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Chapter 5.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Sorry for the other cliff-hanging ending to the last post…. By the way, this is a scheduled post as I have prepared some chapters ahead of time. By the time this is posted, my flight would have landed in Busan International Airport. Busan is my first stop and yes, I have taken the red-eye flight. Off I go to start my adventure and exploration of South Korea. So those interested in travels, do head over to my other blog to read all about my adventure that I would sharing on that blog.

In the meantime, enjoy the funny read today.

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Chapter 5.2: Engaging in a battle (交锋)

Lan Ning just want to go and shredded him. Is it that he wants her to get on her knees and offer him a cup of tea before he can let bygones be bygones?

“You say you are the new editor? And I have to give my book for your editing?” Yan Ru spoken again while sitting on the couch. Although he can be interpreted as laughing in the eyes but Lan Ning actually feel that she could understand how he felt…..

His new book is the fourth series on Enron detective. Such a weighty book. You would think that she would not be given the task of editing it.

“No. I am only responsible to collect the draft for the Editor. It is yet to be determined who will do it. Anyway, you turnaround ah! You do not want to submit then there will be no book.” Lan Ning unconsciously said, sounding like she is chasing for the draft again.

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“I know. I will be writing it. You can go.” Yan Ru issued the statement and relentlessly marched the orders to her.

Lan Ning eyes pumped down, forcing herself with a smile. “Teacher, today excuse me. Then I will not spare the effort to follow up on your draft. Three times a day to ensure that you will not forget to write.” She gave him a bow and retreat from the living room. She open the door and left.

On the way maneuvering to leave the area, Lan Ning thought back. She do not know if she wants to go to the gym to play sandbags. But considering that the distance to the gym, she finally gave up the idea.

She went straight home. She opened the door and appeared in front of her is two identical girls dressed in Lolita dress.

Lan Ning: “………”

Wo Cao! Is her stimulation too much for her today till she is hallucinating? Although it is normal for Qu Tong to dress more alternatively, but never become over-two ah!

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Sister Lan Ning, you are back.” The two girls said to her in unison.

Lan Ning: “………..”

Crazy…. Crazy…… really crazy.

“Sister Lan Ning, are you okay? Are you feeling sick?” Qu Tong seeing her pale face, immediately touched her forehead.

Lan Ning have a hollow laugh and asked: “Your performance today is…. Movies divided body?”

Qu Tong stunned for a moment and then laughed. “Sister Lan Ning, this is my cousin, Qu Fei Fei ah. You said that tonight we have steamboat. So I asked her to join us.”

Lan Ning: “………..”

She totally forgotten about the planned steamboat. Anyway, her work today where is it need to celebrate with steamboat.

Recalling yesterday where she was so rapturous in her own way. Just like a retard.

She slumped to put on the slippers. She faced the two Qu sisters and smiled: “You two are dressed really alike.”

“Is it so? We intend to wear it when going to watch Gemini Man. So you want to wear together Sister Lan Ning?”

“I do not…….”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Hearing Lan Ning’s refusal, Qu Fei Fei little face wrinkled up: “Didn’t you study Japanese, Sister Lan Ning. How come you don’t like anime?”

Sad feeling lifted again, Lan Ning smiled weakly: “I specialized in English. Because my score was not enough, hence I combined Japanese.”

Had she was admitted to the English major, maybe now she would comfortably in a school as a teacher now. There would be no need to chase after manuscript.

She went to her room to change and tied her hair into a ball before re-entering to cook the steamboat. “I am going to fry the material for the steamboat. You go and play first. When Dai Qing has arrived, ask her to come and help me.”


Qu Tong and Qu Fei Fei, the two little princess sat in the living room and started to play Japanese vocabulary game.

At the beginning there were some apples or pears as normal vocabulary. Later both of them were stumped. Qu Fei Fei hold on for a long time before exclaiming: “Naruto Uzumaki!”

Opposite, Qu Tong is stunned for a moment. She fiercely retored: “Naruto Uzumaki is a name of a person!”

“Why not. I said it in Japanese, ah!”

“Then I can say, Yamashita Tomohisa!”

“Kurosaki Ichigo!”

“Ikuta Toma!”

In the kitchen, Lan Ning: “…….”

Randomly naming also can be considered? Her vocabulary had not increased to several hundred?

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When Qu Tong and Qu Fei Fie is tired of playing, Dai Qing had arrived with a big bag of ingredients. Lan Ning had also finished frying. Both of the chopped the ingredients. And then they brought those plates into the dining room together to start the dinner.

“Sister Lan Ning, when I start school, I would not have time to play dress up.” Qu Tong looked at her sadly.

Lan Ning: “……….”

No, she did not expect this…..

Dai Qing opened a can of beer and gave Lan Ning a toast: “Today is a special day. Saying sad things is not so much fun. Congratulations Lan Ning in finding a new job!”

“Oh” Lan Ning smirked and lightly touch the cup.

Dai Qing seeing her face, curiously asked: “Why, not going well?”

“Smooth. Very smooth.” Lan Ning toast with everyone around the table.

Dai Qing earnestly taught her: “Comrade Xiao Lan ah…. I just want to say to you… working outside is not easy. You entering a large company should be contented.”

“You just eat the meat.” Lan Ning clip a piece of beef and placed it into Dai Qing’s bowl.

Dai Qing ate the beef but mimicked Qu Tong’s sad tone: “I weight myself yesterday. I have gained 1 pound.”

“You stay at home every day without moving every day and refuse to go gym with me. Of course you will gain weight.”

Dai Qing said: “Too lazy to go. I want to buy a treadmill and placed them into my house.”

Lan Ning cried: “Forget it. In the secondary market, those treadmills, over ninety prevent are all new.”

Dai Qing: “……….”

Lan Ning pick up the chopstick: “There are some online video on how to do stretching exercise. Do you want to try?”

“What is stretching exercises?”

“You do not know? I heard that it is very good.”

“I know!” Qu Tong put down the chopsticks and picked up the tablet. After tapping away for a while, she handed it to them. “Is this the exercise? The students in our class had practice them. I heard not only it is good for breathing, it is also good to lose weight.”

“Really?” Dai Qing took a glanced. And then drag Lan Ning up to exercise with her together.

Lan Ning was going to say that half-eaten steamboat, do what exercise? But after following the video for an hour… she felt……

Ah…. It seems quite comfortable.




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