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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.15

As much as we are relived that Yang Wei Qi broke off the engagement with Zheng Xie, I actually felt bad for her. She is such a lovely lady. She truly understands and she choose the gentle way of walking away although it breaks her heart. I hope that we will get to see some part of her becoming happier later in this novel.

So He He tried to make mends with Zheng Xie but failed. She left him a message online in his rarely used mail account. Would he read the message anytime soon? When will He He find out about Yang Wei Qi and Zheng Xie’s break up? 

Chapter 27.15: A quiet life

The year started in the afternoon. He He went to visit Uncle Zheng in the afternoon. Because she knows that he is only home probably in the afternoon. She had in advance contacted Uncle Zheng’s secretary to inquire about his whereabouts so arrive on the exact time.

According to her experience, Zheng Xie would not like the atmosphere at home because there are a lot of people coming and going. Therefore, before everyone starts coming, he would usually took her out, strolling in the street, watching movies or even going to the playground. This year, it is presumed that he will bring Yang Wei Qi strolling in the streets.

She really did not see Zheng Xie. She felt relieved and tried to conceal the feeling of lost.

He He had found Uncle Zheng looking a little abnormal. Probably he is tired after dealing with official matters. Although he was looking very tired, he was very happy to see her. Just like Zheng Xie, no matter how many years she had been working, she remain a child in their mind. He gave her a red envelope and she must take it, not allowed to even object to it.

When it is time to say goodbye, he personally send her to the door and gently patted her on the head and said: “He He, you are just like my own daughter.” He had never said such words. He He is surprised and feeling inexplicable. She found those words that Uncle Zheng was a little ambiguous. “I told Aunty Qian before that you were a very good girl.”

He insisted that the driver send her home.

The driver usually has a lot to say whenever she sits in his car. On the way home today, he is unusually quiet. Even He He felt a little out of place. She asked: “Uncle Wang, do you have something in mind?”

Uncle Wang sighed: “He He, among all the people, Xiao Xie would most probably would listen to you. You go and give him a call. Tell him to call his father and apologize now. Do not be so stubborn. His father, is going to fall sick as a result from his anger.”

“What happen between them?”

“Ah!” Uncle Wang took another big sigh. “This child, from young has always given people peace of mind. He is the pride of his father. Who would know that he would cause such a big ruckus in such a important matters.”

He He’s heart start to beat faster…. “Where is Brother Zheng Xie now?”

“He did not come back. After the trouble with his father, he did not even come back for Chinese New Year.”

“What has happen?”

“Old Comrade Zheng did not say but only angrily scolding. I vaguely heard. It seems that the marriage agreement has been broken off. He He, you really don’t even know.”

He He felt her heart slowly sinking, as if the pressure weight is on her shoulders. She could not speak.

This is her greatest fear.

Maybe Uncle Wang has got it wrong. It could be something else that Zheng Xie and Uncle Zheng had a falling out with. She tried to calm herself.

But her self-deception did not last long. When she got home, her mother told her. “I heard today from Old Sun said that Zheng Xie marriage had been cancelled. Do you know about it yet?”

“I….. how would I know? Maybe it is misinformation. They are not the kind of thoughtless people and take marriage has a joke.”

“Maybe.” He He’s mother said. But He He felt that her mother look a little different from normal. Her eyes seems like she is burning.

And for the first time, He He discovered her existence is very meaningful.

She has always thought that she is just a small shadow behind Zheng Xie. And when she fled Zheng Xie, she becomes a dandelion.

But after the first day, one after another seems to come and find her. Even when she went to the orphanage to accompany those lonely and abandoned children, they found her there too.

Those who came to see her are Zheng Xie’s aunty, cousins, Uncle Zheng’s secretary and even an old uncle of Zheng Xie whom she could not even remember.

They don’t care about the long distance of travelling and visited her while sending her gift. They showed concern for her and asked if she needed help. But the ultimate goal is basically the same, to inquire about the truth behind Zheng Xie’s marriage. They hope that she could persuade Zheng Xie for a change of heart and more hopefully that she could persuaded Zheng Xie to reconcile his father.

In short, she heard a lot about this ‘broken’ marriage plans. She heard about Uncle Zheng’s physical condition after he got so angry. From the moment Zheng Xie was born, he was an excellent child but now finally had such a stain emotion. She was terribly upset after hearing these words.

“But what does that got to do with me! I did not do anything!” When there were no one around, she said loudly against the wall. But her heart felt heavy and uneasy.

If one is able to go back into the past by two or three weeks, maybe she can bite the bullet and manage to try to complete the task delivered. But now she is powerless. It is hard to say if Zheng Xie would even be willing to hear her voice. Moreover, based on her understanding of Zheng Xie, when he does not want to hear anyone’s advice, with his powerful mental shielding ability, even if the person is around his side 24 hours, Zheng Xie is able to completely make as if the person is transparent. No matter what the person say, he can completely inaudible.

He He felt that Zheng Xie now is treating her like she is a transparent person.

Her bumbling much deliberation, she finally sneak into the account where she left Zheng Xie the New Year Eve’s message. It is confirmed that he really never open and read the message.

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7 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.15

  1. did she ever realize that all of this is because of her???

    “I….. how would I know? Maybe it is misinformation. They are not the kind of thoughtless people and take marriage has a joke.”

    it is her that take marriage as a joke. she pushed ZX and drag YWC to this arranged marriage.

    i have never been so mad about female lead, he he is an exception. she really drives me crazy.

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  2. Thank you for the lovely translation.

    I think at this point Zheng Xie may feel abandoned by He He although he may feel relieved not having the burden of being forced to marry Wei Qi.

    So now the ball is in He He’s courts to rectify. Let’s sit back to see how she rectified – for better or for worse.

    Hey what happens to Cen Shi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good question. Cen Shi sort of disappear in the next few post too. Not sure when he will reappear or he will no longer appear. When I first started the novel I truly dislike him but in the later chapters I admire him for what he did for He He.
      Yes it would be interesting to see how He He turns this around and who would make the move. He He or Zheng Xie?


  3. Everyone kept saying ZX is the heartless one who don’t express much about his feeling for both YWC n HH but to be exact he had been hookwinked into it. First he does not want to hurt YWC so he went along with it n hopefully YWC will noticed. It is better for YWC to realised that her love were not reciprocate by ZX n for her the end the marriage instead of getting the stigma of abandon on altar. As HH was the who pushed ZX n YWC together n told ZX’s dad abt his so-called engagement without allowing ZX to open his mouth then ran away n hide.

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  4. ii’s all ZX family knew that in ZX mind only has He He. or they just believe that he he the clostest to ZX so they ask her favor. i think that all the family only concerned about ZX father health

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