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Chapter 7.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss 相亲笔记)

Missing Yifan and Guan Xiao Bei? Sorry, my editor, mhryu had been so swamped at work, she hardly even have time to talk to me. Not even to mentioned to edit this. 

After much pestering from me, she finally was able to edit this post. So here it goes… enjoy the read!

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‘Nowadays who will take online dating so seriously? Should have expected it as a playful thing. Only Yifan the foolish guy take it so passionately. When people saw his information that is so detail and excellent, of course they will think they have meet their same line of profession, the swindler. Therefore, they send the best resources Ms Jioa to lure the bait.’ Ha, ha, ha, this is killing me! I lay on the bed speaking to Su, updating her the hilarious dating experience of Yifan. I of course could not help it, as it is too entertaining. I rolled on the bed, hold on to my belly and laugh out loud.

‘Stop laughing, you will be bloated’ Su couldn’t help but look at me and said: ’Ah, do you think Yifan can be so naïve.’

‘Cannot be, he graduated from overseas. For so many years, moreover foreign country is more open minded. I’m certainly sure he is not. You are more experience than I do.’

‘I don’t mean physical, but psychological. A lot of people in lifetime, can have countless time but in the heart there are always something which is unborn’ Su said.

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‘Oh, this is interesting. However Su ah,’ I continue hitting the bed, ‘but this is too humorous. Before that, I thought that the URL link is very important. I even wrote it down on my arm.’

On Monday, I was the first one to arrived in the office. I did some cleaned up and sat down at my place. Daydreaming this and that, just can’t stop think about the beautiful 30 – 40 years old aunty. I just can’t stop pounding on the table and laugh out loud for half a day.

Two pair of cold stare glaring at me. I looked up and saw President standing a few steps away and coldly said: ‘Xu Ke, please take note, Guan Xiao Bei without any reason damaging company property. Tell Finance Department to deduct Guan Xiao Bei’s half month salary to compensate company loss.’

Xu Ke knew those was his angry words and he was not taking it seriously. He then turn behind and asked me what was wrong.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled innocently.

After a relaxing weekend, everyone was expecting President’s depression mood can lift up and change into a spring-like warmth mood. However the idea failed. Even the staid Xu Ke complained. As for me worst, I had been ordered around and around by Yifan and suffered unprecedented ruthless suppressed. Even my lunch I need to take on the road.

But I don’t mind. ‘The mid-aged but still attractive lady, Meijiao aunty’ this words give me strength like my body motto!

As long as I thought of these words, my mood become brighter.

President and I are in the total opposite situation. His depression is my laughter. During our regular meeting on Monday, I had this fantasy: if I had been seated across and given President a cynical laugh, will he be able to control or roar out publicly?

Sure enough, on Monday evening, President has a small outbreak.

When he passed by the corridor, he suddenly pointed to toward the Tiger Piran plant and said: ‘Why this is turning yellow? How to take care? Who is responsible? Shovel it! Shovel it! Guan Xiao Bei, you go and get a new one.’

Xu Ke standing beside Yifan given him a preliminary botany education and said: ‘President this is Tiger Piran……’

‘Of course I know this is Tiger Piran, do I need you to tell me this is Tiger Piran.’

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘But Tiger Piran’s patterns is beautiful, that is why is called such name.’

‘It is called Tiger Piran isn’t it should be yellow? You see tiger, it is yellow? It’s a flower!’

Everyone thinks President being unreasonable.

I quickly go and smooth things out: ‘Everyone don’t fight, I will go and buy. I’m still young, not thirty-forty aunty. Running around I’m still fine.’

For several other people they may think I’m a little bewildered by saying it. But once Yifan listen to it, his eyebrows uncontrollable move and suddenly shouted: ‘Buy two pots! Xu Ke, the largest plant in the market is what? Oh yes, cactus! Guan Xiao Bei, you go and get two pots of cactus! Take bus, no taxi and no one are allowed to help her!’ He then slammed his office door.

Five people watch his angry back disappeared into the President’s office.

Behind me, I heard Alice’s soft voice: ‘Xiao Bei, last time I always thought you became Assistant to President was due to your great luck. However now I discover that, with such a young age like you, it is rare to have such a good temperament and demeanor. You are so cool.’

‘Thanks for your praise’. I laugh over broadly.

‘Sister Alice ah, If you know the true, you will despite me.’

The whole day on Tuesday, Yifan continuously received a personal calls. The reason why I pay attention was the attitude he answer the called, it was a bit strange.

This was the whole processed how he answer the called: When the phone rings, he will casually glance at the screen, then look at the screen for a moment with full of thought, than press answer, with his deep voice he said: ‘Hello, I’m Yifan. May I know who are you? The caller said something strange and Yifan immediately alert, he straighten his body, look very serious and nervous, “ah, hmm, yes, good.”

He reminds me about my past when I was 5 years old, I lockup one of my classmate and stripped off his pants in the toilet. He cried and complaint to his aunty and then the aunty called my mom. Then my mom question me. I was so nervous and was physically tensed. I summed up this attitude and called it as ‘doing bad thing even beaten to death will not admit’.

In Yifan’s contact list it should be people who are still alive like his colleagues, friends and relatives. So who can make him so nervous? I’m so curious.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yifan looks really mysterious. In order to disclose the secret I need to flight a protracted war. Until the day if the secret unveil it will never end.

In the evening Alice received a phone call, with her standard phrase: ‘Hello, AC President’s office …..’ without finishing her telephone etiquette, I heard a loud and unique adolescent girl’s voice: ‘Hello, I’m looking for brother Fan. Right, is your boss! I have called him several times and then he shut down his phone. You tell him, my mom called last weekend – ah, that is sister Zhang, brother Fan will know – we are supposed to meet up for a blind date however due to some urgent matter I have asked someone else to replace…..’

Alice calmly said: ‘Please wait a moment, I will connect your call to President.’ Then Alice went straight to Yifan’s office – not directly transfer the call, because normally she will inform ‘President, Mr/Ms XX call’. But this time Alice do not know how to address the XX. She whispered and said: ‘President your call.’

Phone called has been transferred to Yifan’s office.




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  1. Hahahahahahah…..this is so funny.. poor YiFan.. Im still laughing so much about his predicament to the extend I have no idea what to comment.

    Thanking both of you Tinkerbellsan n Mhyru for translating n editing. 😀

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