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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.22

Finally, the final part of Chapter 27. We have indeed used up a total of 22 days to complete this chapter. It is original text were 80 pages long. 

Last chapter was a little interesting but we still have not come to the part where both of them reconcile. Will we ever get there, I wonder…… I certainly hope the chapter today contain an event that we have all been anticipating…. Pray pray pray….. Have a great weekend everyone!

Chapter 27.22: A quiet life

Angered with fire in her, He He turned around in her room.

Her mood is very complex. One, the matter with Zheng Xie is no matter of lucky or happy. On the other hand, Zheng Xie obviously did not had any serious problem, however she had taken the concern attitude and thus now angry. And lastly, because of the stained relationship with Zheng Xie, she is feeling depressed.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, her hand finally finishing the final touch on the two cloth cat. The two cats, is the result of her nights of insomnia. In order to pass the time, she took up her sewing needles. Because the material is missing, she went through her cupboard and found some worn clothes from her younger days.

These two cloth cat, one is tall while the other one is short. Both the eyes and mouth were embroidered with black line. The taller cat has a cold look while the short one look aggrieved.

He He holding the two cat, and upon her throat tells their own stories.

Tall Cat: “I hate you. Stay away from me.”

Short Cat: “Lie. Don’t tell me that all these years when you treat me well are all fake?”

Tall Cat: “In the past, you really know how to fake yourself. I was deceived.”

Short Cat: “I did not. I did not!”

He He muttered to herself: “Am I good for nothing?”

Her two cats changed hand and she continued.

Short Cat: “Can we not take it as nothing had happened?”

Tall Cat: “Nothing had happen. Do I know you?”

Short Cat: “oooo ooooo oooo”

Tall Cat: “We stop here!”

“I am bored.” She throw the short cat onto the ground. “Stupid!” He He pat the tall cat head and said softly: “Although it is my fault but you cannot keep it in your heart ya.”

The cat with two slits fake eyes, sipping with a crack looking at her scornfully. With the deep down anger in her heart, He He inserted the needles into the cat and random scratch the cat. “Look at what I do to you, cheapskate, villain….”

She finished the crazy ranting and then felt that her intelligence is back. Deeply bored, the throw the tall cat onto the floor. She covered herself with blanket and went to sleep.

These past several days, she had been nervous all day long, sad and had insomnia. So once she lay down, she went into a deep sleep. She did not even get up for dinner. She slept until the next morning when Aunty Wang woke her up for breakfast.

Zheng Xie whom rarely appeared on the table were sitting there. He ate very little, drinking a very thin porridge.

Aunty Wang was coaxing him like a child: “The doctor say you can eat light things. You eat so little, poor nutrition ah….”

Zheng Xie shook his head. Slightly wrinkled his brow, hands pressing his chest.

Aunty Wang immediately tensed: “How? The wound is uncomfortable? Do you want me to call the doctor?”

“Nothing, just a little chest pain. And feeling a little nausea. Probably in the afternoon, my lying position is not very good.”

He He suddenly chocked. She put the tissue over her mouth. Zheng Zie lifted his eyes and looked at her. He He coughed and muzzled got up and said: “Rice has gone into my nose…. I go to the bathroom.” Having said that, she slipped upstairs.

Aunty Wang shouted back: “There is a bathroom on the first floor as well.”

He He searched around when she returned to the room. She finally found the two abused cloth cat from yesterday under the cupboard and under the bed. On the tall cat, on the chest, she also stuck a long needle.

“It is really not so spiritual.” He He carefully pulled out the needle. The needle hole in the cloth cat belly evenly healed. Then she respectfully put it on the table. Her hands clasped together, she recites: “Sin. Sin. I am really sorry. I did not mean it.”

She softly went downstairs. Zheng Xie had finished the meal but not left the table. He sat reading the newspaper. He He sat down. He looked up, and looked at her with a strange look. He He felt the cold wind on her back. But fortunately, he immediately had his head buried in the newspaper. As Zheng Xie was turning the newspaper, he said quietly: “There is a grain of rice at the side of your mouth.”

Aunty Wang laughed. He He flushed with embarrassment. He He after wiping the rice away, she bite on the spoon while bitterly glaring at him. Zheng Xie with peripheral vision, sweep at her again with his eyes before continuing to read his newspaper.

Aunty Wang did not sense the awkwardness around the table. She said: “Today the weather is good, sunny and warm. I want to go home to see my old sister. You being He He out together for a walk. You have been sitting at home for a long time.”

Zheng Xie said: “I want to go back to the company for a while. When do you want to go, I get the driver to send you.”

Aunty Wang said: “No, no. The bus is very convenient. There is no snow on the road. In two hours, I can get home. Miss He He, you have to look after your brother, making sure that he eat something. Do not let him starve. He does listen to you more…”

He He nodded with a guilty conscience.

When Zheng Xie went back to the company, He He also took the opportunity to return home. Wei Zhi Xian had long ago passed the spare key to her. She took her car out for spin and called Su Ren Ran and Ding Ding out for a get-together.

Ding Ding also brought her cat, Xiao Bao. She said: “One moment want to accompany your mother. And then want to go back to study. Now you don’t want to go. Have you learned to be like those artist, retreat for a comeback speculation?”

Su Ren Ran said: “Speaking of Star posture. That Brother Ah Xie, he was rumored to be getting married. It was already something that stunned everyone. And now I heard that the marriage had been called off. But no amount of digging there were no insider news. Even both parties have disappeared. A good mystery.”

He He asked with a guilty conscience: “Was the news such a sensation?”

“Flash marriage and close flash point prime time drama, of course would be more suspense than those dramas. Not to mentioned that both parties are usually very low key. They are very orthodox in things they do. The relationship between two families are a big great deal. Who would expect that it would developed into such a way. Hei, He He, based on what you say, there are some truth behind these? I once though it was a wrongly informed, non-existent news. After all, it is very strange that such thing would happen to Brother Zheng Xie.”

“I am not commenting anything.” He He excused herself.

Ding Ding devastated gossiped: “My brother know both of them. He said, unless there is a third party that suddenly appeared, it is not possible based on both of their personalities.”

“That is certainly an issue with Brother Zheng Xie. I heard that Yang Wei Qi never seems to have a boyfriend since she returned.”

“He He, through insider point, does your brother have an intimate love? Or he cannot forget his first girlfriend?”

“I don’t know anything. Treat me as transparent.”

“The person that is closest with Brother Zheng Xie should be He He.” Su Ren Ran said.

“Pu!” He He chocked.

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