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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.20

And so He He also fell sick and Zheng Xie had shown a little concern for her. Although when she finally woke up, he turned around and go. Why is he so cold towards He He now? Is he just trying to avoid her now? Is he trying to run away from his feelings this time round? I certainly hope not as I really don’t think I could continue if it is the case….. Let’s hope that there is a twist in today’s chapter…… 

Chapter 27.20: A quiet life

In those days, Zheng Xie has always not been in a clear mind. He woke up and then went back to sleep. He slept and then woke up. He open his eyes and looked at her but then closed the eyes again without speaking. His hands because of the drip daily, are full of pinholes that are clear and striking. He always wakes up and cough blood into the tissues.

He He watching him, her heart seems to be fried and her breath turns into pain. She dare not cry in front of him and forced herself a laugh.

When she called home, she was trying to compile a reason when her mother suddenly asked: “Is Zheng Xie sick?”

He He is amazed at her mother’s sharpness. She hesitated to lie and just mentioned that it is just a small illness and it is not very serious. Since Zheng Xie had means to hide it from his family, she naturally is obliged to cooperate.

He He’s mother said: “You stay there to look after him.”

He He unthinking felt that there is no reason not to think about it.

On the surface, Zheng Xie recovered quickly. After a few days, he can begin to eat something. Sometimes he sit up, get out of bed to take a small walk. But most of the time he lay down on his bed, with his eyes closed or even when the eyes are open, looking up at the ceiling, as if 仿佛老僧入定

仿佛老僧入定 (pin ying: lǎo sēng rù ding) – very clam without any worldly passions

“Why did you want to tell me that you are sick?” The first day when Zheng Xie condition starts to improved, He He asked him.

Zheng Xie was leaning against the bed and his mouth slip into a line. He was looking at her like she was a stranger.

“I do not really want to say those words. You do not stay angry at me.” The rims of He He’s eyes are red.

Zheng Xie did not say anything. He wrote in a book with a pen: “When are you leaving?”

This is his way of communication with people presently. His word are crooked and weak.

“I am not leaving. I want to stay with you.”

“No need.” Zheng Xie finish writing those words, the throw the book aside. He lie down and pull up his quilt. He turned and closed his eyes to sleep.

The next day, Cen Shi called He He to express his concern. He He hide in a corner and spoke to him. When she turned around, she saw Zheng Xie is awake and is looking at her. When she turned to look at him, he closed his eyes.

“Cen Shi is not my boyfriend. You do not like him. How could I insist on following him? He was just acting with me for everyone to see. You do not get angry.” He He humbly said.

Zheng Xie opened his eyes. His sharp eyes looked all over her face. His eyesight makes He He’s heart winced.

Zheng Xie’s expression indicated the look that she is a “Liar”. Zheng Xie dislike the most people who lie. Because of that, he had once ignored her for several days. At that time, he also took a long look at her making her feel ashamed.

He He timidly sobbed: “I just want you to feel at ease and get married.”

Zheng Xie without any expression, closed his eyes as if he is asleep. He He pulled his quilt and rambling repeating herself. She did not want to absolve herself, she can only hope that he would not be too angry.

“You had said that you would not ignore me. No matter what you would forgive me. You had said it before. Now, why do you ignore me?” She lay down on his quit and cried while whimpering.

Someone patted her head. He He looked up through her tears. Zheng Xie had stuffed his book in her eyes. There is two words that say: “肃静”

肃静 (pin ying: sù jìng) – in this context, it means hush. As per the dictionary definition, 肃静 means silence or hush up.

When his spirit is better, Zheng Xie started working from home. He also does not need anyone to accompany him in the evening. Wei Zhi Xian will visit twice a day bringing him the documents that he need to sign. Sometimes he also leaned on the bed with a laptop or reading materials on the internet.

Dr Li still visit twice a day. He often left nagging: “Awkward man. There is no spirit of cooperation.”

He He sending him out asked, is Zheng Xie able to recover. Dr Li said: “Recovery? I see him as dying.”

He He because of this sentence, stood in the cold wind staring into space for a few minutes until Aunty Wang found her standing there without a coat. She pulled her back into the house. When she got back into the house, she started sneezing. The worried Aunty Wang immediately got her ginger drink and served her cold medicine. Her dutiful nursing symptoms started when she forbade He He from entering Zheng Xie’s room.

He He felt very sad in her heart. In her mind, she thinks that Zheng Xie must be sadder. He had to bear so much pressure so she tries her best to understand and tolerate Zheng Xie treating her as transparent.

Zheng Xie had his one hand in needle while the other hand on the keyboard. He He holding a novel dragged her chair to sit by the heater and started feeling drowsy.

Suddenly she heard the sound of water. Zheng Xie actually got out of bed to pour himself a cup of water. She hastily dropped the book and ran to help him. Zheng Xie dodged and spilled all the water onto his pajama bottom. She blushed and went to get him a new pair of pajamas. She stood there not sure if she should help him or not help him. Zheng Xie pointed to the door, and wave his hand. He is casting her out just like flies.

Later, she gain the experience and when Zheng Xie tried to get out of bed, she immediately stood up. She cross the one foot of distance and asked: “What do you need for me to do?”

Zheng Xie this time did not even bothered to pick up the pen, he bend over and easily open the page and wrote: “Toilet”. He He was embarrassed for half a day.

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