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Chapter 2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Hi everyone, thank you for all the lovely comments received on Chapter 1 of this translated novel. Appreciate all the encouragement and support extended by everyone. Giving me the booster to work harder on my translation.

After discussing with mhryu whom is currently busy with her work as well as trying to complete her translation, we have decided that we will try to post at last one chapter of Boss’s Blind Date Notes per week either on a Sunday or Monday. Once she complete her current translation project, hopefully, she will have more time on hand to help in editing Boss’s Blind Date Notes. Then, we should have a little more regular post. So in the meantime, enjoy Chapter 2. We shall be back in a week’s time.

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Monday, August 21. Day Two Weather: Thunder and Lightning.

‘Guan Xiao Bei, you better wake up! Su pulled my quilt and said: ‘Today weather is beautiful, no wind and rain!’

‘In my world, it is raining and stormy!’ My quilt was pull off and revealed my fake Hello Kitty’s ass. I kept on struggling and pulling my quilt to cover my head.

‘This is a psychological trauma. The only way to treat it will be stress response and treatment…’ Su pulled my quilt. I feel the breeze and, my quilt is already in her hands. ‘Opened your eyes and face the reality!’

Su is my distant cousin. After graduating from overseas, she bought a two-story house in F city. The top floor is our residence while the ground floor is her office, Yi Xin Clinic. Yi Xin is Su’s name. She opened a psychology clinic. Her daily job is very simple. Giving therapy service (sit down and chat with patient). And in her free time she is the guest host at radio station as well as a blogger. Basically being SOHO.

Her works are mercilessly ridiculed. Once I watched her at the side “Yes, right, hmm, good…” just talking to people for an hour, without guilt she charged 500 Yuan. I said: “Su do you know you are actually a very motherly but unscrupulous landlords.”

At that time, Su just smiled benignly without saying a word. After staying with her for a period of time, I realized that Su is not as kind as I think. I finally understand that smile she had. It is the kind that will revenge even after ten years later. ‘Brutal and cruel’.

Without my quilt, I buried myself under the sheet, lying there silently.

Sure enough, Su said: “Do you know why I accepted you to stay with me? Because you are not able to control your emotion hence is capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt. And this will stimulate the formation of mental illness… I have always wanted to observed my own personal neurotic patient’

Suddenly I sit up: ‘Where abnormal, who abnormal! Nobody can stand this. Obviously he was invincible and fierce. How come this made me a neurotic patient?’

Su giggled. I unconsciously fall into her trap. Yet when I recall yesterday incident, I thought I had gone crazy.

Handsome and refined man in silver suit without any tie and a slightly open shirt. Although his eyes is a little red but it doesn’t seem like he shed tears. He looked like he had worked overnight and is weary.

After the welcome applause, he gently said: ‘Hello everyone. I’m the AC President, Yifan…’

Deep and gentle voice… huh, the angry Mr Super Star! This was my last though before I lost my soul.

Lou Lou by my side said: ‘Hey, hey, Xiao Bei, what happened, you look so restless. Is President too handsome?’

Ah! What do you said?

I said you need to do a self-introduction to give a good impression especially to our talented President.


Yes, every new employees of AC need to do a self-introduction during orientation meeting. The reason is to get our seniors to know us better and in future if there is any good opportunities, they will remember us.

Because of the two minutes, I had repeatedly practiced in front of the mirror. To perfect everything from my eyes to my smile. All just to capture a good impression for the sake of the President to remember me. But now I began to hate myself for making such an efforts. Self-comforting: ‘I’m just a bypasses, the state of turning into an angry President hopefully will not be able to remember me. But my useless ass just moved bit by bit and I blasted out saying: ‘I need to go to the toilet.’

‘Huh! Soon will be our turn to introduce ourselves. The toilet is too far away. You can’t get back on time. Can you endure?’

‘No, I’m too nervous, I can’t endure.’

‘Xiao Bei, what happen? From morning till now you look weird. Lou Lou just stared at me.’

Then our Manager turned and whispered: ‘The President is giving speech. Please be quiet. Guan Xiao Bei, if you have problem please resolve it after meeting!’

I had to move back to my seat. However due to the disturbance, it has attracted the President’s attention from the stage. He threw an explosion glance at our direction. I just sat down and look ahead at a safe direction. However, for a moment, our eyesight interlocked.

Maybe it was just my imagination… I think I smelled crackling and seeing dark flash of lighting follow by strong burning smell in the air.

President calmly stare away and continued his speech. Even without a female’s sixth sense, I knew he recognized me and is planning to kill me.

At last, my dredged moment of torment is here. Reluctantly, I stood up and recite the string of words. Without emotion and eye contact, I burst out all those familiar words like a talking machine. Two minutes seem so long, finally it ended and I’m ready to sit down.

At that moment, Yi Fan from the stage smiled and said: ‘Miss, your self-introduction was very exciting. Can you tell us your name?’

I turned silent…. I did mention my name, however very softly.

Surrounding colleagues gave me friendly smiles. They probably think that our boss is as warm as a spring breeze. Warm like the Sun. But from the look of his smile, I knew I’m going to die very miserably with the evil curse.

My name is Guan Xiao Bei. Starting from that moment, I had signed my own death sentence.

‘Guan Xiao Bei… Xiao Bei. Welcome Ms Guan to AC and becoming our team members. I hope we can achieve our goal together.’ Yi Fan nodded with a smile.

Starting from that moment, I could accurately foresee my tortured future.

Su said: ‘From your point, just with few stares and it can made you feel so scared!’
Eyesight! Just observing the eyesight will this do! You tell me, what his meaning at the end?

After the orientation meeting, I did not do any networking with Luo Luo, Peter and other newcomers. I cowardly walk back to my cubicle and drilled myself between the piles of files. With my many years of experience in Wuxia stories, if you encounter such a powerful enemy, the best solution was not to changed his board minded thinking. Closed or dragged him into trouble but to find a deserted place to hide as far as you can. Once you are out of enemy sight, the heart of irritation feeling will vanish, naturally the killing instinct will disappeared.

I pretended to look at data. However my ears were constantly on alert at the surrounding noise. Once I heard some footsteps approaching, my body will instantly react. So when Elle, Assistant to President found me, I was pretending picking up rubber for the third times from under the table.

‘Ms Guan, The President is asking for you to see him at his office. Ah! Are you alright?’

‘Yes, I’m fine!’ I came out from under the table, ‘Did President said anything?’
I instantly feel the eyes radar from behind. Our relationship is like north and south poles, no borderline or connection but why the President summoned me the new rookie. Must be some hidden secrets!

After hearing my anger story, Su comforted me: ‘You see! All these are your own imagination. He has no substance action. Why make yourself worry.’

Alarmist? Worry! I’m going crazy.

Su, don’t you understand, from 9:30am to 5:30pm, I sat on the sofa opposite of his desk with his big eye silently staring for confrontation. I spent 8 hours….


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