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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.12

And so, Yang Wei Qi had gone to the countryside for work and then after completing the work there, she had extended her vacation there without Zheng Xie’s knowledge. Even their last telephone conversation, when she suddenly asked Zheng Xie if he loves her, he only vaguely replied that he really likes her. Is Yang Wei Qi having a second thought about their marriage? Will we be able to find out today? 

Chapter 27.12: A quiet life

Mu Ge now understands. “Oh, you do not know that her work has completed three days ago. She is now on vacation.”

“Lawyer Mu, in your line, do you have a lot to say?”

“Not necessarily. Wei Qi is one of those whom rarely talk. It seems lesser these days as well. Do you know why?”

“If one is required to talk a lot for work, then during personally time, in order not to think too much, would rarely talk because of tiredness.”

Mu Ge laughed twice. “They say you are a person who never reveal any emotions. It seems that the rumors are not true.”

“Legend says that you like to interfere. This is no lie.”

To avoid the city traffic, Zheng Xie took the smaller road. Less traffic and pedestrians.

He gradually accelerate the speed. As it was stable, beginning one would not be aware. Until Lawyer Mu looked out of the window and saw the roadside reflector lamp and street scene is blur, then glancing over at the speedometer, cold sweat quickly breaks out over his body. “Mr Zheng, speeding is not only illegal but also contrary to civic and moral.”

Zheng Xie push the pedal even harder, the speed is almost 200km per hour. He even maintained the speed for Mu Ge to calmly bend over to pick up the lighter from the car carpet. His unhurried voice said: “I want to go home early.”

“I believe that you want to shorten the time spend with me. In fact, I do not mind that you drop me off now.”

Zheng Xie dismissively asked: “Are you sure?” The car window shows the middle section of the highway before a village with closed shops. He accelerated more.

So Mu Ge dare not to say another word, so as not to interfere with his concentration while drive. He was praying hard in his heart to remain calm. Luckily at the moment, because of the dizziness from being drunk, otherwise it cannot be guarantee that he would not shout out like when one is taking the roller coaster ride. He regretted in provoking the legendary emotionless face person.

Only in about half of the normal time, Zheng Xie arrived in Mu Ge’s home. Mu Ge hold on to a tree and retched a few times. But nothing was coming out. He wave his hands towards Zheng Xie: “Thank you. But the whole way here, I also cannot remember the scenery. There are many speed camera in the city, be careful that you were photographed. Bye. I shall not send you.”

Finally, Zheng Xie had to help him upstairs, open the door for him. And then putting him to bed in the bedroom. He also helped him to pour a cup of water.

Mu Ge, lying on the bed while clutching his head said: “Man, I really dislike you. But yet, there are people who just love you to dead.”

“You are drunk!”

“But when it comes to drawbacks, you don’t seem to have any. So even when I do not like you, I felt very sorry.”

“Do not feel sorry, because I do not like you.”

“But now I find that I kind of like you.”

“I am sorry but I am not interested in men.”

“It seems that you do not have much interest in women.”

“You are drunk.”

Mu Ge clutching his head and said: “I could not understand why a person like you whom are born with silver spoon in the mouth, nothing that you don’t have. So you have don’t care attitude, never seem to cherish…..”

Zheng Xie coolly said: “Please believe me. I am also very worried because of this.” He walked towards the bedroom door. “Lawyer Mu, next time if you are in a bad mood, please do not drink so much wine. You will get drunk easily. Also, if you are drunk, please say as little as you could.”

“Zheng Xie, let me ask you one last question. Have you ever had something that you want but cannot get?”

Zheng Xie’s answer is the loud slamming of the door.

Weekend is here! Zheng Xie drove to the small village where Yang Wei Qi is at. Hundreds of miles away. Usually it takes only two hours to get there but because of the heavy snow in so sections, it took him slightly longer to get there.

He found Yang Wei Qi in one of the farmer’s home learning knitting from the mistress of the home. This village is famous for their knitting.

Yang Wei Qi looked a little surprised to see him. There is a little joy on her face but there are also some expression that is not clear.

Zheng Xie said: “I come to take you home”

“I am planning to go home tomorrow. You don’t need to come here.”

“The road is not far. I should have come earlier.”

Zheng Xie intended to spend the night there. But Yang Wei Qi took into account that Zheng Xie would not be accustomed to living in such a place. So she packed up her stuff and left with him in the afternoon to return to the Y City.

They were driving, one after another through the country roads. On the highway, when the sun was going down and the city’s landmarks is finally in sight, Zheng Xie received a call from Yang Wei Qi. “A friend own a great hotel. Follow me. I will buy your dinner tonight.” She overtook in front of Zheng Xie’s car.

The hotel is located by the seaside suburb with a row of beautiful cottage. This is followed by shelter belts with pine needles covering the ground. The car park is located next to a small patch of pine forest.

This place has recently been included in the urban planning map. The story has a very authentic fishing feeling. The decoration is simple with wood tables and chairs, tablecloths and coarse cotton curtains. The honest and straightforward boss personally served them while saying: “These are truly wild and fresh.”

Yang Wei Qi took the bowl of food. “You eat more. You seems to be thinner from the time I left.”

“You recently seems to be doing a lot of self-cultivation. You seems to like to return to the nature.”

“Nature is good. Once can see more clearly the heart. See, how good it is to be here, having dinner while listening to the sea. You can also watch the sunset.”

As she spoke, the huge red ball is slowly sinking into the sea. The sky is rendered as a colored silk.

“Zheng Xie, do you like the sun?”

“Not too bad.”

“But the look on your face were very ecstatic when you were watching the sun set earlier.”

“I was just thinking of something from the past. Nothing. Let’s just eat.”

It is clearly very dark now. When the boss came to send the next dish, found them sitting in the dark room with no lights. She smiled and said: “This couple want to have a candlelight dinner?”

“Forgot to switch it one. Could you please help to switch it on? Thank you.” Yang Wei Qi said.

The boss turned on the light while still talking: “Oh! It is good to be young. So dark can still eat” as she was walking out.

Yang Wei Qi asked: “How come you do not ask me, why never come back after finishing things over there?”

“If you want to share, you will do it naturally.”

“I thought you would quarrel with me because of this.”

“Do you like to quarrel? Is it not noisy enough in the court?”

“I have a little regret as I have never had any argument with you.”

“But I do not like to argue.” Zheng Xie say while bowing his head to drink the soup.

Yang Wei Qi smiled: “Zheng Xie, do you love me?” She seems to have forgotten that a few days ago, she had asked this question over the phone.

“You are worthy to be love.”

“Then, do you love me?”

Zheng Xie looked straight into her eyes and said nothing.

“Have you loved or ever loved anyone?” She stared at him.

Zheng Xie downcast his eyes, fiddled with vegetables with the chopsticks and said: “Does all women like to ask these silly questions?”

“Are these questions silly?”

Zheng Xie remain silence.

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9 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.12

  1. It’s heartbreaking….I think they are breaking up soon. It’s blindingly obvious to us readers that it’s time for her to walk away. Her willingness to work it out in the beginning actually just prolong her suffering. Their relationship ceased even before it starts.

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  2. I finished all the chapters in 2 days…..its such a cliffhanger now…..I just wanna see how gracefully YWQ walks out of his life…..chill, she already has someone waiting for her.
    I have one doubt though, if ZX doesn’t have feelings for YWQ, why was he showing Jealousy symptoms??

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    1. Hi. Thank you for dropping by and hope that you are enjoying the novel. Reading over 3 plus months worth of chapter in 2 days… that means several hours of reading… wow!
      Rest be assured, YWQ will be walking out gracefully soon… maybe in another chapter or 2. About someone waiting for her…. hmmmmm not to sure about that.
      To be fair to ZX, he had never officially asked YWQ to date him. He from the start if everyone could remember, had felt comfortable with her and invited her for meals together. And then it just becomes a habit that she became part of his life. I don’t recall ever reading / translating any part about him asking her to become his official girlfriend or even a formal proposal until the recent part where he brought her home and got her a ring.


  3. *whaps ZX over the head* What kind of non-response… I think YWQ will have to be the one to break this off, he’s being so passive even though he’s pretty clearly not happy. Thanks for the chapter!!! ❤

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