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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.21

So He He decided to stay behind to stay next to Zheng Xie. In the meantime, he continued to be cold with her although he is allowing her to stay by his side. Last chapter ended with a little funny moments between them when He He tried to help him. 

We have finally arrived at the 2nd last part of the super long chapter 27. Cant believe that it took over 3 weeks to complete the chapter. The title of this chapter is A Quiet Life but to me as a translator, I don’t see it as A Quiet Life. I see it as it is filled with lots of ups and downs for both of them. This is also the long awaited chapter where the poor gentle Yang Wei Qi gently break off with Zheng Xie. Now it is the agony of waiting to see how He He and Zheng Xie get together. I have a feeling that Zheng Xie will send He He away for a while before bringing her back next to his life. What do you all think?

Chapter 27.21: A quiet life

Taoyuan is surprisingly a quiet city. The past week, apart from the doctors, nurses and part timers, there are no one else who actually visits. Under this situation, his confidential work is also completed.

So when there are guests whom arrives, He He was very surprised.

That day Zheng Xie color looks good. She continued to be treated as transparent, so she felt very bored. And when the part-timer is going out to buy food, she volunteered to go together.

Arriving home, she saw unfamiliar vehicles park in front of the house. When she enter the house, Aunty Wang pointed upstairs and said: “Little Master Xie have guests. Secretary Wei brought them.” She looked very happy. “He is willing to meet people. It shows that he is feeling much better.”

“Who?” He He had intuition that she know the guest.

“Miss Yang.”

“Which Yang….” He He said the words in half when Zheng Xie’s door suddenly open.

“That the Little Master Xie before….. Huh?” Aunty Wang found He He gone.

Zheng Xie was dress in his pajamas plus a thick coat. He personally sent Yang Wei Qi to the door.

Yang Wei Qi said: “Go back. Be careful. It’s cold.”

“It’s okay. Long time I did not breathe the open air.” Zheng Xie voice was low and rough, quite unlike him.

“Recuperate well. Although it is only a minor operation, it is debilitating. Take care of yourself.”

“You take care too.”

When He He guess it was Yang Wei Qi, she immediately escaped. But she choose the wrong direction to escape. She ran into the yard. And they also went into the yard. She dodge behind a low shrub, just enough to hid her.

She just did not want to face Yang Wei Qi, to avoid any embarrassment. “Well, why should I feel so guilty?” She pitifully think again. And then she heard Zheng Xie could finally speak but in front of her all day, refuse to say a word, she suddenly became angry.

Zheng Xie turned to go back into the house. He looked towards the direction of the bushes. He He shrink and shrink. She is angry about what she overheard. She crouched there motionless, hoping that Zheng Xie will continue to ignore her and hurry into the house.

But Zheng Xie seems to deliberately embarrass her. He stared into the yard enjoying the cherry blossom for a few minutes. He He crouching, felt her legs are numbs. He suddenly said something softly: “Are you not afraid of snakes?” His voice is hissing, sound very strange.

He He reflex with “ah!” and bounced behind, taking the bait. Winter season, where are there snakes?

Zheng Xie immediately after saying it, just as she jumped up, had turned around and left.

He He tried to catch up angrily but Zheng Xie legs, although he had not eaten for many days, she did not managed to catch up. As she was crossing the living room, Aunty Wang stopped her: “Miss He He, where did you go? Hey, how come there are so many leaves stuck in your hair? Do not move. Do not move. I help you to remove them.”

He He asked: “What….. How serious is brother’s sickness?”

Aunty Wang replied in surprised: “Ah. You did not know. Because Young Master Xie recently had fever, so did a tonsillectomy urgently, probably afraid to implicate other problems. So before the end of the Spring Festival, he had gone for the surgery. But Dr Li say it is not serious.”

“Then how he could cough up blood? A few days ago, he had been unconscious.”

“The doctor said that Little Master Xie physical is a little special. He had severe drug reactions in comparison to others. And the wound would slowly healed. Hemoptysis is also because of this.”

He He finally settle down her feelings. She felt ridiculous. Except for the indecent doctor, no one really has exaggerate Zheng Xie’s condition. Why did she single-mindedly assume that Zheng Xie as seriously ill?

She ran upstairs and banged on the door. There were no respond. She continued to knock and found Zheng Xie’s door not locked so she open it and walked in.

“You obviously can speak. Why act dumb?”

Zheng Xie glanced at her.

“This is not a particularly serious disease, why do you want to keep it from the family? ….. I think you purposely did it!”

Zheng Xie looked at her in surprised. He indifferently said: “You did not ask me/. How would I know what you are thinking. No wonder you are willing to come back. Originally thought I was going to die, so ready to come back to see me for the one last time.”

“I…..” He He was stumped.

“So now you can safely go.”

“I said I am not going to C City anymore.”

“Because you sympathize with me for being abandoned by my fiancée and father at the same time, so you want to stay with me?”

“No…..” Because of this sentence that Zheng Xie rarely say to her, her response were unskilled, so she was stumped.

Zheng Xie turned into the toilet and lock the door with a click.

He He finally remembered the words in respond. She went in front of the door and shouted: “I just said something wrong… you are upset until now…. Cheapskate!”

There is no sound. She shouted to the door: “Your marriage got cancelled. Why are you angry at me? If you missed her, why don’t you go and recover the relationship with her?” Still puzzled, she kick the door hard.

One kick is not fun. She was preparing to kick the second time when the door suddenly opened. Her kick nearly kicked Zheng Xie. He cleverly dodged.

The quick movement caused He He to nearly trip. She uttered a cry, and her whole body sprang forward. She closed her eyes and accepting herself to fall flat. But her collar were pulled. That kind of force pulled her collar and dragged her to the bedroom door.

Zheng Xie said: “You go back to your room. I want to be alone.”

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14 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.21

  1. Thanking you for your never ending hard work of translation n your real life work. This chapter is indeed very long n boring. I am glad it is coming to the end, just about abandoning it because of their childish behaviours. When I read that YWC went to visit ZX there I thought, “NO”..YWC is not going back with ZX again….there we go again…doesn’t YWC ever learnt???

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    1. Hi Ayu, been a while since I saw your comments 🙂 Fret not… ZX has a reason why he is acting that way. We will find out soon…. Patience… and Stay Tune!


  2. Finally can’t resist commenting. This is so frustrating. I hate this type of male lead the most. 😦 thank you for your hard work translating though. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you.

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