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Chapter 6.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss 相亲笔记)

Happy Weekend everyone! Yes, we are back quickly this week, presenting Chapter 6, Part 2. Here wishing everyone a great Sunday. And towards a fantastic week ahead. 

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Sunday, September 9 Weather: A Refreshing Autumn (continue)

Around 15 minutes, Yifan came in and start the meeting.

The afternoon meeting didn’t go very well. Black face Yifan, mercilessly rejected several proposals. He unkindly criticized a few Department Heads. Everyone could feel that he is abnormal. They were praying hard for the meeting to be over. Yifan has dragged the meeting for full 4 hours. This never had happened under Yifan simplicity of leading.

Everyone is suffering, but the most suffering one would be me.

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I know the reason why Yifan was so angry. So when I look at his pretending face, I… use all my willpower to restrain from laughing. Even when I tried so hard to hold it in, still from time to time I will bust out one or two laughs. And this attracted dissatisfied condemn stare from many Executives.

The meeting room show a bizarre strange state: an irritated President, a group of Executive who are at lost and don’t know what exactly had happen while I am restraining from laughing out loud.

At the end of the meeting, I had internal injuries.

After work, I encounter Luo Luo at the hallway. With her hardship face she said: ‘Today really bad luck. Our manager got scolded by President and we are asked to go back for another training session.’

‘I also had a very pitiful day.’

‘Really?’ Lou Lou suspiciously looked at me. ‘Then how come I heard today, you crazily laugh in the men’s toilet on 23rd floor the whole morning. This caused all the male Executives the need to go downstairs to fight with rank and file for toilet.

He even lock me up at men’s toilet! Aiyah! Laugh too hard till I forget to control myself.

‘What happen that make you laugh so hard? Tell me!’

My twisted face restrain from laughing out loud and I shake my head. I discovered that in this world, the most painful thing is when there is gossip that you can’t tell and when there is embarrassing stories you can’t share.

Yifan has an extraordinary ability. In one hand, he can be repentant heart and on the other hand he can force me to fill up the online matchmaking information.

Following it was a stormy week. Even the small security from the lobby knew the high management’s wind blew from wrong direction. Every day it felt trembling when you stood in the building. The whole entire company felt gloomy, even my happiness become emptiness.

On Thursday afternoon, Yifan’s mood eased slightly because he received a call from the matchmaking network.

‘After reading my profile, they think it sound pretty good. So they will arrange me the best resources in their hands ….’ Yifan’s words was a bit of retrain and it seemed like he sense that I’m laughing at him. He wanted to throw me out.

I wanted to laugh, however after looking at Yifan facial expression, I held back. Cough, cough! ‘Then how?’

‘Then they said they will arrange Saturday morning at 9:30am. What do you think?’

I have no opinion.

I said: ‘Then go, I think is pretty good.’

On Saturday morning at 8:50 am, I received a phone call from Yifan: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, where are you? I have been here the whole morning!’

At that time, I was running madly toward the coffee house. “Boss, 10 minutes to 9am. Aren’t our appointment is at 9:30am.’

‘If late I will deduct your salary.’

Never heard of such thing, during off day still need to accompany boss to blind date. Forget about overtime pay, if late still need to deduct salary! I furiously hung up the phone and continue running.

Once reach the coffee house the first thing I saw was Yifan in the shinny outfit sitting at the end of table.

He asked me: ‘How?’

Yifan look very handsome, kind of romantic however his whole body exudes a feeling…. like a freshman pretending looking for a job, wearing something ill-fitted.

Look fine! Better don’t be too sincere.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘You sit there’ he pointed at the side table, ‘from this angle you can observed both of us well.’

I thought my responsibility was only to activate the opening atmosphere. Once done I can quickly leave, but did not expect to be a light-bulb! But boss instructed me to be a searchlight, lit the whole time. So I sat back at the last position of the five stars hotel where I ate the fried rice.

Waited until 9:50 am, before the main lead finally appeared.

Two middle-age ladies, one front one back walk in and once saw Yifan, they seem surprised. One of the lady came over to Yifan and said: ‘Ah…. Yifan? Xiao Yi, I’m sister Zhang from the network, the one who called you, can you remember? This is Lin Meijiao, who I mention through our tele-conversation. We are sorry for being late, we got stuck in the traffic jam. Yifan said: ‘Sit, sit!’ I have an appointment, I will make a move first. You and Xiao Lin have a good chat. Being able to meet is a fate, cherish the opportunity! Well, I go first, bye. After saying the aunty quickly withdraw, leaving a relatively younger lady.

Yifan looked across the heavy make-up, middle-age lady, open his mouth and said: ‘Ah… aunty, ah… no, big sister.’

The lady broke into a smile and politely said: ‘What big sis, just call me Meijiao will do.’

After seeing the situation, I stood up, walked calmly, carrying my bag and leave. Once out regardless of the ladylike image I don’t care, I just run to the corner so that Yifan can’t see me. Immediately squatted down and laugh out loud.

A young mother holding a child passes by, looking at me, she quickly picked up her child and left. Soon, Yifan found me. He kicked the wall beside me and bitterly said: ‘I can hear you laughing from inside.’

I wiped my tears and was loss of words.

He pulled me from the ground and said: ‘Let go!’

I stumbled to keep up with him. Aiya, they said laugh out loud can make you look younger. Big brother, this week you make me younger than 30 years old, I feel like kind of reborn and reincarnate.


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      1. I think he originally does not like Xiao Bei but over times will realized that she means more to him that what he thinks she is. Somehow it is almost similar with ZX and HH but in different ways 😉 can’t wait to read more about these two funny people 😍

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  1. It’s so so funny that I’m holding my laughter, while I’m reading this novel. It’s already 12:20 am Est. time. Thanks for the update and looking forward to the next chapter.

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  2. I think Yifan is embarrassed that he had to go thru this dating site for a blind date. He may have the business acumen but it seems he is lacking in romantic relationships.

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