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Chapter 6.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss 相亲笔记)

Guess it is hard to keep away and not share this funny story. So, enjoy the chapter today! And yes, I could imagine mhryu laughing while she edit this chapter…. 

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Sunday, September 9 Weather: A Refreshing Autumn

The company circulation and discussion about “Special Assistant” finally settle down.

This is because, they see the person running up and down while pouring tea or water when President occasionally lunch in the employee’s cafeteria. And when the President is walking towards the entrance, you will see the person rushing over to the front and clear the path. In the morning, during the rush hour, the person will be seen holding the elevator doors while silently withstand the angry stare as they wait for the President to slowly walk-in.

Yes, that person is me, Guan Xiao Bei.

Finally, my colleagues’ sympathize toward me: ‘President is so evil, using company money to hire a full-time nanny!’

Peter patted on my shoulder and said: ‘Xiao Bei, I’m wrong. I had misunderstood you. Now I know your difficulties’

I have mixed feeling and return a pat on Peter’s shoulder.

On Friday evening, Yifan dismissed all the four assistants leaving only me to accompany him at work. After work, we met some colleagues whom were working overtime in the elevator. We reached the lobby together. All those beautiful girls coil around Yifan and bid him farewell, ‘Good bye President! Have a nice weekend.’

Yifan bid them farewell and waved: ‘Have a nice weekend too’. Not in a hurry to leave, he stood at the doorway with a smile as warm as the spring breeze.

I stood behind Yifan and follow his eyesight direction. His eyesight were at the slender legs of all the beautiful girls.

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Hey! After everyone left, I came forward and sweetly said: ‘President, is there any other matter? If not, then I will take my leave. Oh, yes, have a great weekend!’ Yifan turned to me. His face had changed. It looks like the monster in Ultraman.

Wow, Luo Luo, Peter and Su, come quick and see! The legend of changing face!

With my stable mind, I calmly asked: ‘President, is that anything you need me to do?’

Yifan twisted face stared at me for a while and said: ‘Don’t you feel tired pretending the whole day?’

I hesitated. Then I smiled and said: ‘President, you must be joking. I love to smile. In my school’s day, my classmates called me smiling angel.’

‘If you like to pretend than continue to pretend. Anyway, you have seen my roar and I’m not afraid of you seeing my true color.’ This week, he no longer put an evil calculative face, but exposed more of his violent nature as a roaring leader.

‘President, you must be kidding. In my eyes, you are always as warm as the spring breeze.’ I saw his lip twisted twice. Yes, I want to hear your sarcasm words. ‘Then I will leave first.’

I took two steps forward. Suddenly I thought, would he be looking at my slender leg like how he look at those beautiful girls? I look back and I saw him staring at my legs thoughtfully.

He shouted: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, next time change your shoes.’

For a moment, I feel a little guilty and touched. He still have some humanity. He understand my pain in wearing high heel for the first time in my life.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He then said: ‘Please change to a pair of stilettos. This “aunty” thick heels ruin the elegant look of the uniform. Don’t tell me you don’t have money. I do know how much you earn! After buying a pair of shoes, you will still have sufficient for your meals.’

….. So you know, after buying a pair of shoes, I only have enough to eat, no extra!

I struggled all the way home. As I was just about to open the door, I received a SMS from Yifan: ‘Tomorrow morning at 9am, I will reward you with a pair of high-heeled shoes.’
I roared: Humph! Don’t flatten me, I’m not easily lusted after small profit!

What’s wrong? Su came out from the kitchen and said: ‘Aren’t you a person who lust after small profit?’

I was about to replied when, Yifan send me another message: ‘If you don’t go, I will deduct the money of the pair of high heels from your salary!’

I quickly reply back: ‘Boss, rest assured I will be on time. I fully accept your goodwill and accomplish your long cherished wish.’

‘Working overtime during weekend?’ Su left me a message: ‘I know you are those who lust for small profit!’

‘Yes!’ I nodded my head, but this unfair overtime request…. I’m so looking forward to the weekend.

It’s all start from the first day of the week.

It was my first day as assistant. I was unclear what ‘time’ President belongs to me. Early in the morning, Rong Moyang carry a laptop to my desk and said: ‘Xiao Bei, President wants to see you in his office. Take this laptop with you’.

‘Ah, President so early!’ Table clock show that it is not even 8 am. I am a new comer, so that is why I’m a bit anxious.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Yes, President ‘other’ time should be yours. Since I have help you, how are you going to thank me?’

‘Ah!’ I pretend touching my chin and think thoughtfully, ‘Next time when is your ‘time’ with President, I can help you.’

‘Thanks, but no need, you this little girl with a sliver tongue!’ Rong Moayang laugh and said: ‘Quickly go in, President is waiting for you.’

I knocked on the door: ‘Good morning President, are you looking for me?’

‘Have a seat!’ He gave me a stack of paper and said: ‘Help me go through it.’

The first few page are Yifan’s biography. The last page is the printed website URL. I look at his biography, and then burst into tears. Like my mother often said: ‘Never compare one with another as there will be always someone better than you.’

Early thirties in his prime age, he graduated from a famous oversea university. A series of dazzling journal …..

He asked: ‘How?’

“Very good.’

‘Be specific.’

‘Young and talented. Good fortune, pillars of the country and the national hope…’

‘Oh, then go to the website and help me to key in the data. Yes, use my computer. Don’t use company’s computer.’

‘What!’ Could it be President is looking for another job? Must be, if not why can’t he use company’s computer.

Before keying in the website’s address, I have the heart to copy it down on my arm. It’s said that all big company high-management has their own secret way …. I can’t use it now, maybe in the future.

In the address bar, I type the letters and press ENTER. A pink page pop up, with a line of characters – True single white-collar online matchmaking center.


I re-opened the pages re-type the address and press ENTER.

Still the pink page pop-up.

I freeze for a few seconds, slowly turned and stared at Yifan for a while. Then I turned back to look at the screen.

When I gaze between Yifan and computer for a several times, he finally said: “Yes, you did not see wrongly… That address was given by my friend.’ His voice was light and slight red appeared at the edge of his ear.

Big brother, can you be a little bit more terrifying?

I burst out laughing.

I was shut in the little black room. Yifan’s face turn black, he dragged me out. I was lying on the ground.

‘I don’t believe I can’t handle you!’ He dragged me all the way to the meeting room ‘Get in!’ He pushed me inside.

I giggly rushed into the meeting room. It became silent and all those Executives staring at me. I immediate find a corner seat, borrowed a pen and paper from Xu Ke, pretending like I’m taking notes in the meeting.



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  1. Hahaha…they r cute together. Each time I read this story it still remind me of either Shan Shan, come to eat n Go With the Flow.. both bosses r great black belly as is this YiFan.

    Thanking you Tinkerbellsan for a long update. 😀

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  2. I’m curious on the story with the lady in yellow. GXB might have read that situation wrong.

    Yi fan is doing matchmaking on-line and he has a personal assistant to it for him.

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