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Chapter 2.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Hi, sorry to keep everyone waiting. I am aware that some of you out there that is eagerly waiting for the translation for Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉). 

In reality, it is going to be hard for me to translate this on a daily basis. As mentioned in some of my previous post, workload is crazy at work with only 2 more weeks left for me to complete them before heading off for my long vacation. 

I will however, in between breaks where I could, try to get some parts of the translation out. So here is the one for today. A short one but an entertaining one. So enjoy! 

Chapter 2.2: Return (回国)

Now after returning from the travel, Spring Festival is over. So it seems to be the time to start looking for a job.

She unpack her bag while taking a handful of cereals and putting it into her mouth. She sat down in front of the computer and log into her QQ account.

Probably because it has been too long from the last time she was online, the little penguins cried non-stop while popping all her messages.

Lan Ning swept the list and open a clear picture of her friends.

Dai Qing: Lan Ning Ning, have you come back? Last time the bracelet that you mentioned, I want the silver now! Is it too late?

Lan Ning pulled her mouth and replied: Too late. I am already home.

Dai Qing : Okay. Then it is alright.

Dai Qing: Aiya, my dearest one, when you come back why never ask me to pick you up from the airport?

Lan Ning: Too fake. Nausea 

Dai Qing: Oh right, when will you bring the stuff to me?

Lan Ning: Come and collect yourself when you are free. I need to look for a job so, I have no time.

Dai Qing: Do not rush it. Isn’t there a large-scale recruitment in March? You have just return from travel. It is tiring. So better rest for a few days. Come along and play with this sister….

Lan Ning: (Showing the praying sign on the phone messenger)

Dai Qing: Do not need to be so cold. Oh yes, your little landlord is back? Bring her along to play.

Lan Ning: She is back. I heard her school starts next week.

Dai Qing: Oh. When you come back, how did she welcome you?

Lan Ning’s eyelids unconsciously jump a couple of time. Dai Qing had some hidden meaning behind those clear words. How can people be so dirty? Sure enough, people just cannot be trusted.

Lan Ning: Today is normal. In an ordinary maid outfit.

Dai Qing: Oh. Maid outfit! What color?

Lan Ning: Pink

Dai Qing: It sounds so delicious…..

Lan Ning ignored her. She replied to several other people. She close the chat box and open the recruitment website.

She glanced at the list. Most of the recruitment are for most skilled workers. She sighed and thought for a whole. She edit the search box.

Although there are some challenges in this career, she did not want to change industry yet.

After the search result is out, most of them are looking for a network editor. She finished the first page of the browser, and thought of going out to get her resume updated.


I love travelling and exploring the world, see things from the lense of my camera.... this is my space in sharing the many exciting places that I have visited as well as some of the wonderful gastronomy experience. I also loved baking while exploring new recipes. From time to time, I will also be sharing unique dishes that I cook for my family as well as sharing some of my baking experience / recipes.

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    1. Hello my dear, hopefully soon. I hope that soon, I would be able to find time to translate more… I am eagerly waiting for them to start their work relationship first…. hahaha…. If only there are 36 hours a day and one could survive on 6 hours sleep daily….

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  1. yeeeaaah, you posted it. although i hope you have the same schedule for this translation like you did with caught with my own trap, but i’m still grateful. i hope all the hijacking don’t make you give up this project. you still have us, your readers

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    1. Thank you tueysaloewa for your encouragement and support.
      I am actually suffering from post-Caught in my own Trap now and am missing He He and Zheng Xie. And it is hard to keep away from translation despite all the drama on the hijacking. So, yes, I am definitely not giving up this project (never intended from the beginning just was planning to go on hiatus for a while only because of work and travel plans). So stay tune for the irregular post.


  2. Thank you for the translation.. Enjoying it so far.. And thanks for redirecting to bananachocolates page.. I couldn’t find the exact link when i tried…

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