan and Rene are not partners in the drama – I guess this could be due to regulations where they do not want to show both as gay partners. So in the drama, Ji Chuan and Rene both got married to originally irritating women who loved Li Chuan (yes, both women used to love Li Chuan but ended up being a great friend to Xie Xiao Qiu)
  3. Most of the important part of the novel are i.e how Xiao Qiu and Li Chuan met again after their initial separation
  4. Emma in the novel and Emma in the drama have different role in Xiao Qiu’s life
  5. Li Chuan’s love rival in the drama is actually Emma’s ex-boyfriend where in the novel, it was Emma’s nerdy brother
  6. Xiao Guan, the love rival of Li Chuan in the drama truly loves Xiao Qiu. There are many very touching moments in the drama. (At times, I also wished that Xiao Qiu chooses him and move on with him instead)

Overall, it was a great drama. Not too lengthy (where Godfrey Gao is concern for me) with only 38 episodes. However, do note that get ready the tissues as you are watching the drama. One could actually get pretty emotional when watching some of the scenes.

Lastly, I watched the drama from a Vietnamese source so, the sub-title were in Vietnamese language. Luckily, I could understand Mandarin so the language was not much of an issue for me to understand in most episode. However, should there are any English subtitle available later, I would definitely watch the drama all over again! So for those who could not wait for the English Sub and could understand Mandarin, the episodes are available here: 遇见王沥川 & 遇见王沥川


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24 thoughts on “C-Drama Review : Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) – Part 2 (Final)

    1. Hei Rebecca. Heard from a friend saying that fans did make a different ending on YouTube just because they do not like the actual ending. Sad that they ended the drama with him dying. I was expecting a good ending like the novel. Good luck and I certainly hope English will be make avail soon too.


  1. Thank you…..sad to hear that it doesnt have a happy ending. I think I will just stick with the novel (for the time being only la….) haha…
    Maybe out of curiousity will give it a try one day…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, this drama made me cried a river of tears. I didn’t think I would be this invested in the drama when I first started (I was not a Godfrey fan and I didn’t know who Jiao Jun Yan was). But having watched it, I can’t bear to let them go. Not just Lichuan and Xiaoqiu, who are definitely the center of the universe, but also their families and friends. They made the heartbreak a bit more endurable.

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  3. If anyone here have a sub or can sub this drama.. please share the link.. i can’t understand mandarin at all, and can’t find the sub everywhere… thank you ^^


  4. I cant understood why Lichuan kept pushing Annie away when he actually loved her sooo much.
    They could have spent happy years being together despite the odds, knowing Annie is strong and obstinate.
    .The last 3 episodes made my heart heavier until the end because the ending exactly happened in real life story of GodfreyGao who actually died November 2019. I cried so hard for his demise…so young and talented and promising. I promise to include him in my prayers..together with the eternal repose of the departed members of my family. I adopted him in my prayers knowing he died suddenly. In the drama he suffered so much physical pain brought about by his sickness but when he actually died he was spared from pain because his death was sudden.
    Thank you for this beautiful story which entertained my time during this covid quarantine.
    Congratulations to the author and the director and to the whole cast and staff of Remembering Lichuan. He will be truly missed in real life.
    Life is so short to live in misery and not loving someone. Let us live life meaningfully and do not waste the time in petty quarrels with love ones. May we not give up on loving someone once we find the right person.
    I dedicate the song “Memories” by Adam Levine to Lichuan..Godfrey Gao in real life.
    A toast for a well lived life.

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    1. Yes indeed this drama is a beautiful drama and Godfrey did the Li Chuan very well. To the extend that he is forever Li Chuan in my heart. Loved the novel as much as the drama too.
      It was sad when the news of Godfrey passing came to me. Initially I thought my friend were joking with me 😭😭😭 May his soul be in peace.


  5. Just finished watching it. Though I never liked the fact that Li chuan died in the movie, i like the fact that it wasn’t like every other romantic movies that always have happy ending.

    Heartbreak condolence card:
    Godfrey Gao keep resting in God’s peaceful hand. I love your movies and still heart broken by your death.😭😭😭


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