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Chapter 5 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss 相亲笔记)

Ops…. sorry about the wrongly posted chapter 6 earlier before chapter 5. Mhryu must be half-asleep when she was editing it to the extend she failed to realized that she was editing the wrong chapter…. hahahaha…. 

So here is Chapter 5 for today…. Enjoy the read!

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August 31st Friday Weather: The breeze Is Foggy

As a Special Assistant to the President, it means that my office will be located in the office of Ministry of Justice. The outer office of President’s office. Several assistant desk oddly place into a row, from a distance it show a shape of “ —- _”. Undoubtedly, the almost right is my table. But no matter what, at the end of the confinement period, began a formal career, I’m still very happy. I was happily decorating my table, when behind a ‘hey, hey!’ laughter sounded.

I looked up and saw Yifan leaning against Elle’s table looking at a report. I silently look at him for a moment. I whispered to him: ‘Don’t pretend. I know that you intentionally put this VIP table and I know you deliberately wanted to spy’

We were silent for a moment. He finally looked up and said: ‘Miss Guan, is there a problem?’

I give him a radiant smile and said: ‘Good morning President!’

Yifan was surprised for a moment. He doesn’t seem to think that I will have such a reaction. He look at me and said: ‘Good morning! Welcome and work hard’

When he turned to leave, I saw the playful and gentle smile on his lips. He actually look handsome.

Yifan has four assistants. The legendary Xu Ke, previously seen Elle, Rong Moyang and Alice. Xu Ke is the most senior, calm and sophisticated. He expressed a warm welcome smile like a big brother. Elle and Rong Moyang are graduates from famous university. Both of them standing side by side gives you a feeling of “elite”. Although Alice look gentle, her thin lip show a sharp and fierce feeling. It’s said that she is the only one with college qualification. She relied on her own efforts, step by step from the bottom climb up to became President Assistant. Three of them also expressed a warm welcome to me.

I took a deep breath, sit down and start thinking. Yes, my career started in a bizarre way, but no matter what I will be persistence to prove to them. I, Guan Xiao Bei is rightful to sit in this position.

No matter what title they offered, I’m just a rookie. Doing most of the running errands, photocopy and transferring files.  Such meaningless and complicated live. If an unknown staff see my nameplate with the extra word “special”, they will always came straight over to me. I often felt embarrassed as I need to refer to someone else or asked the senior for assistance.

Last time, a boss came. He asked for my assistance but I don’t understand therefore I referred him to Xu Ke. Later he came back, looked at me and said “Special Assistant, that special! Little girl in future if you resign remember my words.” You say what type of people is this. When I have lunch with Luo Luo on Thursday, I complained to her.

‘Xiao Bei, tell me the truth. Do you have any special hidden deep background? In this mixed workplace, I can understand’

‘Where got such relationship! Is just …. ‘ I quickly swallowed the rest of the sentence. Well, President is right, I could easily slipped secrets or information from my mouth.

But what? Luo Luo pressed.

I stuffed a mouthful of rice and shook my head to indicate I can’t talk about it.

Luo Luo tilt my chin and looked at it carefully: ‘So it seems the rumor is true. You this little girl wants to use this foxy face to fish a millionaire.’

‘I don’t want to be a gold digger!’ I swallowed the rice and shouted angrily.

The restaurant was quiet for a moment. All the diner stare at me seriously.

During lunch break on Friday, I went to send President a file.

He had a quick glance at the file, signed and handed it back to me. He took off his glasses and closed his eyes.

‘Then…. President, I will excuse myself. I shall will not bother you.’ I slowly crept out.

‘Wait!’ he called without looking at me. ‘I heard yesterday you called out “not a gold digger” at the restaurant. What’s the matter?’

While I was thinking of countermeasures, my mind search for the suspicious spy. But at that time, almost all the employees were gathered in the restaurant. So too many witnesses. I don’t know what exactly President had heard. The most sensible approach was to speak the truth: ‘I just don’t understand what the job responsibility of a “Special Assistant”. In other word is a joke.’

‘A joke?’ He finally opened his eyes without glasses, clearly more evil. ‘So you want to be rich?’

I tried to suppress my anger. What kind of understand is this! How could he twist and turn my words.

He seemed to appreciate my silly look. After a while he said: ‘Well, I was just joking. Please go and tell Xu Ke and the rest that Lunjia Corporation’s project has succeed. Let celebrate! I will treat everyone to lunch.’

I blurted out: ‘Ah, I have an appointment with Luo Luo. Today I need to accompany her to hospital at noon time.’

‘Did I said I will invite you? Did you participate in Lunjia’s project?’

I have not join the company when Lunjia’s project was in negotiation…. But he should at least give me some face.

‘However, it’s time to tell you how to keep up.’

‘Keep up! Assistant cooperate with President’s work way of saying.’

Xu Ke will collaborate with Yifan in any Board of Director meeting or any major conferences. Elle and Rong Moyang will take part in foreign negotiations and be Yifan’s escort to all company function. When facing any internal affairs of the company it will always be Alice who stood behind Yifan.

And me, Guan Xiao Bei, Special Assistant to President, how should I “keep up”? It seems most of President’s time has been assigned.

I told Luo Luo: ‘Don’t tell me I need to follow him when he eat, drive or go to the toilet?’

‘Xiao Bei, why are you so pathetic, even toilet you wanted to follow him.’

Facts have proven that the words that I said are future prediction. Not causing any problems or conflict.

At the end Yifan did bring me to Lunjia’s project celebration. Not because of his sudden conscience, but he just wanted to show his kindness and friendly image to other subordinates.

In the banquet room, he said: ‘In addition to my four Assistants, I will have Guan Xiao Bei assisting me.’

I did a calculation, after deducting the four Assistants job scope, the balance will be eating, resting driving and ….. toilet time.

After dinner when no one is around, I asked him: ‘Do you also want me to follow you to toilet!’

With his toothpick dangling, he stared and said: ‘If you don’t mind, I don’t mind.’

….. I mind!



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