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Chapter 2.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Chapter 2.1: Return (回国)

Back in the room, Lan Ning packed away the books that she had just bought into the suitcase. Today is the last day of her stay here in Japan. Tomorrow morning, she will be on the flight returning to A City.

She went through the list of inventory that her friends had asked to bring back and confirmed that there were nothing missing. She picked up the headband on the table and went to the bathroom to wash up.

She is very tired today. She decided to go to bed early to get enough rest for the return journey tomorrow.

The night sleep was peaceful. On the day of her departure, when she departed, the whole hotel is still very quiet. She didn’t eat breakfast in the hotel. Instead she dragged her suitcase and checked out from the hotel. Outside, the temperature is very low. She put on her jacket and wore a hat with a scarf tightly wrapped while pulling the suitcase out of the hotel.

In the Japanese style courtyard, there is a man who is doing….. Gymnastics broadcast?

At 6 o’clock in the morning to get up and do gymnastics broadcast in the cold winter wind?

She looked at the man and worship two seconds and then drag her suitcase. Who knows, after two step, the man turned and looked at her.

Lan Ning was embarrassed because the man was the man whom she met on the hill yesterday.

The other party only glanced at her and then quietly turned around. He continue to exercise.

Lan Ning jumped out of the corner of his eye, cut, pull and drag? She drag the suitcase to go.

When she arrived at the airport, she bought some stuffs at the duty free shop before hurriedly board the plane. At half past ten, the plane landed at A International Airport.

The first thing she did was to change her watch forward for an hour. This is the new watch that Lan Ning bought in Japan. Although the price is twice the price of her last watch, but the value of MAX large dial is deep in her heart.

With the time difference adjusted, she board the airport bus with ease.

Lan Ning is not a local in A City. She was admitted to the university here, hence after graduation, decided to stay here to work. Although she had worked here for three years, but her salary is still far from enough to buy an apartment in the city of A, so she is still renting in A city.

Arriving at the rented house, it is already nearly twelve o’clock. As she was just putting her keys in, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

“Welcome back, master!”

Lan Ning: “……….”

She looked at the pink maid sister silently for two seconds. And then she raised her mouth and smiled: “Tong Tong, when did you come back?”

Qu Tong holding a round plate in both of her hands, smiled at her: “Two days ago.”

“Oh” Lan Ning put the suitcases into the room and closed the door behind her. “How come you did not stay longer at your parent’s place?”

“I am starting school next week. And besides it is not fun over there.” Qu Tong’s voice is full of grievance.

Lan Ning felt that she had found a bad topic of conversation.

Qu Tong is her landlord. She is only in sophomore this year. The luxurious decorated house is her home…. One of them. Lan Ning doesn’t  know the specific of Qu Tong’s parents are doing. She just know that they are very busy, staying in a foreign country all year long. Qu Tong don’t want to go abroad to study so decided to stay alone in A city.

Probably because too lonely, she rented out the room at a very low price.

When Lan Ning first wanted to rent and the housing condition, she found it hard to believe. The only criteria is, as long as female tenants, so she don’t mind. After all, now the community is too chaotic, hence she still have to pay attention to the safety as a girl. But looking for a male colleague to accompany her in looking for a house to rent, she felt that the landlord should pay attention to safety.

She could see clearly that Qu Tong just want someone to accompany her.

She smiled at Qu Tong, a little stiff from changing the topic: “Really envy those people that could have summer vacation.

Qu Tong toyed with her hair and blink to wink: “Ning Ning Jie (Jie means sister), you just left your job, right? You can have a lifetime of winter and summer.”

Lan Ning: “……..”

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…..

“I brought back a special product for you. I will give it to you later.” Lan Ning dragged her suitcase into her own room.

Yes, they discontinued the magazine, so she is now unemployed.

These years due to the popularity of the internet, the traditional publishing industry has been greatly affected. She looked at the magazine around ceased publication one after another. After a while, it is her turn.

She received the news before the Spring Festival. Lan Ning felt bad for herself. Thinking about the gossips during the festival gathering, she could not find courage to face them especially about her not finding the right person yet, and now to add the unemployment…. Lan Ning quickly refund the train tickets.

On the phone to tell her mother that she would not be back for Spring Festival, she heard the disappointment in her mother’s voice. She had to fight with ha ha ha, and said that she may got back one day.

Fortunately, although the magazine publication had ceased operation, but it make up with a considerably sum of money for their Spring Festival before disbanding. Lan Ning gave a little sum of money to her family and took the rest out to travel.


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