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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.11

As I have mentioned at the start of Chapter 27, this is an extremely long chapter. With today’s chapter, we are only half-way through the chapter. I hope towards the end of Chapter 27 is the turning point between He He, Zheng Xie, Yang Wei Qi and Cen Shi. When I decided to start a translation project, I had in fact searched for a short novel not realizing that this novel although is only 35 chapters + 4 epilogue, in fact is truly a long novel. Luckily the story is interesting enough to get me going and is determine to complete the novel.

Today’s part is finally a little more exciting than the last few chapters. Though not too exciting, it does gives us a clearer insight on how Yang Wei Qi is realizing something leading to her going away for a while. Although it initially was because of work, she had decided to stay away for a while as well…. What exactly is in her mind now? Will we find out in this chapter yet? Read on…..

Chapter 27.11: A quiet life

Zheng Xie life continues boringly. In the eyes of others, it is regular and almost mechanical like. During the day, he had several meetings and negotiations to sign contracts. Because his efficiency is too high, often he have nothing left to do. So he did nothing. While his subordinates will shudder with fear. He had recovered from his cold though his cough is still lingering around, not healing. So he is idler as he do not attend more dinner events.

Yang Wei Qi business trip is into a very remote place. It has been almost a week but there is no sign of her returning. He has wanted to look for her but also used to not having her around. As long he is used to anything, then it is okay.

After the outburst with He He the other day, they had made no contact at all.

Perhaps their relationship is not strained. He He just said something that she never had said. At that moment, both of them were agitated so those words were overboard. He later thought about it and realized that she were reasonable as well.

For He He, all these years he had indeed been too self-righteous. And he had over protected her, as a result may potential caused greater harm to her. More than he may have realized. After so many years, he may have been ignorant.

He is not sad as he has a strong heart. What really affected him was when he heard those words, his presence is a burden to her. He felt the vacant in his heart, as if a chunk of it had been scooped out.

Actually, that place has already grown a single tumor. Although he had been blinded but it had been slowly growing. Become hidden but now been cut off by the knife. It is good as it brought some relief.

That night he went to a party. He has always been invited to these parties but he had always turned them down. It has become the norm so when he promised to attend, his friends were surprised.

The party is nothing more than playing cards and get-together. In the poker room, the TV on the wall were one with no sound. Only the images flashing.

Zheng Xie sits just facing the TV. While he was playing with the cards, he was also looking at the screen. One of them who only won two games, said in anger: “This is not fair. Just turn off the TV”

They gaze at the TV, although it is on silent, there are subtitled at the bottom. Zheng Xie while playing the cards were also focused on the emotional talk shows. Children, family and even parents. When an elegant woman was wiping away her tears, she was complaining about the years where her feelings were trampled by her boyfriend.

Someone next to Zheng Xie touched his forehead: “This is terrible. This man’s brain has been burned. He is now even watching this type of show.”

Zheng Xie nimbly dodged his hand. The others said: “This is marriage phobia before marriage.”

Because Zheng Xie had not gathered with them for a long time, they combine the dinner as his first bachelorette party. Invited a large group to come and eat. They also hired a female singer as well as someone to do magic to add to the fun.

Zheng Xie was drinking some wine. Because he had quiet drinking not long ago as well as he has not fully recovered from his recent illness, he drank modestly.

There were some less familiar faces in the gallery. Some friends of friends. People whom he may have cross path with before but never interacted. When the group of people were all tipsy or lying down, with the exception of Zheng Xie, he only saw an unfamiliar young man whom were still sober.

Just before dinner, they were introduced. Mu Ge, a friend of a friend. He is also Yang Wei Qi’s boss. When the friend introduce him to Zheng Xie, he said: “This is the employer of your family.”

At this point, he raise the glass and move towards the moment: “Mr Zheng, I wish you and Wei Qi a good marriage.” Faint tone but not enthusiasm.

Zheng Xie did not decline but drank the cup of wine.

That night, Zheng Xie called Yang Wei Qi. He felt that everything is not right and then realized that it is because she had not call him for several nights.

“Is work not well with you? How come you have gone for so long?”

“It is okay. The environment here is really good. So I take it as taking a short vacation.”

“It is the back country and also winter. How can there be any fun?”

“Snowy mountains. Ice Lake. It is beautiful here. Everyone is busy preparing for the New Year. I learn to make bread from the aunty of the Art School and learn ice-fishing from the children.”

“Sound like you are doing well. I thought you would had suffered.”

“Fortunately. It is just not very convenient. Do you miss me?”

“When are you coming back?”

“In few more days.” Yang Wei Qi was silent on the phone for a while before saying: “Zheng Xie, do you love me?”

“What happen to you?”

“Nothing. I am just bored. Do you love me?”

“I really like you.” A few seconds later, Zheng Xie answer from the other end of the phone.

Just two days later, Zheng Xie met Yang Wei Qi’s boss again.

It is normal for them to cross path again. They have the same circle of friends. Perhaps they had even cross path in the past but just never had the interaction. Once they met, they discover that both of them often cross path, just like how it was the same between Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi.

Zheng Xie as pulled to join his friends that day. His buddies said: “Ah Xie, after you are married, it would be harder to get you to come and meet us for a get-together.”

Zheng Xie’s buddies recently had asked Mu Ge to help them with some difficult cases. So often invited him out.

That day, Mu Ge was a little high. Out of the group of people, only Zheng Xie was convenience in sending him home.

Mu Ge in his drunkenness, was totally different from his calm self the other time. He asked: “Wei Qi has not come back yet?”

“You are her boss. How you do not know about your subordinated whereabouts?”

“I have only the whereabouts of her when it is work related. During her vacation time, it is beyond my control.”

Zheng Xie was silence.



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12 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 27.11

  1. Haha, lol. They both barely like each other, why are they even thinking of getting married. I hope this makes him open his eyes real wide and understand who he loves and what he wants in this world
    thanks for translating

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Everyone force ZX to be together with YWC without letting him to nake his own decision. HH pushed ZX aside then dobbed on him to ZX’s dad instead of saying ZX is dating HH twisted n said that ZX n YWC is engaged. When a couple of male n female friends casually n sharing their opinions on relationships, engagements n marriages; how would that make them to be a couple? Also YWC jumped to the conclusion herself that ZX wants to marry her.

      Anyway, I am tired of YWC’s attitude also I am glad to read that at least ZX is honest about his true feeling for YWC only liking but not loves. LOVE was forced onto ZX n not developed as two ppl get to know one another.

      TYVM myhru for the latest update.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hei Julie, been crazily busy at work lately but that does not mean that I never read you sharing your thoughts. It was truly enjoyable to read about your thoughts on all that is going on. Truly dramatic chapter to the story, I personally feel. It will get better soon…. so hang on there…. And yes, I am glad that ZX is honest about how he feels and if I were YWQ, I would have let go long time ago before feeling towards ZX gets too deep. For now, it is obvious that YWQ love ZX more than he loves her. Not going to work in such a relationship…. Enjoy the upcoming read. I am sure I will be both frustrated and at the same time eager to find out the next chapter…


  2. Their phone conversation was very sad:( I feel sad for Wei Qi. I started not to like Zheng Xei… I think YWQ truly love him and feels like Zheng Xei taking advantage of that because up to this moment he decided to marry her even though he isn’t sure of his feelings towards her. Thru their conversation I think somehow he knows he doesn’t miss and love her, otherwise why the hesitation to confirm it when she asked. He is the guy, he should be responsible to act honestly. We kept thinking YWQ should back out of their marriage plan but she’s in love…when you are in love it’s hard.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. one of the reason i keep reading this story despite getting frustrated is the hope for a nice turning point towards the happy ending.
    and the other is i love read the comment session.

    some hate ZX for his inactive pursue of love and happy life, and some defend him.

    for me, i just wanna say the three of them have their own problem.

    ZX is so used to the boring life. doesn’t have any passion to find what he likes to do, whom he loves, and didn’t pursue his dream, that is if he have a dream at all. for him, he just living a life, and that is it. someone needs to slap and wake him up. but when he start to think and want to change, the chance is already taken by HH and he is back to his usual boring life without even a chance to retreat. i feel so sad for him….. just wake up and take a full force to convince he he that u loves her and that’s not only because of the responsibility for her father death and that night incident.

    and he he, all of her effort to avoid ZX really make me want to punch her. she loves him and know that ZX also have feeling toward her, but she denied it because she feared that ZX only wants to be with her because of responsibility. she so stubborn i want to smash her head to the wall. and instead confront her own fears she force ZX to another woman while sink in her own grief. lol, so stupid.
    please leave your stubbornness, accept and give ZX a chance to prove himself.

    and for YWC, my only sentiment for her is pity.
    she is a beautiful and smart woman. she should know that loving a man who didn’t love you back is tiring. she knows ZX loves HH and HH loves ZX, or at least guess it, but she chose to pretend not knowing and turn a blind eye. i really hope she brave herself and put an end to their engagement before to late. and i hope the author will find her someone else who truly love and respect her.

    oh my… don’t realize I’m babbling here…please don’t hit me… hehehehe

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    1. Sneak preview to the ending, ZX and HH had a sweet ending to the main part of the novel. Am still thinking if I want to translate the epilogues as Epilogue 3 is way longer than Chapter 27, and I am not sure if I could keep my enthusiasm to pull through that long chapter all over again.
      Pili, I had enjoyed reading the readers comments as well. Everyone has their different opinion on each of these characters especial the main OTP. Thank you for sharing your thought.


      1. fiuhh…. at least there is a sweet moments to rinse all the bitterness, and i will wait for it.

        please translate the epilogs as well for you have done a wonderful job here. your translation is my energy booster in the morning.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww…. thanks Pili and everyone else for the support. It is through all your supports out there that I am enjoying this translation project… Now, I am anticipating the project that Tinkerbellsan is working on as it does look like a good and funny read.


  4. Thank you…..
    Love reading all the comments too as there are many different points of view, making the story feels different than how I originally thought it was. Glad that it will have a happy ending…..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. At least he didn’t lie and say that he loved her when she asked (though what a huge red flag!! I’m surprised she didn’t push the issue more). And I sense that this boss is probably in love with her which will solve all of our problems!! Thanks for the chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

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