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Boss相亲笔记 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes

Hi everyone. Tinkerbellsan decided to start translating as well while taking it as an opportunity to learn and improve her Mandarin (yeah!). Since it is her first time doing this, I would be helping her in the editing and proof-reading. So her post would not be regular (depending on her schedule and my availability as well), but we are targeting at least 1 post per week to start with and hopefully to be able to gradually increase the frequency of posting each chapter. So, do bear with us in the meantime and should you think that you cannot wait, we recommend that you wait till the novel is completed before starting to read them.

Tinkerbellsan had chosen a light and entertaining book written by 诡霜 (Guǐ Shuāng) titled Boss 相亲笔记 (translated into English – Boss’s Blind Date Notes). She found this novel through Shushengbar – Boss 相亲笔记 and found it entertaining enough for her to try her hand on translation.

A brief introduction to the novel taken from Shushengbar – Boss 相亲笔记

Life is just like a tragicomedy drama. After living 23 years in comedy, I suddenly found out that the remainder of my will be lived in tragedy. Everything has its origins in the morning of my first day on my way to work. I warmly greeted that raging leader. After that my life just took a rapid and dramatic change for the worse. Since then, I either accompany my boss to go on match-making dates or keep him company on his journey to get blind dates.

God, Buddha, Allah, please let this marriage crazy man finds success in his match-making dates la!

So, stay tune for the 1st post from Tinkerbellsan, hopefully before the end of this week….



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      1. I want but I forgot the titles😨 they were like stress relievers for me when I read….. I only remember the professor’s names like Song Zi Yan, She Tan Zhou ,Yang Lan Hang…they are all fu-hei😂😂😂

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