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Chapter 8.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Did you enjoyed the chapter? The chapter today is another funny chapter. Enjoy the read! I loved this cute couple. I wonder when they will realized that they are actually mean for each other? 

Well, at least in this novel, unlike the last novel that mhryu translated that although it was a good ending, it was pretty draggy in the early part, while in this novel, we are reading the funny moments between Yifan and Xiao Bei.

Enjoy the read today. We will be back soon with the balance of Chapter 8 soon. Have a great week ahead!

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Recently I discovered a secret!

One day, when I was waiting for President in the office, I feel so bored and accidentally called his cell phone, when the phone rang I have a shocked, then subconsciously I glance over to the phone screen. The glance doesn’t matter but I found the above name is not ‘Guan Xiao Bie’ however ‘Flower Fairy.’

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‘Flower Fairy?’ I was so curious therefore I took out my phone and search, ‘The Smurfs.’

Who is The Smurfs? Then I search again, actually there are people called “Don’t let me eat beef noodles.’ …… My curiosity instantly soared to the peak, I impulsively and recklessly press dial.

Moment later Xu Ke holding her cell phone came in and said: ‘President, are you looking for me?’

Yifan looked at me and quickly said: ‘Don’t laugh I will give you 1000 Yuan as reward, if you laugh I will deduct 3000 Yuan.

Suppressing myself from laughing out loud.

Xu Ke looked at my puzzled face until Yifan said to her: ‘You may go.’

After Xu Ke left, I consciously used the sofa cushion to cover my face and laugh until I was breathless.

Once I had calmed down, with my messy look, I said: ‘President, I have tried my very best. Please deduct 1000 Yuan.’

He seem not to hear my words, than he said to himself: ‘Flower Fairy, is my favourite childhood anime and the main character was called Xiao Bei.’

Here goes my reward!

Back to my computer, I conveniently search for ‘Flower Fairy’, it is actually a mid-late 80s domestic animation girl show! Count by age, Yifan should be 10 years plus….. A teenage boy, loves to watch girl’s anime, some more extreme love it!

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Then in my contact list I changed ‘President’ to ‘Thunder Brother.’

Thursday morning, Yifan called me into his office and then handed me an envelope.

I opened, a neatly folded A4 paper and a bank card. In the A4 paper it written clearly the card numbers, passwords, bank’s name and other detailed information.

My imagination went wild for a moment, noble son fall in love with a nanny, rich guy fancy poor girl, millionaire married working girl all this crazy though flashed in my mind. Hey, hey…. The Prince and Cinderella fairy tale story will it take care of me now……. Wait a min! Why the below has ‘www’ at the beginning of the alphabet?

I draw back my wild imagination and back to reality, the place that President wanted to go is really lack of creativity.

Key in URL address and press enter. Really……

Three Luck Marriage Network.

I quizzically looked at Yifan. You becoming braver! In addition, what is the use of this card?

‘This is the subscription fee of 15 thousand Yuan for the annual membership. The service is excellent and the quality is assure.’ Yifan explain and said ‘my friend recommended.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

From this moment, I have endless admiration toward Yifan’s mysterious friend. Furthermore, who said high education has high IQ? In front stood a baby with his forehead written “stupid, rich and successful’.

First time difficult, second time much easier, in less than 10 minutes, I have done filling up the materials, but under the contact information I was puzzled. Last time, we were inexperience, we fill up Yifan’s private and office phone number. After his meeting with Lin Meijio, his multi-talented identity quickly exposure. The daughters of Sister Zhang and Lin Meijio, and other countless ladies can’t stop calling for marriage. All the 5 Personal Assistants’ office phone plus Yifan’s cell phone have become his private marriage hotline.

Finally, we replied saying: ‘Ah, sorry, you have called the wrong number.’ ‘Yifan this man, did he has a house and a car? Yes, he has a bicycle and a rented house,’ ‘Age? 64! 32? Half the age, 32 who will ask for marriage ah.’ With all these white lies and also asked the tele-communication provider to blocked and remove all these unknown callers, the storm has completely over.

‘This time how to fill’ I asked Yifan.

‘Fill in your’. Clearly and though thoroughly.

I rejected because I do not want to be hotline operator.

‘I will reimburse your bill.’

I still shake my head, with the current monthly allowance given by the company I still has balance, but once I become operator the bill sure fall over.

‘Then I will cut off your tele-communications allowance” Yifan threaten, ‘and then let you be the operator.’

Yifan fiercely said: ‘If you do, you still have slightly rewards. If you quit there will be heavy losses.’ At the end I gave in. In the time sheet, I will add additional charges to Yifan as my rewards.




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    1. hahahaha…yeah!, I have been asking each time I read this novel….why did YiFan is so desperate to get married n each time, the way he goes about it…kind of saying HE IS DESPERATE…for a rich n successful one he sure is desperate. He really made a laughingstock of himself in front of GXB.

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