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Chapter 2.3 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Oh yes, it is hard to stay away right….. This is not the start of any daily post. Just lucky to be able to find a little time this week to breeze through the remaining of chapter 2.

There is still no sight of the male lead in today’s post. Just more interaction between Lan Ning, Qu Tong and Dai Qing. So enjoy! I am sure the more exciting part would appear soon…. hopefully…..

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! It is finally Friday. After this weekend, another week to go at work before I complete my contract with the current employment. How times flies… 3 months had flown by so quickly.

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Chapter 2.3: Return (回国)


“Sister Lan Ning, have you eaten lunch?” Qu Tong who was still wearing the set of pink maid outfit stuck her head into the room, looking at Lan Ning.

Lan Ning got up and walk to her and said: “No, have you eaten?”

“I have not have eaten either.”

“Oh, I have bought a lot of ramen back. Let’s cook ramen later and have them.”


Lan Ning pointed to the pile of things on the floor and said to Qu Tong: “That pile are for the older generations. Check out the others and see if there are anything you want.”

“Sister Lan Ning, you are really a good friend to me.” Qu Tong happily squat on the ground and began to pick her gifts.

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Lan Ning bought a lot of common gifts, like snacks or some daily necessities. She felt that Qu Tong do not need any of these things but she is so happy when receiving these gifts.

“I am taking this packet of chocolate biscuits.” Qu Tong picked up a box of chocolate biscuits and turned to look at Lan Ning. “Oh yes, I bought a bottle of perfume for you. Later I bring it to you.”

“Ah, no need……” Anything that Qu Tong bought would certainly be a very expensive thing. Lan Ning felt bad accepting such gift.

“No problem. I do not use in school. And also because it is from my mother’s money.”

Lan Ning kept silent. Qu Tong’s parent way of caring for her is to keep giving her a large sum of pocket money.

After Qu Tong took the biscuits, Lan Ning no longer had the urge to update her resume. She took out a bag of noodles and proceed to the kitchen to cook. Because Qu Tong rented the place out to her at a low rate and because she is still a student, Lan Ning took care of her most of the time. She is responsible for the essential meals daily.

Although it is a very simple instant ramen, Lan Ning added eggs, luncheon meat and some vegetables into the large bowl. The bowl of noodles look like a complete meal.

“Wow. Very nice.” Qu Tong took her bowl and placed it on the table. She handed the bottle of perfume to Lan Ning. “This is for you. You smell it.”

The bottle of perfume look very upscale. Lan Ning refuse to extend her hand to take it. “You keep it. You can use when you go out.”

Qu Tong insisted on giving it to her: “I am still young. Use what perfume?”

Lan Ning: “………….”

Oh! This is really a natural black sister.

“This perfume is a very fruity fresh flowers fragrance. You can also use it in the office. I wish you find a new job soon!”

“Thank you….” Lan Ning had no choice but to accept the perfume.

After dinner, she cleaned up and went back to her room to continue to edit her resume. Dai Qing had been buzzing her online for a while.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning: I went for dinner. I had a looked at the job sites. It is hard to find a good job now.

Dai Qing: That is why I say you should go directly to the March recruitment drive.

Lan Ning: Or I can follow you and do online novel writing.

Dai Qing: Do you think it is easy to do online novel writing? Well it is mixed. Not to mention pirated text, changes to the text, plagiarism, unauthorized adaption, audiobooks and so many others. You will change the patterns that had been infringed and damage daily. If not particularly things are not too hard, then you should not choose this path.

Lan Ning: Love you to death!

Dai Qing: So, you can give me discount on the bracelet?

Lan Ning: …….

She close the chat and after editing her resume, browse through the new jobs.

Lan Ning eyes lighted up. “Mistry” magazine looking for text editor?



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