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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.16

So He He finally found out about Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi’s broken engagement and cancelled wedding. And everyone (most probably without knowing the truth behind everything) are encouraging and seeking He He’s help in advising Zheng Xie while trying to mend the relationship between Zheng Xie and Uncle Zheng (his father). 

Did He He managed to find Zheng Xie? Is he going to treat her like a transparent person just like how she think he would be doing? I hope that the read today would be interested. I personally am finding this chapter a little too long winded… although the talented author may had want this long chapter for a little of excitement for the readers….. What do you think? 

Chapter 27.16: A quiet life

And in the email, He He had said that, Yang Wei Qi is a good woman, asking him to be sure to cherish her. She also mentioned that Uncle Zheng recently is in poor health and misses him. She felt that she was incredibly hypocritically as she was writing the email but she still send it over.

Because he will not read, so she sent to this mailbox. One, it would not make him more tired… and secondly she is doing what the others had tasked her to do. In short, she had tried very hard to convince him.

A few minutes later, her phone message sounded. She gripped herself to read the message. It was a message from Yang Wei Qi. She explained that a few days ago, she was abroad so she only see the New Year Greeting message only today as she was not using the number. And she is now sending a thank you message.

He He read the message over and over again wanting to find if there are any hidden meaning but found nothing.

So another day has gone by. The day where He He would be leaving is only three days away.

She has always been afraid of changes in environment. Even when she was a student in school that have to change classrooms, these events would upset her terribly. So the last few days of waiting would always upset her.

Coupled with the current situation with Zheng Xie, has caused her to be often in a flustered set of mind. She often got up in the middle of the night with very disturbing dreams, could not eat well, hardly slept and the paranoid feeling of something major would be happening had resulted her in looking very haggard.

The day when Cen Shi was coming over, he had called her in advance to go and pick him up from the airport. He did not managed to finish the handover, so before the holiday season is over, he had gone back. He He generally understood that he came back only to play along with her. To say that she has no gratitude is false. He He sometimes said to herself, if Cen Shi really like her, then she might want to give him another chance.

But as each time she thinks about it, her chest felt like there were a huge stone on it. Once she gave up the idea, her breathing becomes smooth again.

When Cen Si saw her, he said: “Only have not seen you for a few days, how come you have become so haggard? Did you missed me?”

He He said while wearing her ‘panda’ eyes: “This is called the holiday syndrome, okay?”

Cen Shi had no luggage and say that he was so hungry, so both of them decided to explore the airport for a restaurant. Cen Shi was looking so tired, so He He volunteered to get him food.

What she did not expected was to actually meet acquaintances. As she and Cen Shi was leaving the place, someone hurried by her side. He stopped and quickly turned around: “He He?”

He He looked up in surprised. It is actually the long lost with no contact Shi Lin.

Just like a few months ago, Shi Lin still have the gentle look. He returned this week and had been travelling to several places. He had to leave immediately and was preparing to catch a plane.

Shi Lin was a little regretful. “I came yesterday from Y City. Because my time is very tight when I was there, I was sorry for not being able to see you. How nice if I would have known that you are here….”

He He told him that she had lived here for several months and she would be leaving in two days’s time to C City.

“Is that your boyfriend?”

“Ah…. Yes…. A friend.” She has been friendly and polite to this big brother and did not had the courage to admit and yet worried about exposing the lies.

Shi Lin looked towards Cen Shi and raised his hands in greetings. “I have to go. He He, you have not seen Zheng Xie recently?”

“He…. He should be okay.” He He said but her thought went over to him who is looking haggard due to the recent broken engagement.

Shi Lin gave a little sigh. “Where got? I saw him a few days ago, lying in the hospital, vomiting blood due to the drug reactions. He must have been miserable this New Year.”

He say He He suddenly paled and knew that she did not know the truth. He hurriedly comfort her and said: “He just had a surgery. You don’t even know this? This guy….. Must have really kept it from everyone. I was visiting someone when I accidently step into the wrong room which was his room to find out about this.”

He He’s mind went blank. She did not know how she bid Shi Lin farewell. When she came back to her senses, she was already sitting in Cen Shi’s car. He had asked her to drive his car to the airport earlier.

The road is very busy. It feels like the roadside shop door is an unknown black hole, while the traffic coming and going with the flow looking like meteors, dangerous and unpredictable.

She seems to hear Cen Shi asking her: “He He, where do you want to go?”

She mechanically repeated: “Where do I want to go? De…..”

“To send you home or you want to go somewhere else?” Cen Shi turned around to look at her. “Hey, what is wrong this time?” He pulled a stack of tissues and handed it to her.

He He took the tissues and remained stunned, not knowing what to do. The tears starts falling drop by drop onto the tissues and instantly disappeared, leaving only a trace of wetness. She is shocked to realize that she has been crying. She wipe her face and saw her hand are full of tears.

“Just now, who is that? What did he tell you?”

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8 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.16

  1. Apparently HH does more than like ZX yet she is torturing herself by pretending she doesn’t.

    Yes, I find this chapter is kind of long-winded from beginning till now. Yeah! What happen to ZX that he ended up in hospital with surgery n vomited blood?

    Thanking u for your hard work now my break is finish back to work.

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  2. Thank you for the great translation that I always look forward to every morning

    If I can remember Zheng Xie’s sickness began when He He reduced her contact with him and Wei Qi’s presence failed to make him recover. So months of non recovery may land him in hospital

    I guess that Cen Shi will fetch HeHe to hospital. Her presence will boost Zheng Xie’s recovery

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