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Chapter 7.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss 相亲笔记)

Time flies. Another week had gone by. 

Last post was a cliff-hanging? Hope this was not too long of a wait for all of you. Yifan is back again today with more entertaining moments with Guan Xiao Bei. Enjoy the read today!

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Wednesday, September 12 Weather: Sunny with thunderstorms (continue)


After putting down the receiver, Alice immediately went to the doorway water dispenser to pour a glass of drink. Elle and Rong Moyang gather in front of the photocopy machine which has not been used for a long time. Xu Ke was looking at the picture in front of Yifan’s door to make sure it was align. Don’t said Top Management don’t gossip, they do and it also depend on how scandalous the gossip is about. Obviously the news about Yifan blind date is kind of vitality.

Some dispute sound came out from the President’s office. I don’t trust and lightly pushed the door and vaguely heard a sentence: ‘Lin Mei Jiao, that old aunty you willing to meet. How come you unwilling to meet me. Are you having brain damage ah?’

Mei Jiao aunty…. Yifan’s death point.

Yifan so furious, he overturned a stack of papers on his table.

Everyone dumbfounded looking at me. I hold up the thought ‘if I don’t be the cannon fodder who will be’ therefore I silently walked in.

I took over phone from Yifan’s shaking hands: ‘You are the one who has brain damage. Your whole family also have brain damage! From your voice we know you don’t have chest and no brain! Whether you are more beautiful than Lim Meijiao, there are still a question! They are so many ladies queuing up until US wanting to meet up with our President. You want to carry our President’s shoes still not qualify. Meet up! Well, don’t be an ugly toad that wants to eat swan’s meat! There came a shouting voice, I ignore and quickly hand up the phone.’

癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉了 – An ugly toad wanted to eat swan’s meat meaning: An ugly man/women hopes to marry a pretty girl/handsome man or you wanted something above your ability.

Yifan slumped down and seat at the corner.

‘Strike while the iron is hot.’ In such a case, normally we need to curse. Those words may be cruel but is better than making ourselves mad, do not need to be polite.

He explained: ‘I wanted to curse, however I can only use English. I’m afraid she might not understand……’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

…… You are too considerate.

I walked out from the office, all those four stood there with the horror look on their face. I calmly said: ‘Please do not take those words I said seriously. I do not want to project bad impression. Also, please do not spread out the news that President go for blind date, we need to keep our company image and also our ….. safety.’

Needless to said, every one has this strange smile on their face.

President first round of blind date storm has subsided on Wednesday morning.

Yifan received a strange called, from his last experience he handed the phone over to me.

Sure enough, a girl voice, but this time sweet and gentle tone. However the same thinking as ‘brain damage girl’ hope to see Yifan.

‘Don’t want to meet!’ Yifan flatly rejected it.

Good, your idiotic wisdom comes from experience. I politely conveyed Yifan message.

‘I see!’ the girl faintly sigh, ‘I understand, such a good man like Mr Yi certainly despise girl like me…. But, I still hope he can give me an opportunity. Ah, I should not think about it, I’m so sorry to trouble you.’

The girl sad voice touches my heart. She made me think of when a student being rejected for an interview. Every time I wanted to rushed over to the lonely figure and said: ‘Student come back, I want you.’ But the person who heard that might come back and beat me up.

Instantly, I have been sympathized by the girl. I transformed the girl’s plaintive voice into my eyes, sadly looked at President and said: “President, please give this girl a chance.’

Yifan agreed.

I asked: ‘Is my eyes touches your heart? He said: ‘No, I’m afraid to look at you for a while, I would have rushed over, gouge out your eyes and stomp it under my feet.

I once remember he said: ‘see will gouge out the eyes, listen will cut off the ears’ in fact his glorious appearance hides a violent and bloodthirsty heart. I help them to arrange a simple western lunch at the restaurant next to AC building. I than pretend to be a cactus next to the door, carefully observe the girl. Just like what I have imagined, gentle and delicate looks, seems like a good girl. Due to Yifan blind date problem, it has torture all the staffs for nearly two weeks. I felt so guilt. Hopefully this time he can recover and resume the old gentle and spring-like warmth President – even pretend it will do.

When Yifan was out from the restaurant, I was at the entrance of the restaurant pulling out the cactus thorns from my hand.

‘How is the girl?’ I asked.

‘Okay.’ Yifan replied. But his voice sound perfunctory.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I educated him: ‘You should not be prejudice. Don’t always think of family background, status and education level. Right now you can have what you want and so many people would dream for your financial achievement and comfortable life. At this moment a beautiful love will make your life complete. I think that girl is perfectly for you, she will be a good wife and a caring mother.

Just when I was deeply in thought doing my work, Yifan interrupted me: ‘I did not disrespectful her.’


‘Her mother is Lin Meijiao.’ Yifan faintly said.

‘Oh, that beautiful mid thirty-forty Meijiao aunty’. This will be Yifan lifetime nightmare.

In the evening, when I went to send file, I saw Yifan quietly drag ‘Matchmaking Network’ into blacklist.



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