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Chapter 3.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

We are back today with more on Lan Ning. Unfortunately, no sight of the male lead yet in today’s post. Hopefully the next post, he will somehow appear…. 

Pretty interesting interview I must say. I am not familiar with publication and magazines, hence do excuse me if I had describe something that make not make sense. 

Enjoy the read today! And have a great week ahead!

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Chapter 3.1: Entry


米斯特里 (Mistry) is the flagship magazine with suspense reasoning of a culture’s **. From the time is has been founded, it is almost ten years already and has a good reader resources.

Apart from the reasoning class, there are two other categories in the culture of magazine, namely the children’s literature and romance novels. These magazines has a certain sales volume to maintain in the market.

In the traditional publishing industry today, 米斯特里 (Mistry) its magazine can survive. In addition to the content of the magazine itself, quality and marketing as well as the backing  of 米斯特里 (Mistry) behind is the Guang Rong Group.

Guang Rong Group is categories as the largest of the publishing of the private sector. It was founded many years ago with strong financial strength that operates a total of three media companies, 米斯特里 (Mistry) is one of them.

If she can enter 米斯特里 (Mistry), then my mother no longer have to worry about the company closing down!

Lan Ning carefully read the terms of the employment twice. Confirmed it carefully before sending the resume out.

To be sure that her resume will be reviewed, Lan Ning clasped her hand together in front of the computer for blessings.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

God may have sense her sincerity. The next day, 米斯特里 (Mistry) really sent her an interview request. Lan Ning was so moved and jumped and then began to prepare for the job interviews. She got herself familiar with the company’s history and even master herself with the collections of 米斯特里 (Mistry) over the past month.

On the day of the interview, the editor of 米斯特里 (Mistry) as one of the interviewer asked: “You used to be a girl of literature. We are the mystery magazine, do you feel yourself suitable for the task?”

Lan Ning although had three years of work experience, do not have much experience in interview. She had also seen a lot of experience, showing her confidence with a confident smile said to the interviewer: “I think there is a commonality of literature. And I am an avid reader of your magazine. I am very familiar with each area of 米斯特里 (Mistry)”
The editor’s pick her brow with interest: “Oh, who is your favorite author of our magazine?”

“Teacher Xing Xin.” Lan Ning said excitedly. A large part of the reason she wants to join 米斯特里 (Mistry) is because of Xing Xin. “I have bought his every book.”

Xing Xin is the heart of one of the earliest short detective novels that are published in 米斯特里 (Mistry). That year, he was only 17 years old. Later, he contributed several short stories to the magazines. The then editor was optimistic and then invited him directly to write his series in the magazine.

This series is Enron’s first detective series “扮演者 (Actor)”

扮演者 (Actor) when it was serialized in the magazine became an ultra-high popular. After the end of the publication, not surprisingly, it also became a best-selling mystery novel of the year. Xing Xin, because the heart of the work is himself, won the Best Newcomer Award fiction contest. In the 米斯特里 (Mistry) magazine’s annual poll, obtained the sector Mistry Award.

It was worth mentioning that the twenty years old Xing Xin, were the youngest winner of these two awards.

After the editor heard Lan Ning mentioning Xing Xin name, evoke her mouth and smiled: “Oh, Teacher Xing Xin ah.”

Lan Ning not fully understanding the meaning behind the laugh, had laughed twice.

“I read from your resume. Your job at the magazine had ceased publication and you had been dismissed, right?”


“What do you think is the magazine ceased publication reason?”

“On one hand, it is because the popularity of the network had changed from the traditional reading habits. The entire publishing industry is in recession. On the other hand, the magazine itself, there are areas for improvement. Such as our target audience is…….”

Lan Ning had prepared herself, knowing that the other party may ask this question. So now, she is pretty fluent in her answer. After the interview, the interviewer did not tell her the results, just let her leave and mentioned that she will be informed of the result soon.

She came out from the company and put on her coat. And she walked toward the subway.

Just now in the interview she did quite well, right? Out of a hundred points, she should have easily got eighty points?

She was still thinking about her interview performance in her mind and unknowingly arrived home. Just as she open the door, she saw a Lolita dress Qu Tong standing at the doorway.

Qu Tong open her arms in front of Lan Ning and turned a circle. “This is BabyHouse new series. Disney fairy tale set. Is it pretty?”

Qu Tong like to collect a variety of small skirt. Also had made lot of effort to recommend Lan Ning. But after understanding the price, she had no interest in continuing to learn anymore.

However, these dresses are really cute. She smiled at Qu Tong and said: “It is beautiful. This is Sleeping Beauty?”

“Yeah right. The set of Little Red Riding Hood is also especially cute! Do you want to try it?”

“No, even if I had…….” Lan Ning quickly stopped her.

She returned to the room to change clothes. Qu Tong also exchanged for daily wear and then went to her room: “Lan Ning Jie, how was the interview this morning?”

“Well, he did not give me an answer.”

“I have confidence in you. You will definitely get it.”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning really received 米斯特里 (Mistry) reply the next evening, asking her to go to the company the following day to apply for entry.

Lan Ning was so excited and almost screamed. She called Dai Qing’s number and said excitedly: “You may not believe what I am about to say! I got admitted to 米斯特里 (Mistry)!”

Dai Qing ignorantly do not believe: “What! My dearest, are you feeling very pressured?”

“No! Yesterday, I went to the interview. They just replied to me, so I am going to apply for entry!”

“Really?” Dai Qing finally came back to reality and is very happy for Lan Ning. “Congratulations, Lan Ning Ning! As I said, if the old is not thrown, how the new one is to come? You are now entering into a big company! Are you going to invite me to a dinner ah?”

“It is too late tonight. Tomorrow night you come and have hot pot here.”

“Good! I will bring your favorite tofu skin!”

“Thank you. Bring some meat…..”

The good news is shared with Qu Tong and then Lan Ning started preparing her clothes for the next morning before heading off for her beauty sleep.

Although she was prepared the night before, but the next morning, she still had to battle the ‘war’ before heading out.




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