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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.13

How time flies….. It is already Thursday and we are now on the 2nd last week of June. Half a year has flown by…. It has been 3.5 months since I started translating this beautiful C-Novel and sharing it with everyone here. Thank you everyone for the wonderful journey.

Sorry for the cliffhanging ending in yesterday’s chapter. The chapter today is indeed a very much clearer to how Yang Wei Qi is feeling and her thoughts. Is this where she is going to let go Zheng Xie? Let’s find out together…….

Chapter 27.13: A quiet life

Yang Wei Qi said: “These day, when I am avoiding you, I have been thinking about some things. I thought most not about my past, the present and the future but about my mother. My current mother. I told you before right? My mother died early so my current mother took me home. To the outsider, she said that I am her birth daughter. And I am treated like her own daughter. In addition to those whom are very familiar with the situation, no one knows about my birth secrets. Everyone only know me as Ms Yang, the 2nd daughter of the Yang family. No one take me as a concubine’s daughter identity. At least not in my presence. Even in treatment, it has never happen.”

“When I know of my birth secret, I doubted her and thought what exactly she wants. By taking me back home, did she wanted to torture me in revenge? I carefully avoided her for many years, even deliberately stayed away from home.”

“Until a few years ago, when she was seriously ill, I accompany her. We finally open up and talk. I did not think that she would actually think that Mr Yang and my birth mother are sinners but that she is hindrance to their happiness. She took me home and was kind to me to fulfill Mr Yang’s wishes and also for her own peace of mind.”

“Zheng Xie, do you believe that such silly woman existed in the world? In fiction, such a person is called ‘Our Lady’. She said that although she is not Mr Yang’s love but at least she got the respect from Mr Yang.”

“I did not think that Mr Yang respected her all these years. The women by Mr Yang’s side never decrease. She only had status and reputation but nothing else.”

Zheng Xie remain silent.

“I always felt that she was stupid. If it is me, I would rather stick to my principles and do not do it. Until recently, I was finally able to realize and understand her feelings”

Zheng Xie whispered: “We talk when we get back.”

“Why are you so honest? I keep telling myself. As long as you say you love me, even if it is not genuine from your heart, I could still lie to myself and believe that it is true. I will then happily marry you. Why you even refuse to say such a small lie?”

“I truly like you. And I am not like your father.”

“You like me only because I am fit to be your wife. If there is another person like me, meeting your conditions, you will also like her and consider marrying her.”

Zheng Xie took the bill. “Is it interesting to make such a comparison?”

“Zheng Xie, why did you come today?” Yang Wei Qi sigh. “You are now really hurting me the most. If you just want marriage, then don’t treat me so well. We take what we need. But you hurt me by making me love you but refusing to love me. What you want me to do?”

“We talk about this another day. You are tired. Go back and rest early today.”

“We need to finish this discussion today. I am afraid I do not have the courage another day. These days, I have been thinking over and over again. Until this morning, I told myself that marriage is a lifetime thing. Love is just a stepping stone in a marriage. Without it, ‘getting’ is the most practical thing. You are not Mr Yang, so I do not need to make any compromises like my mother. We will get along very well, courteous and perhaps will never quarrel, becoming another model couple. What is wrong with this? This is happiness.”

“But then why you want to be there? You appeared, standing under the sun, all what I had constructed mentally collapsed. Zheng Xie, because I love you, so I wanted more, not just your marriage commitment. I want your heart. And because of this, I rather lose you but not wanting to be your obstacle. So in your life, you will missed me. And I will miss you. I rather make you feel like you indebted to me, and will forever remember me.”

She stopped and seems to make the next big decision. She finally said solemnly: “Let’s break up.”

Zheng Xie was silence for a long time. “When I had the motive to marry you, it was genuine from my heart. It was never a joke. You are right, you are my ideal wife just like how you said…..”

“I know. You have told me before. So that is why my heart was moved. But now, a lot of things have changed, right? You can’t even deceive me, how are you able to deceive yourself? Blame me for being greedy. If it is not because I wanted more, I could pretend to know nothing. If I would have turn around and left when I first discovered it, I would not have fallen so deep. Although it is already a little late now, but luckily it is still not too late.”

“Last night, I was reading a novel. The male lead selected the female lead that love each other and the female lead forget all about it. This outcome should have been good but I was sad the whole night. In my view, the best outcome of the story should not have been as such.”

“Zheng Xie, I appreciate that you kept your commitment to me and treat me well. Because of this, I choose to not fulfill them. As for the other things, you go and resolve it yourself.” She took the necklace from the neck, and ripped it off gently. She took off the diamond ring and gently put it in front of Zheng Xie. “Facing you, I really want more in the relationship but unfortunately you cannot give them to me.”

Zheng Xie is speechless and looked at her quietly.

Yang Wei Qi said in a relaxed tone: “Finally being able to say these words, feel good. I finally feel free.”

“Take back the ring. As for the other gifts that I have given to you, I do not have a habit of taking them back.”

“Okay. I am leaving it as a souvenir. Thank you. I wish you good luck. Goodbye.” Yang Wei Qi carefully picked the ring up and pocket it.

She stood up, leaned over to Zheng Xie and touched his temples. She smiled at him and then walked away.

She insisted to keep the smile all the way to the parking lot. She got into the car and finally crumbled to her tears.

She sat in silence as the tears falls. Then there was a knock on her window glass. She looked up outside. Although it was vague but it was clearly Zheng Xie.

She rubbed her eyes and then rolled down the window.

Zheng Xie said: “Do not drive yourself. I send you back.”

“Zheng Xie, before I change my mind, please quickly go.”

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12 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.13

  1. Applause
    Finally that Wei Qi bit the billet and face the truth – she won’t be the centre of Zheng Xie’s heart

    I think it is very honest but this reaction is expected from a lawyer. Lawyer will have an analytical mind and will see where she stands

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I agree with you about YWC that she finally be herself the courageous lawyer instead of hiding like her adopted (2nd) mom I’m proud of her in this but I don’t feel sorry for her that way she can find true love that genuinely belong to her.

      Thanking you very much mhyru.

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  2. at last…. big applause for YWC. finally she really brave herself to let ZX go. Although it is sad for her but it is the best for both of them.

    funny i don’t feel sad at all but happy. i don’t want any one of them be the next Mr and Mrs Yang, or ZX’s uncle and auntie.

    now it’s ZX and HH turn to face each other.

    thanks mhyru

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  3. I’m really impress with YQW👏. She knows that ZQ won’t give her the happiness she want. It takes a lot of courage to confront ZQ. 😿I feel bad for her bc clearly ZQ is still in denial. Hopefully, this break up would give the main leads a chance to confess their feelings..😧

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  4. I know I’m suppose to be all giggles that he can go back to HeHe… but I’m not feeling it. Basically he would have married Ms. Yang, had she not took the initiative to break up with him first. Them breaking up like this is not mutual…Which makes me question, does he really love HeHe or is HeHe just a back up choice?

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