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Chapter 4.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Finally! The male lead appears but at the last part of today’s post only. Poor Lan Ning trying her best to reach Teacher Xing Xin and imagine her shock when she finally met him….. 

Enjoy the read today everyone…..


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Chapter 4.2: Disillusion (幻灭) 

The proportion of men and women in the newsroom are fairly balanced. But half of them are married. They are a funny bunch of people. Lan Ning soon acquainted with them. After lunch, she took a short rest before she entered into the review mode.

This manuscript title is: 《祷告》(Prayer) by Ming Jiao Bikong Ru Si. Oringally, Lan Ning in her not fully awake state of mind, began to read unwittingly and attracted herself into the novel.

The author’s writing style and framework of the story is very similar to Xing Xin’s style. But after reading, it gives a completely different experience. Xing Xin like to reveal the darkness and ugly side of human nature. The author, although it is also bad crime story, but from the start to the end, it had a warm current in the surge. It is incredible.

Lan Ning had read a lot of mystery novels. This ‘为爱犯罪’ (for the love of a crime), many authors had written about romantic heroes. But there were a few that had the right feeling of being so delicate. This is because the author had paid more attention to the reason itself.

The author had put more value because he is also part of the reasoning. This is a very clever move.

Lan Ning thought that she might have accidentally discovered the star of the future.

She open the dialog box and send a message to Apple: “You have a look at this article. I thought it is good. But I am worried about which great author written it.”

Apple: “Okay. Later I have a look.”

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Lan Ning see that she had started receiving the file. She start to look at other manuscript. At three o’clock, she looked at her mobile phone. There were no call back. She looked at the penguins but there were no responds from Xing Xin.

Lan Ning: “……….”

It seems that Teacher Xing Xin seems to have the skills to play dead to consummate the point.

No, it’s not right. She remember Apple revealing to her that Teacher Xing Xin last message to the editor is before the Spring Festival holiday. He said that he had fallen seriously ill. So his progress on his manuscript may be slow.

Lan Ning quickly blinked. He would not be too sick and died quietly at home and had not been found, right?

It was not that her imagination is rich but she really had saw similar news on the television.

Carrying the idea, she hesitantly sent a message to Apple: “Teacher Xing Xin really does not move when trying to poke him. I think he would not bother to talk to me. I want to go directly to his door and try to reach him….”

Apple: Hello…. Fighting!

Lan Ning: I think he cannot be turnaround. The editor will fire me. And he said he is sick. I am just going to check and be concern about him.

Apple: Ha ha ha ha ha…. You really believe that he is sick. Since the editor gave you his address, means it is critical. You boldly go. I will tell the editor that you have gone out.

Lan Ning: Okay.

She shut her computer, picked up the coat and head out. Teacher Xing Xin stays in the heart of A City. The editor had also went to his place but the door was blocked. So the address should be correct.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

If she is Teacher Xing Xin, she would have moved out of City A.

She sat in the subway and then took a bus transfer. After spending more than an hour, she arrived at the given address. This is a condo. She was questioned by the security for a long time before she is allowed to register herself.

The given address is Block 7, number 2103. Lan Ning took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

After the ding-dong sound, she nervously stood outside the door waiting.

Thirty seconds later, there were no respond from the house. She pressed the doorbell again and continue to nervously stand outside waiting.

And thirty seconds later, there were still no respond.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…..

This time, she pressed the doorbell three times before she finally stopped. Still no respond.

Well, it seems like no one is home.

Damn Teacher Xing Xin. Really not playing by the rule!

She pulled out her mobile phone from the bag. There is still no return call from Teacher Xing Xin. It does not matter, she can continue to fight!

She took a deep breath and put the phone back. Why she is an editor. Why chasing after the author manuscript feels like she is chasing after someone’s debt?

Hugging her jacket tight around her body, she decided to stand here waiting for Xing Xin to return. Her childhood teacher had once said, facing any difficulty, you will not be weak but become stronger. Not that you are the one dragging the artwork, she does not believe that she cannot succeed.

After waiting for a few minutes, her aspiration began to bored. She took out the phone, and lean again the door playing games to pass the time.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

While unlocking a new map, she heard the slight sound of footstep approaching. She looked up, just in time to see a man carrying a shopping bag heading towards her.

Lan Ning stared for a moment. Although the man’s clothed is a thin woolen sweater, she recognized the face!

Is the man that she met on the mountain in Hokkaido!

The man also seem to recognize her. He raised his eyebrows: “Why are you standing in front of my door?”

Lan Ning bewildered. She forgot to quit the game, letting the music from the game playing between them. “Your doorstep? You live here? I am here to look for Teacher Xing Xin.”

The man looked at her silently for a while and said: “Who are you? Why are you looking for him?”

“I am a magazine editor….. Wait a minute! What is the relationship between him and you?”

“You are the editor?” The man gently brought back the interest and smirked while asking her: “Of course it is related to me. Because I am Teacher Xing Xin.”

Lan Ning: “……….”

At that moment, she clearly saw the line of words in his eyes.

Woman, you have successfully piqued my interest.

Author has to say: Lan Ning, do you think you can still get the manuscript before the deadline?

Lan Ning: I think I could catch up with the March job fairs.




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