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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.5

It was indeed an exciting chapter yesterday that ended with in anti-climax right? What happen next? Did Zheng Xie really left the room? 

Today’s chapter is quite entertaining although it was hard for me to translate them as there were many areas where wording them in English was so hard. So forgive me if there were parts where it sounded a little strange. My advise is just to use your imagination…. He He He……

Chapter 29.5: Climbing up Half A Moon

Zheng Xie shut the door and said in a low voice to her: “I went to turn on the power and heater that you switched off. I don’t want to go blind and I don’t want to catch a cold.”

He He gave a toot and went under the quilt. Her reputation is now totally gone. Really shameful. She put the quilt tightly over her head, until Zheng Xie returned. With his old hands, he drag her from under the quilt. She held tightly with both hands to cover her head not wanting to let go.

When we are together…. At your disposal, wasting time is a happy time…..

After a long time, the house had returned to the nice and warm temperatures. At the foot of the bed, the lamp light is dim and soft.

He He wearing only Zheng Xie’s pajamas, with her two bare legs, hop on one foot to the other end of the room to pour herself a glass of water. She took big gulp to drink the water.

After that, she also poured a glass of water for Zheng Xie. She hobbled back to the bedside. By then, half of the water have spilled.

“Drink water” He He pat Zheng Xie and said. Zheng Xie lying in the bed with his eyes closed, pinched lips, looking forbear.

“I don’t want to drink.” At the third time He He woke him, finally said.

He He obediently sat beside him and pulled the quilt to cover her legs.

She felt very guilty.

Zheng Xie certainly was not satisfied. Earlier, she was not quiet. Once moment laughing that it is too itchy while the other minute was kicking and gripping screaming pain. The always calm Zheng Xie was sweating like mad. Later, when Zheng Xie was attention was devoted, the strange vaguely familiar intrusion, the pain was unbearable. In the awkward position, she started to cry in pain.

Zheng Xie had quickly retreat and pulled her into his arms to sooth her.

When He He finally recovered, the first thing she said: “Okay, we are now even. You had semi-forced me once and I have half-forced you once. That incident and this incident, we treat it had never happen. Now you can put down your burden.”

The once paled Zheng Xie became a little livid. Then he lay down pretending to sleep. Of course he is not asleep because his long eyelashes had a slight flickers and his breathing had not been restored to a stable state.

He He is feeling ashamed. It was her who clearly suggested it earlier and she was strong headed about it. But she neither had the professional qualities nor the lack of cooperation. Zheng Xie who seems to had restrain and remain tolerant, that was just a disaster to him. What He He does not know is in additional to the fact that he is uncomfortable, will it cause him a greater impact?

She curved her legs and sat there for a while. She did not see any movement from Zheng Xie. She reach into the quilt and just like how she use to appease Xiao Bao the cat, felt his back. She asked: “Are you okay?”

There was still no movement from Zheng Xie. He He was embarrassed. Not knowing what to do, she kneel on his side and using her fingers, gently ruffle his hair neatly. And using her foot, she rub his back.

Zheng Xie suddenly turned over, and grab her foot gently. He opened his eyes. His eyes were dark and bright. Suddenly he looked up. He He jumped with fright.

He He, I asked you to give me some time. Before this I also tried to keep a distance from you. Do you feel wronged? My engagement was broken off and then suddenly with you. Maybe it is okay for someone else as this is nothing special. But because of our background and environments, for my family and the Yang family, this is a scandal. It would cause my father to lose face. And it will harm the relationship with the Yang family. Not to mention that Aunty Lin would be embarrassed. She is a good woman so I don’t want her to be in any embarrassing situation. I had taken all these into account before.” Zheng Xie quietly explained.

“I understand. I know that you wanted me to leave in order to distance them from me. So I am willing to listen to your arrangement. But my English is very poor so I don’t want to go that far. I want to go to the southern city.”

“That is good.”

“Also, you don’t promise anything early and force me to agree. One or two years is long enough. A lot of things will happen. Think about it, a year ago, what were we doing? At that time, you were pushing me to get closer to the doctor that you had introduced to me. And the girlfriend then had now become a small artist. Have you ever thought about the situation that you are in now?”

“So, about the future, let’s talk about it when I come back. You don’t give yourself such a heavy burden.”

“Ah, you are right. A lot of things may happen within the year or two. So, although initially I think we can wait a year or two, so that these incidents are forgotten. But now, I suddenly found myself cannot wait for the couple of years. I am afraid that it becomes a ‘dream’ only and complicate the matter further. So I am going to apologies to my father and then asked him to go to Aunty Lin to seek your hand in marriage. We get married. I would rather bear the charges, but I don’t want to take the risks. Not forgetting that the accusations will aways be on my back.”

He He turned pale. “You cannot do that. What would Uncle Zheng think? My mother would be very disappointed with me. Uncle Zheng may lock you up and never let you see me.”

“No, that will not happen. He likes you. At most he would beat me up. I am not afraid.”
“If he knows the culprit behind all these happening is me, he will not like me like how he used to. Uncle Zheng has been in poor health condition recently. You don’t go and annoy him further.”

“I am telling you that these are not your fault. You don’t blame yourself. I will go and explain it to Aunty Lin.”

“No. You cannot raise these with them.” He He is almost in tears. “If you go ahead and tell them, I will run away to a place that you cannot find me.”

“You do not need to do anything. Leave it all to me. From now on, you are not allowed to do anything on your own. If there are anything, you have to discuss with me.”

“But you must promise me first that you will not go and talk to Uncle Zheng and my mum.” Whether or not he is willing, He He hooked their little fingers together for a pinky swear shake a few times. It is considered that he had promised.


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12 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 29.5

  1. ehm… can I comment now? i tried to hold my rambling for about 3 days, waiting until this scene, hahaha

    so ZX really thought about the situation. he didn’t want his family, her mom, and YWQ family to think badly of HH, for she would be the third person who broke the engagement in their eyes. so he want to wait until they forget before start the relationship with HH and marry her. well it kind of make sense for me. and HH also understand and willing wait with him.

    but now, after these new ‘accident’, ZX want to hasten the marriage, but like always, HH is afraid and try to delay, even think that they would not be together in the future. why she always like that -.-

    Lets see how our ZX tries to convince HH to marry him. how clever and cunning he is, so that HH have no other option but marry him. hehehehe….

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    1. Thanks Pili for your comment…. hahahaha… I loved reading your comment. Yes, it is now turned back to how ZX becomes a ‘black belly’ and got HH to marry him quickly. Stay tune as it would be enjoyable (guaranteed)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well…I really think it’s their fault that this situation got more complicated than it should have been in the first place. They did use other people to cover up their real feelings for each other. Who told ZX to go get a fiance in order for him to forget about HH? Who told HH to go run off to a distant place and get a boyfriend for show? Poor people who were used as shields, they’re the ones who got hurt the most.But without this scenario, then there’s no conflict in the story at all and every thing will be just so dull.

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  3. Ok, most of you think that they actually did it?? I don’t think they did it yet. They were going to do it but because of HH’s screaming pain that the guy stopped. That’s why HH was saying they should forget about her being 1/2 way seducing him while he was trying 1/2 way to do it on her… At least that’s my understanding on the whole situation… Thanks!

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