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Chapter 4.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Sorry for the long wait for this post. Been busily crazy while I wrapped up work before starting my vacation. Work is finally over and now I have a few days to work on translations for all the readers of this blog. Thank you so much for your patience and continuous support.

We are back today on Lan Ning. The male lead is suppose to appear in Chapter 4 but unfortunately not in today’s post. I promise to try to get the 2nd part out as soon as possible in between packing for my upcoming trip.

Enjoy the read today although there is still no sight of the male lead. 

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Chapter 4.1: Disillusion (幻灭)

The sudden words from the Editor surprised Lan Ning. Her head continuously flashes a row of exclamation points.

What! Teacher Xing Xin is handed to her! She is a newcomer to editing and even lucky enough to be assign to such a great writer! How would there be such a good thing!

“Fortunately, Teacher Xing Xin have a publishing draft dateline coming up. But I now do not have any time to handle that. So the task is assign to you.”


Does that mean that she will be pushing for the draft?

She have not got that into her mind when the editor torn out a sheet of notepaper from the side of the table and quickly began to write. “This is his contact. I do not care what method you use, before the 15th of next month, being me the edited manuscript to me. Good luck!”

Then she put the notes into the hands of Lan Ning and waved her back to her office.

Lan Ning: “……..”

Everything happened so fast, like a tornado.

She walked stiffly back to her seats and greeted Apple. Fortunately, probably because the editor had assigned her to Teacher Xing Xin, Apple introduced Teacher Xing Xin style to her. The first sentence is: “Do you know what Teacher Xing Xin nickname here is?”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


“East Asia artwork drag king.”

Lan Ning: “……”

Draft drag king and towering king have any differences?

The next ten minutes, with a smile, listened to Apple’s description of Teacher Xing Xin’s tricks. The endless streams of delayed draft mode, Apple’s words described him as a “Draft drag Cheats”

“The most shameless thing is that he also influenced other author. He pulled a lot of authors and shared the experiences. He got them to follow him and delay their draft too.” Apple got angry and ‘pop’ shot under the table.

Lan Ning: “……….”

She used to be an editor. Of course, have seen how author drag draft. But usually only drag his own draft. But also driving everyone else to drag their draft, this is really her first encounter.

妈个鸡她是不是被坑了!She is in the pit! She was thinking, how could there be such a good thing being a fan of the author. No wonder the Editor gave the smile of relief as she finally got rid of the hot potato!

妈个鸡她 is Chinese slang / minor curse word

“Teacher Xing Xin’s assistant left so editor intended to take over herself. But no matter how she poke, he does not have any reaction. Even unable to reach him on the phone.” Apple picked up the apple on the table and take a bite before turning to Lan Ning: “In short, you have to concentrate this time on Teacher Xing Xin catalyst fortunate manuscript. I will let you help me out from time to time.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Lan Ning on her first day of work already felt the gloom. The basic trust between people is no longer there.

She tidied up her table and pulled a chair to sit down. Switch on the computer, she picked up her notes from the editor to read.

Teacher Xing Xin’s number and weibo micro signal and address were all written on the paper. The bank account number were written at the back of the card. She read all the information over again and her eyes fall back on the first row of words.

Yan Ru language.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

This should be Teacher Xing Xin’s real name. But how should I say it….. a beautiful woman?

Poof! She laughed loudly. She open the penguin icon on the desktop.

米斯特里 (Mistry) QQ account number belongs to the company. After the departure of the editing associate, the QQ account remains. Lan Ning did according to Apple’s instruction and change the password. And then she register her details.

There are many authors but she did not dare to poke around. She found the details of Teacher Xing Xin and send a message to the number. “Hi, Teacher Xing Xin. I am 米斯特里 (Mistry) new editor. May I know when can I expect your manuscript?”

First time writing to the writer, Lan Ning is a little nervous. Even her fingers are trembling slightly. But sadly, after the message is sent out, there were no reply.

She intended to use other way to contact him. She started her own weibo. She is not friend with Teacher Xing Xin so this can be a PASS. She got into her account and sent the exact same message via private message to him. The attempt went down the drain as well.

Well, it is only left the telephone harassment.

Trembling, Lan Ning tried calling. Obviously the phone is ringing but the other side am just not picking it up. The penguin drops sounded. Lan Ning thought it was Xing Xin reply. Excited to the extend she almost thrown the phone, only to find that it is Apple letting her go to the mailbox to go through the magazine manuscript contributor.

米斯特里 (Mistry) in addition to the well-known writers, are also committed to explore new writers. This open to a new manuscript storage section that Apple let her review.

In the mailbox there were seven or eight unedited manuscript. Lan Ning set Xing Xin issue aside and concentrate on reading those manuscript.

Reviewers actually is a boring job. It is fortunate if you have a huge reading of manuscript appetite but if you are not interested, it is really a torture. The new writer’s manuscript comes in varieties of quality. After spending the entire morning reading them, her eyes are already sore and tired.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Okay. Don’t work so hard on first day of work. To welcome you into our team, I am inviting you to lunch this afternoon.” Did not know when the editor was standing behind Lan Ning and patted her shoulder.

Hearing her words, everyone got up. Lan Ning locked the computer and went with everyone holding her jacket. In the vicinity of the company, there is a restaurant. They found a place to sit. They begin to introduce each other.



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