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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.19

And so He He did find Zheng Xie with the help of his reliable secretary, Wei Zhi Xian. She did understood both of them so well. Blessed her for doing what she did, right? 

So what happen next? How ill was Zheng Xie? Is this where both of them reconcile and share their heart? Is this where they finally come together? I hope so…. I am praying hard! 

Chapter 27.19: A quiet life

“He left a little pain. Still had some reaction to the drugs. Dr. Li came once tonight. The medicine for today have been applied.”

He He said: “Let me go and see him.”

“He just fell asleep.”

“Please let me go and see him. I just want to take a look.” He He begged.

He He followed behind Wei Zhi Xian and Aunty Wang and walked slowly into Zheng Xie’s bedroom. The air is filled with the smell of disinfectant.

Zheng Xie usually do not like the smell. Regardless it is disinfectant, gasoline or perfume, he has allergies to all these smell. So he particularly hated hospital, hate shopping and do not like woman with heavy makeup.

The corner of the room, there is a dim night light. The bedside lamp is adjusted to the minimum brightness and carefully angled for the lights to be away from the eyes of Zheng Xie.

At the point of the shimmering light, He He saw Zheng Xie’s half face. His shallow complexion and pale lip. The indoor heating is enough, so his quilt only cover up to his armpit. The collar of the pajamas is half unbuttoned, his protruding collarbone vaguely visible. From the last time they met, he seem to have lost a lot of weight. His hands overlap on the chest, on the back of the fair complexion, there are clear traces of pinholes and bruising.

Wei Zhi Xian gently touched her arms, indicating that they should leave.

He He nodded. Zheng Xie is someone who does not like people to physically get too close to him. And now there are so many people in his room. If he knew that when he is sleeping, there are so many people peeping at him, he certainly would not be happy.

Before He He walked away, she went back to his bedside and put his hand that is sticking out gently under the quilt. His hands are cold.

As she is turning around to leave, she heard a little sound from behind. Aunty Wang had rapidly ran back to the bedside: “It is all right. It is all right. Take it easy. It is only Miss He He coming to see you.” Aunty Wang gentle called: “Miss He He, can you come over, please?”

He He nervously step by step walked over. Aunty Wang turned on the light, she is exposed to the light.

Zheng Xie was awake. His eyes were a bit empty. He slowly turned to her.

She bent her body low and gently called: “Brother, brother.”

Zheng Xie looked in her face for a second or two, just like looking at her. But at the same time, seem like nothing to see. Then he closed his eyes.

He He turned to leave when suddenly Zheng Xie coughed. The nurse immediately step forward to help with a tissue. He He glanced back and clearly saw the blood on the tissues. She was shocked.

She fought back tears and rushed on impulse back to his side.

Later that night, He He returned to the room where she used to stay. Her room did not look like it had changed much. Even the curtains and bed sheets remain the same style. She also vaguely remembered that those were the style before.

She had an unstable sleep that night. She dreamed of being exposed under the hot desert sun and is extremely thirsty. And then she dream that she fell into an icy hole in the frozen river and is very cold.

She wake up groggily feeling thirsty. She opened her eyes and looked at the familiar ceiling. She heard a strange man said: “She woke up. She woke up. You are really brother and sister. Even when sick both fall sick together. You can be assured now. So go back to your room and rest.”

He He turn towards the direction of the sound and saw a guy in white coat talking. She followed his vision to see, one meter from the foot of her bed, Zheng Xie was sitting on the chair. He was wearing a very thick cotton pajamas and wearing a mask.

She sat up suddenly and shouted: “Brother!” then dizziness hit and blackouts. The doctor pressed her back onto the bed: “Lie down. Do not simply move.” He turned and said to someone: “Come and give this girl something to eat.” Someone uttered in return.

He He struggled up wanting to see Zheng Xie but he got up and left. His back was a little bent, unlike the usual him who stand up so straight. He was going very slowly.

He He called: “Brother”. Sure enough, he was still angry with her. He is not willing to even look at her.

The doctor said: “Do not mind him. That child did not eat for a few days. Every day he was put on drip. It is bad enough and he is very moody about it.”

The doctor looked not more than thirty and has a baby face. He actually called Zheng Xie, ‘child.’

The doctor introduced himself: “I am from xx Hospital. Your brother’s doctor. I was also his primary school classmates. These two days, I was also your doctor. This year I am 32 years old. Healthy, in a good shape. I don’t have much hobbies and I am still single.”

“I am going to see him.” He He ignored his sense of humor.

“These two days you stay away from him. Your cold is very contagious. If you infected him, it may cause trouble.”

He He originally was sleeping. She slept for a full twenty hours. Initially everyone thought that she was tired. Then when they pushed her, found her unconscious. Touched her forehead and found it boiling hot. Probably because she was cold and tired, sad and nervous, adding all these several elements, her cold was menacing.

Fortunately, the house does not have any shortage of doctors. Zheng Xie was reluctant to go to hospital so the doctor make two trips daily to check on him. On the way, he also checked on He He, soon nursing her back to health.

When He He is allowed to be close with Zheng Xie, she waited for him at his bedside every day.

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11 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.19

  1. and now they both fallen sick. ZX doesn’t want to talk to her but can’t let her alone without his surveillance and HH even though she’s sick she just want to be with him. and just can’t realize how much they meant each other. i’m dead tired waiting for them to realize, but this is the fun to read this novel. light but not too light, really suited for reading when you read too much light and heavy novels at the same time

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  2. Thanking u very much. I am like you mhryu thatI hope they patch up soon. Apparently they do cares n loves each other a lot. I think HH should be the one who make amend with ZX bcos everything began from her since the ball is at her court now.

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